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Have you ever tried to transfer your old files from your old computer to CDs or DVDs after you’ve purchased a new computer? Double check all of your document folders when you transfer your files and keep your old computer for a few days just in case you missed an important file or folder. This is a great suggestion on how we should transfer files from our old computer to a new one. This also is great not just for transferring, but keeping your files stored there for safekeeping, in case your computer crashes.
When I have a new computer I use an external drive to transfer files from the old computer but I don’t transfer everything. Well, I transfer old files to my new computer using external hard drive and usb flash drive.
Not so long ago my sister got a new laptop and there was a great transfer of photos and various documentation.
Mac’s Time Capsule feature is really helpful in this and can really make the process a lot simpler and faster. I remember when I had to back up some data on my Laptop before doing a default factory settings because of some horrible virus eating up the processing speed. So I had to save the essentials and hopefully start up some projects again to compensate for the lost data. Thanks for the helpful tips, especially the suggestion to recycle any old and useless computers and accessories.
This is actually a very good and informative article that promotes the recycling and re usage of a computer and it’s parts.
Windows has a pretty good option for when it comes to transferring your whole PC setup to another computer, including documents and settings. Dopo la chiusura di megavideo e megaupload forzata dal dipartimento di giustizia degli Stati Uniti d’America per violazioni di copyright si e scatenata una reazione a catena sul web. A successful business relies heavily on smooth information sharing and effective knowledge management within an organization. QNAP Turbo NAS is designed for high performance file sharing over various network protocols. The zero configuration networking enables easy network access from the computers, mobile devices or any Wi-Fi access point to the Turbo NAS and easy data sharing. Nowadays, businesses demand the capability for large file transferring to customers or partners. Multiple user accounts can be created to allow your colleagues, partners or customers to upload files to and download files from the Turbo NAS. The File Manager brings conventional file operations performed on the computer desktop all to the web browser. This management platform makes file management on the Turbo NAS much easier, saving more time to increase productivity.
With 256-bit AES SSL encryption, WebDAV ensures data security and data privacy, preventing data from theft or hacking. Thinking about efficient file sharing among multiple shared folders in different servers, PCs, or storages?
Being easy to manage and share files in WindowsA Active Directory environment, shared folder aggregation enables Windows AD users to access all the resources from a single access point conveniently, with only one user account. While ISO images of CD and DVD discs have become common ways of recording data, many businesses are encountering more and more issues managing ISO images of CD and DVD discs. This feature saves space for storing the physical discs, reduces the risk of data loss caused by disc wearing and tearing, and enhances the performance of data sharing on a business network.
Sign up today for our weekly newsletter that contains the latest product news and exclusive promotions for our customers. Follow these steps on any Windows XP computer to share file resources across a local network.
Navigate to the file, folder or drive folder to be shared, and click once on its icon to select it.

Click the Share This Folder option in the Properties window to enable sharing of this resource.
Alternatively, if the Network tab is not enabled, make required settings in the Sharing tab to configure the equivalent sharing. An alternative way to share files and folders entails moving or copying them to the Shared Documents folder. You can store all your files online, then when you get on your new computer, download them from there.
I agree, optical discs are very obsolete technology and it is way too easy to make them unreadable.
Personally, after buying a new computer, I immediately installed Dropbox or Google Drive that work wonderfully! But, I really don’t transfer much, only the important files like pictures and softwares. We got her a 500 GB external hard drive and with it she gathered all the imortant files from all the family members and friends. As you mentioned, external hard drives are one of the best ways to transfer all your files from one computer to another. I remember last time I switched from an old desktop computer to my new laptop I used a USB and selected all the files I wanted. And it’s very helpful that you mentioned how one is at a high security risk if they don’t take the precautions to delete important data in the device after file transfer.
And I like the idea of using hard drives, i use them all the time, sometimes not jus to transfer files but to also store files and easily access them whenever i want to, thus not overloading my computer and letting it function efficiently.
And I can say with certainty, it made transferring a lot easier, faster, and much less bulky. I knew that it was a bit uncomfortable, but with external hard drives it was easier to transfer large amounts of data. To achieve efficient client-to-client and device-to-device file sharing, a solution providing smooth cross-platform file sharing becomes essential. By enabling the UPnP discovery service, the Turbo NAS will show up on any computer or mobile device that supports UPnP. The Turbo NAS makes this task simple by providing the FTP Server feature that is easy to set up and provides high-speed file transferring. Advanced folder permissions access rights of users and user groups can be configured easily, enabling folder or sub folder permissions to be setup from Microsoft Windows ACL or the web-based management interface of the Turbo NAS without complicated procedure. The File Manager now supports uploading large-sized files with a web browser thanks to the Java technology. By enabling the WebDAV service on selected shared folders on the Turbo NAS, users can then remotely access the server and manage files simply by drag-and-drop. The shared folder aggregation allows IT administrators to create a portal folder and aggregate multiple shared folders from different IP addresses to the portal folder. The Turbo NAS supports mounting ISO images of CD and DVD discs as network shared folders for data archiving, storage, and sharing. Networked ISO file archiving and sharing help businesses manage ISO images more efficiently, safely, and in a more organized manner. Individual files, an entire folder, or an entire Windows drive can be shared with Windows XP network configuration. If no Network tab appears in the window, but a Sharing tab appears instead, close this window and ensure the Simple File Sharing option was enabled in the earlier step before proceeding.
This allows all other computers on the local network to access file(s) but not modify them.
In Windows, all files contained in the Shared Documents folder are automatically shared on the local network. There are some parts of your computer that need to be taken to a hazardous waste facility, recycling depot, or given to charity. I leave majority of the old files in my external drive when I retire the old computer completely.

Online storage is also a good option but I really can’t store confidential files online.
The good thing is not only that the transfer was fast and easy, but now she has one more back up copy of all the files. However, I had to be careful because my old computer was full of a variety of viruses and didn’t want them on my new computer or infecting all the files on my USB but I used some security programs to counter that.
I had a ton of data that had to be sacrificed that look months just to compile safely for personal use.
If I had my 750GB external hard drive back then before the last factory setting reset I did, I would be a happier person. Hard drives are easy to maintain, and if someday your hard disk were to crash, the files in the external hard drive would remain intact, somI even recommend you take a back up of your important files and store it in the hard drive. The hardest thing about the transfer is dealing with encrypted files saved using the old Microsoft XP operating system, which is no longer compatible or supported by Microsoft. File extraction, folder creation, and smart search for files and folder are supported and functioned over the Internet. As long as getting on the Internet, using the Internet browser, users can manage the Turbo NAS files anywhere and anytime. The QNAP File Manager now allows the sharing of multiple files with unique URLs that can be clicked to download without requiring any user login.
Performing like using local drives, WebDAV also allows users to edit and save files directly, avoiding redundant work to download the file to local computer and then save it back after modifications. It performs like a hub to centralize the access points to a single one from different IP addresses, thus helps prevent the overwhelming work for users to identify lots of IP addresses and log in respectively. If this option did not appear on the menu, ensure that a valid file or folder was selected in the previous step.
To grant others permission to modify these files, click the "Allow Network Users to Change My Files" checkbox to enable this option. Use software that will erase your hard drive or take it to a professional who will destroy it while you watch.
They’re reusable, durable, and the data is reasonably well protected from data destruction. And I find online storage not to be cost effective, since I’d have to pay for using most good services and also pay data fee to my ISP. But remember to take care of the hard drive, if you lose it or if it gets stolen you might get in serious trouble because it holds most of your personal and important stuff. As a matter of fact, my biggest worry with my usb is that it is so small, I may one day misplace it. I am unsure how to handle changes in operating system, but I remember encrypting files with file transfers in mind.
Purchase a hard drive with the largest capacity so that all of your files, pictures, music, and videos can fit nicely onto one hard drive.
If you are transferring a large amount of files, USB flash drives can be significantly slower than an external Hard Drive. Another option I can recommend is to transfer files through your network but the external hard drive method really is faster.
Most often than not, your hard drive will interface with your computer using SATA, eSATA, USB 2.0, or FireWire*. Though I have the necessary protection, there have been times when a virus has gone completely undetected.
And then again, let’s not waste the resources by simply throwing our old computers in the trash, there are many people who are not as fortunate as you are and could really use your help.

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