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Go to your Profile page on Instagram by tapping on the Icon at the far right of the bottom of the screen. The Share Settings screen will show you which networks you have already linked to Instagram. Once it has connected, you can click Yes or No on this page to allow your Likes to show on your Facebook feed. Now that your settings are sorted, you can share to your Facebook page each time you take a photo. If you forget to tap the Facebook option before you share (like I usually do!), it is not too late. I prefer to share this way to my page because the photo appears nice and big in the news feed and therefore gets more attention. Don't stress if your comment doesn't appear immediately - sometimes I have to moderate comments thanks to spam visitors, but the comments from real readers will always get published.
The social media world is buzzing in response to a huge announcement by Facebook earlier this week. Instagram is the most popular photo-sharing, and it happens to have a great integration with Facebook. Facebook is weeks away from their IPO and one of the biggest concerns for investors was Facebook’s apparent lack of a strong mobile strategy.
As Facebook strengthens their business, your investment into the channel has stronger potential than ever. The Instagram photo-sharing app has hit the headlines after they removed an image of Chelsea Handler topless showing her nipples. It is fair men and women should be treated the same in almost every area, but this is one topic that’s splitting public opinion.
You can see a tweet below with a picture of Chelsea Handler and Putin side-by-side, although Handler’s nipples have been censored and this alone reveals that even blogs treat women and men very different when topless. Following the initial posting on Instagram, Chelsea Handler uploaded the photo again and hoped they wouldn’t removed it again.
In the second chapter of our complete guide to Instagram, we teach you everything there is to know about your privacy and profile sharing. In this installment of our guide, we'll answer these and other questions to give you the tools you need to keep your privacy under control.
Whether you already have a profile, or you're just about to open one, there are some things you'll want to do to prevent any potentially unpleasant situations in the future.
At the bottom of the profile editing page is a section with which you can determine if your posts are public, meaning that any Instagram user can find and access them, or private, which means that only contacts who are expressly authorized by you have access to your post (which are your images). If you want a private profile, which is the recommended choice if you want to be in control of your privacy, you have to move the switch to ON, meaning to the right on iPhone, or tick the relevant box on Android. Once you've done this,  you'll get a request when someone wants to follow you, which will appear in your news feed. One last tip: Use a strong password for your Instagram profile, to make life difficult if anyone tries to access your account. If you set your profile as private, only people who you've expressly authorized have access to your posts.
Next, on iPhone, go to the menu with the arrow in the upper right corner, under the battery charge icon, or the menu with the three vertical dots on Android. If, in the future, you decide to unblock access for that contact, you can go back to the same menu and choose Unblock User. When you block a user, they won't receive any sort of notification, but they'll no longer be able to see your photos and videos or access your account. If you decide to delete a photo you've already published, go to your profile and select the photo you want to get rid of.
This map is visible to everyone if you have a public profile, but only to your authorized contacts if you have a private profile.
It can be a nice feature, but it can also reveal too much about you or the people you care about, like where you or your friends live, or places you frequent. If you already have photos on the map that you've changed your mind about sharing, you can remove them easily.
Select the photo you want to delete and click Edit, or zoom in if there are lots of photos in the same location, and choose the one you want to delete.
If you select Edit, you'll see a list of photos and can select which ones you want to stay on the map, noticeable with a green check mark. If you block a contact that had access to your map via another friend, they'll no longer be able to see it from the time you blocked the friend.

If you want to publish your Instagram photos to Facebook, it's easy: just click the photo, add the finishing touches and, when you're sharing it, tap the Facebook icon. With current devices, you'll have a good level of control over your privacy on Instagram, and you're unlikely to have any nasty surprises. Also, remember that instead of sharing your photos with all of your followers, you can use the Direct option, which lets you individually choose contacts that you want to share an image with. Check out our complete guide to Instagram for everything you need to know about using the social network.
For the big brand, not such a huge deal, as they have probably been assigning a budget to Facebook Advertising for some time.
So, doesn’t it make sense to entertain Facebook marketing ideas that are cost-effective and could build your online community as a stronger asset? Developing connections and nurturing relationships on Instagram is less difficult than on other platforms.
Not only are people sharing what they had for dinner and dessert, they are sharing what happens in their lives — In every color of the rainbow.
Many people utilize at least three of those on the list, so it is easy to share content across your favorite social platforms. As time goes on, attracting new friends and followers naturally occurs if your content is attractive.
Be responsive and continue to share great visual content and your journey on Instagram could lead to increased sales and revenue. Because Facebook and Instagram go so easily hand-in-hand together, it is why Instagram is really one of the top Facebook Marketing apps. While Facebook users, in general, are not quite yet keen on the use of hashtags, they are used quite heavily on Twitter. Hashtags are used more frequently on Facebook as more people syndicate from Instagram using them. Hashtag Tip: Use up to three hashtags if you are putting them into the text of your original Instagram post.
The settings on Instagram allow you to syndicate to either your personal Facebook Profile or a Facebook Page.
While some are hesitant to add another social network to their social media marketing mix, it is time to diversify social portfolios.
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Keri JaehnigKeri Jaehnig is the Founder and CMO at Idea Girl Media, an international Social Media Marketing Agency.
This will mean that each time you like a photo on Instagram, a little news item will appear on Facebook telling your friends. When you get to the screen in Instagram where you type your comment, tap on Facebook before you share.
Your Instagram photos also get saved to your phone camera roll by default so you can share them from there. I always wanted to know how to link IG to my FB page and not my personal page so thank you for sharing that.
The online giant shelled out $1 billion in cash and stock in an acquisition deal with Instagram.
While Facebook is a web-based social network focused on sharing content with friends and family, Instagram is a mobile-only app that adds a new way for users to share spontaneous pictures of life to those with similar interests, passions, and style. With the online world transitioning so rapidly to mobile, investors wanted to make sure Facebook had a plan. The fact that Facebook is committed to staying on top of consumer trends should ease your hesitation with advertising on the platform. Marketers investing in Facebook will continue to see new opportunities to reach users across devices and in new, creative ways. Instagram is known for its photo sharing on popular devices like Android and iPhone, although they do have a strict nipple policy on what can be shared. This was uploaded by the comedian to Instagram, although a very similar photo featuring Vladimir Putin’s nipples was allowed on the social network. Handler loves to push boundaries and did she really think recreating a photo of Putin topless while horse riding wouldn’t cause such a reaction?
Are Instagram correct by removing the Chelsea Handler topless picture from their app and social network? From the Profile tab, enter Edit your profile, remove the information that you want to delete (for example, a telephone number or your real name), and then tap Done.

When you open it, tap the menu with the three dots (which you'll find at the top or bottom, depending on the smartphone you own). To do this, simply move the Add to Photo Map slider to the right, accessible on the same page where you choose sharing options after you've taken and edited a photo. Instagram will ask you if you really want to remove the tags from the photos that don't have the location selected.
To find out, go to the Settings menu of your Facebook account and then select the column on the right, Applications. It will expand the panel and from the Application Visibility drop down, you can choose who can see your Instagram posts on Facebook. In addition, we advise you not to accept new followers too easily and, if you welcome ones you don't know, keep them "under observation" for a while; then, if you feel that they're not trustworthy, block them.
In this case, remember that users you're directly sharing with can see respective Likes on your post, even if they aren't followers of each another. This includes to personalise ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. Originally on Instagram you couldn’t post to your page – I was so glad when that changed! I’ll do some editing but in the meantime click the settings symbol in the top right corner of your profile screen. If you are one of the 30 million users of the popular mobile app, you understand the connection.
Facebook isn’t ready to be ousted from the social media spotlight just yet, so you can continue to reap the benefits of being a part of the network. Personally, we think she must have known the images could be deleted after posting on Instagram side-by-side with a caption. Facebook is currently starting to eat up its kids, emotional a Camera app that competes directly with its recently purchased Instagram. This will help you avoid being tagged in any images that might embarrass you or cause damage, like images uploaded by a contact, which will be visible in your photo stream, or images taken by someone who has stolen your phone. If you've posted on Facebook at least once from Instagram, you'll find Instagram on the app list.
The visibility options are: Public, Friends of Friends, Friends, Friends except Acquaintances, Only Me and Custom. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners.
This huge investment for Facebook (Facebook’s prior acquisitions have never exceed $100 million) shows they are in it for the long term. Once you have connected to your personal profile, you can go back to this FB screen in Instagram and change the default share to your timeline to be sharing to your page instead.
Zuckerberg and crew are keenly aware of the changing trends and are committed to not repeating history (MySpace anyone?).
Instagram interfaceInstagram is that the product of 2 years of unbelievably rigorous work by an unbelievably dedicated team myopically thus, even!
Its interface is easy to the purpose of austerity there’s a fat button within the middle to require an image, and even the method of applying filters has been efficient with live previews.
This takes obtaining wont to, as will the process of choosing multiple photos to transfer, or ever-changing your mind and removing one. Facebook Camera currently will just about an equivalent issue, siphoning off all of the uploads that may seem on your News Feed and sticking out them into an app, whereas providing you with the chance to throw your own shots into the combo.
Yours, and those from the a whole lot and many people you have accumulated over the past 0.5 decade.
Once Team Zuckerberg adds little, powerful changes sort of a feed filter, you will have the simplest of each worlds: the photos of individuals you care concerning, tight privacy, delicate style, and cohesion.
Any argument for Instagram to the contrary is simply contrarianism; the urge of the cool child to try and do one thing unconventional and off from the gang for its own sake. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

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