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Whether it is a large 500 attendees' online webinar or a small online tutorial session, Banckle.Meeting App accommodates any meeting. Banckle.Meeting App provides multiple audio conferencing options, with no additional cost to your subscription plans.
Share your desktop screen or an individual application, request for a screen share or grant remote access to any live meeting participant. Banckle.Meeting App allows you to gain maximum outreach with playback, download and share recording options.
Simple face to face online meetings, webinars and conferences, anytime, anywhere without hassle.

Banckle.Meeting App is simple to use, flexible and powerful enough for your business, whether you're a start-up or enterprise! Organize your next online meeting session then start video conferencing with a single click. Enjoy the free online meeting sessions with VoIP Audio (with computer mic and speakers), Dial in (with Toll based conferencing line) or Skype audio option.
It puts minimal load on your network connection as it waits for the file to be uploaded; and then streams it to dozens, or even hundreds of your online meeting attendees. Banckle.Meeting App Screen Sharing and Remote access feature can be used for live training or remote IT support!

Know your potential customers and seal the deals with personalized face-to-face interactions.

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