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In my last post, I discussed the nature of “viral” media and how it is actually a misrepresentation of the concept. The power of media is very rapidly shifting to the power of the sharers, the curators, and the collectors. This is not meant to encourage people to start developing terrible content that is weird or funny for no reason.
Putting the power of message amplification into the hands of the sharer equalizes the content landscape: the person who understands the myriad behaviors by the many types of people who would be interested in sharing your specific brand of content and then actually executes on these idiosyncrasies successfully will win. I share because the conversations sharing promotes help me get better and I am committed to paying that cycle forward. The only real time we engage in meaningful sharing is when we’re in our own little cliche that assures us our thoughts and ideas will be welcomed. Sascha spoke about “The Culture of Sharing” at the inaugural Ignite Event here in Taipei, Taiwan.
The evening boasted 11 speaker who spoke on a variety of topics from Spontenaety to Bean Sprouts but our own Sascha Pallenberg tackled one of his favorite topics: The Culture of Sharing. Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.
By sharing their home and food, it was the couple’s way of sharing God’s care with someone.
I have put it all at your feet, I trust you with my possessions, with my life, with the kingdom and with my people.
Day Camp will be held Saturday May 21st from 8:30am -8:00pm Registration Deadline is Friday May 6th!!!
Copyright © 2016 c·‘a†…es?a?®aZYa› a?«a?¤a?„a?¦cY?a‚‹i??aZYa› a?‹a‚‰a‚?a?‹a‚‹??»c™‚??• All Rights Reserved. The sharing economy that just a couple years ago served only a handful of young, tech-savvy Bay Area professionals has with startling speed become a mainstream economy in parts of the US and is making headway in Middle America. Its growth has generated a lot of contentious debate, from public policy issues to safety concerns: Is your ski condo on Airbnb a hotel in the same right as Hilton? It’s also stirred up questions about whether services such as Lyft and Airbnb are really “sharing” businesses, true to the nomenclature they have adopted. Uber’s pricey black car service could hardly be considered sharing, but often we lump it together with services such as Yerdle, a site where people give and receive for free items such as camping gear and children’s toys.
Sidecar, one of the San Francisco-based hire-a-ride apps, has long been seen as almost synonymous with Uber and Lyft. But some industry leaders say just because these new services aren’t free doesn’t mean they aren’t sharing businesses: “The idea that you’re making money off of it doesn’t meant that you’re not part of the broader movement,” Paul said.

Twitter is useful for monitoring conversations around specific topics which are relevant to your industry. In terms of keeping your account up to date with fresh content, the iPad is probably the mode most suited to accessing Pinterest on the move. There are also tools and services to help you manage your Twitter and Facebook communities all from one dashboard. About the Author – Paul Roebuck is a uni student who likes to keep tabs on the latest in social media with his iPhone and new iPad rentals.
To summarize, media that “goes viral” does not do so on its own, as a virus in the classic sense does. These videos make you smile (or laugh in confusion) and make you want to pass that smile on to your virtual neighbor. You can develop incredible, impactful, ridiculously awesome content, but if no one shares it, who cares?
Sharing a goat that sounds like people video is the modern day for of olden days chit chat we engaged in. Instead we seem to have once again built for ourselves a data bubble where only data that supports our established thoughts and ideas are allowed. They are businesses, after all, where people are charging money for a service – many of them making a decent living from it – and not sharing. Some experts say the terminology will work itself out as the nascent industry grows and businesses begin to find their niche. But Sunil Paul, company co-founder and CEO, says Sidecar has already begun to differentiate itself from its competitors, and last year rolled out a new app feature that lets drivers pick up only those passengers who are en route to the driver’s destination.
Services that offer consumers the experience to make an honest connection with each other, whether by sitting in a car together or staying in each others’ home, are all fair game in the sharing economy.
Keep an eye out for trending topics (by searching for particular hashtags with keywords related to your industry) and join in the conversation by tweeting your views and insights on the topic, and using the same hashtag.
Pinterest is a highly visual service that’s based almost completely on single clicks, organising and sharing – things that are often done easily with the intuitive capabilities of a large touchscreen. The best practice up to this point is a mentality of “build it and they will come;” meaning develop awesome content and people will share it. As content creators and curators, we have to start paying closer attention to the reasons why sharing happens and how those reasons correlate to our audiences.
I trust that since my motives are PURE that everything will work out, that the content I create and curate is helpful and organic so constantly in motion and spreading out to help friends and friends of friends. It’s much like talking about the weather, sports, a TV show, a movie, a work of fiction, etc.

Most people spend very little time talking about the important things in life then wonder why our world is the way it is.
We surf the web to validate our established point of view instead of challenge ourselves and our worldview. You learn of a kind couple who provide a room for Elisha when he traveled through the region in 2 King 4. That’s more in tune with the origins of ride-sharing – saving gas and taking cars off the road by sharing a vehicle to a similar destination. What they have in common, he said, is they pull us out of our individual silos that technology has helped to create. If your business is new to Facebook, and you’d like to start growing your fan base, the first place to start is your friends and email list. Tools such as Radian 6 come in particularly handy here, as it allows you to search for what’s being said about a topic, idea, or even your own brand. However, if you’re new to the virtual Pinboard that’s taking the world by storm, it can all seem incredibly overwhelming, but you can actually use Pinterest to increase referral traffic to your website.
Also because Pinterest is so heavy on photos and video, it’ll certainly lend itself well to the iPad’s Retina display. In terms of when and what to post, check out this blog post on the best times to post on Twitter on Facebook. This decision making process is further supported by a distaste for things being done without the user’s express consent (think Farmville requests displaying in your news feed or applications posting to your social accounts because of misunderstood permissions granted) are actually considered very negatively by many internet users.
Not surprising when one form makes you chuckle, another makes you laugh till your side splits, and the last and usually the most meaty and useful tends to fall on deaf ears as it strikes a loud and often familiar chord with many who are not willing to identify with it socially or publicly in fear of what their image, suffering or damage will be… People in general want an instant felling of gratification or accomplishment. Then, once your little community has started growing, start posting relevant and interesting content – links to articles, videos, infographics, and be sure to offer something insightful to say about what you think as well.
You should consider buying one if you don’t have one already, or maybe check out new iPad rental options. The content we develop as we create or support online presences has to be flexible enough to be happily consumed and shared by many different types of people. Develop a robust community of readers and sharers through great, specific content and understanding of their needs.
Developing content like this will make your message spreadable and happily received by your current and prospective audience.

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