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Managing Your Knowledge Through SharePoint By Carina Claassens Innovation Technological utility can move us forward but for some reason innovation scares us. Technology is welcomed when it enhances already established practices, but when it transforms a way of life or teaching we seem to motion away. SharePoint can be an easy and convenient way to multiply and accelerate shared enterprise knowledge, but it can also become a failed attempt at controlling and administering content. Different types of information should be available so that knowledge can be clearly searched. Knowledge has developed into one of the most prized corporate assets in the business world and it needs to be managed as such.
Filed Under: Home Decor, Roundup About Ashley HackshawLiving a simple, creative life in #smalltownusa Bryson City, NC. Thank-you so so so much for liking my girl’s room enough to feature it in your roundup! Considering this setup in the future but need some advice on how to put it into play – love all of the ideas! We prefer the convenience of sticking to what we know because modernisation stresses already restricted supplies of skills, time and of course, money.

When you can use a pen and paper you should, but when the digital world makes your job all the more easy and you more efficient, why not embrace it? To sustain this high level the fundamental information needs to be able to change formats without changing the core knowledge. Applying a few simple theories to your SharePoint strategy will help users share not only data, but knowledge. Knowledge Management is about company information and the people involved who grow the value of this information by adding skill, understanding, knowledge and suggestions. If you waffle and they can sense any hesitation on your part, they may push to see if you will crumble. We need to integrate digital technologies and its different platforms into our specific situations, and cloud computing is a great example of how to do exactly this. By this definition almost everything that we are at ease with today is technology: the whiteboard in your office, the book you write in and the pen or pencil you write with. These products are in fact no less disruptive than the digital technologies we have to get comfortable with today. Conferencing tools disturb traditional orders for face-to-face meeting times and at first this was seen as "disruption".

We need to study these technologies and get used to them if they are to be efficiently employed. When technologies disrupt as well as revolutionise, personal management skills need to be updated and remediated, often without even having to set foot in another person's office. The challenge we face is thus to articulate the intellect and unavoidability of disruptive technologies and discover what it is that makes so many of us uncomfortable with new technologies.
It opens a line of real time communication between employees and clients, the work of yourself and of others. Projects and documents are easily organised and people and information are more readily available and discoverable. If you don't use the platform to its full capability, then you're losing out on all it has to offer.

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