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Sites that are being followed by people you’re following will tend to be recommended to you. Office 365 Saturday 2014 – My slide deckLast Saturday I was happy to present, for the second time, at the Office 365 Saturday Europe event.
Is there a location we can edit if we need to correct a URL in the “suggested sites to follow”? Key point:  SharePoint 2013 April Cumulative Update will have the support for SQL Server 2014. Tuesday, February 11th I will be co-presenting at the Dayton, SharePoint User Group monthly meeting.
Microsoft has now released the first round of patches for SharePoint 2013 Foundation and Server. Please adhere to Microsoft’s license agreement with regard proper server license that supports your SharePoint 2013 Foundation platform. I will be presenting on the SharePoint 2013 hosting models for on-premise, Office365, and the Hybrid (both on-premise and Office365 tied together) to share insight on features should be reviewed in order to help an organization to choose the right model that fits.
Microsoft announced the details of Office 2013 at noon on Monday, San Francisco time, so your humble Reg hacks have only had it their sweaty paws for a few hours, but it's not too soon to give some first impressions of the suite, and in particular its revamped UI.

The first thing you notice when launching any of the Office 2013 applications as that they've definitely been given a makeover to match Windows 8's new Metro UI. Most of the translucent effects and gradients that were present in Office 2010's Ribbon menus have been removed. The enhanced File menu, which was called the "Backstage View" in Office 2010, now looks like a full-fledged Metro app. When launched, each application presents a gallery of possible document styles with large, friendly previews, as if you could just choose one and your document would already be made for you. Windows developers got a first look at Redmond's new style with the preview release Visual Studio 12 (nee Visual Studio 11), and they were vocal in their disdain for it.
Particularly egregious is the use of ALL CAPS for the top-level menus, but the overall look and feel of the applications' controls and menus is dull and lifeless. Several of the applications offer a "touch mode" button above the menu bar, which reconfigures the UI so that icons are farther apart and controls are larger, making them easier to activate with touch screens. The overall UI doesn't really change all that much in touch mode for traditional desktop PCs, but it's useful when a traditional keyboard and mouse aren't available.
In keeping with Microsoft's Office 365 push, the Office 2013 applications are more tightly integrated with Redmond's online services than ever before.

SharePoint 2013 Public Beta has been released and we are rushing to getting new VM’s provisioned and getting our hands dirty. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Applications that rely heavily on keyboard input, including Word and Excel, lack the touch mode. Selecting Open from the File menu presents the user with a myriad of file sources, including not just the local drive but also SharePoint servers and Microsoft's SkyDrive cloud storage. If you are still working off Public Beta bits please check the section of Public Beta as the Pre reqs that get downloaded are different.

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