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If you need to use the same text in two InDesign documents, it can be a hassle to keep the changes consistent.
Being able to share text between two documents is especially important when you’re publishing to mobile devices. With shared files, be careful about making formatting changes in one document that might make the other document look bad. Special thanks to Colin Fleming for reminding me that InCopy isn’t necessary to share text files.
And yes, you can place the same ICML file in multiple INDD files, just like placing the same Photoshop artwork or Illustrator logo etc. If you ever want to break the link, select the ICML file in the Links panel and choose Embed Link from the Links panel menu. I would like to share text between two documents that will have different purposes so I need the font sizes to be different.
One problem I’d love to have addressed however is using hyperlinks in these type of InDesign layouts and how to keep them synchronized happily from layout to layout.
Do you have any experience using hyperlinks in ICML files shared across multiple INDD files??
Windows 7 comes with a great feature called HomeGroup that makes sharing between windows 7 machines very easy.
Make sure both of the machines are on the same Workgroup which by default is named WORKGROUP. Choose your desired options under Advanced Sharing Settings for the Home or Work and Public profile. Now scroll down to the bottom of the list and choose turn off password protection if you want to give access to all users to your public shares. If you want to turn it on then only those XP machines users having a user account and password on this machine (Windows 7) can access shared files, printers attached to this machine and Public folders. Now go to the Sharing Tab (Click on change sharing options button) and check the box to share the printer and type in its share name. In case your XP machine is an x64 OS you can install Additional Drivers before setting up the XP machine.
If you double click the shared folder , you’ll come up with the list of folder available in the Public folder of Windows 7.
Here we have a printer that’s connected with Windows 7 machine and is shared over the network. Now select Connect to this printer (…) and type in the path for the printer connected to the Windows 7 machine.
In some cases you will need to install the x86 XP drivers for the shared printer because the Windows 7 drivers are not compatible with XP.  When everything is installed open up Printers and Faxes to find the shared printer.

Don’t forget to share your experience on Sharing files between Windows 7 and Windows XP.
I have some computer running xp and a computer running windows 7 thanks for giving this nice guide to share files between different os computers.
I did successful experience to share files between windows 7 and windows xp with you instructions. Tried clicking off Kaspersky, still couldn’t find the printer by browsing or naming the computer and printer. I did all that, I disabled password protect sharing and homegroups making it use the NT acounts, but it still doesn’t work.
NVM figured it out, the person who uses this machine in the morning class installed Kaspersky and it was blocking it. Question, if the xp computer, hard wired to cable is the base computer (meaning it has all the files and printer)and the windows 7 laptop is wireless both running through the same router, Is there a way to create a network on them through the router? This guide worked perfectly for me, I can now print from am XP laptop to my printer connected to a Win 7 desktop.
I have 2 printers connected via USB to a Vista PC that’s on a network with a Windows 7 PC and a Windows XP PC. Note that setting file permissions on the root of the file system can literally take forever.
Instead of trying to use that CD again, go to HPs web-site and in the supoprt department, punch in the model number of your printer. You Might Not Need to Own a CarIn a report with the (long) title of Car-sharing: a Sustainable and Innovative Personal Transport Solution, with Great Potential and Huge Opportunities, the analysts at Frost & Sullivan paint a pretty encouraging picture of the car-sharing industry.
If you find a typo or need to add a paragraph, you have to make the change in two different places. If you’re using the Digital Publishing Suite to create magazines for the iPad, you can create separate horizontal and vertical documents so that a different layout of the same content appears when the iPad is rotated.
When you want to edit the linked text, check out the linked story in one document, save the changes, check it in, and then update the other document. In one of the InDesign documents, select a text frame or place your insertion point in the text frame. Open the other InDesign document, and place the insertion point in the text frame where you want it to appear (delete the previous copy of the text, if necessary). When you want to make changes, you can check the file out, make your edits, and check it back in. But depending on the situation this can be even better, if the designer is in charge of the text. It’s only the contents of the text frame that is shared, not the text frames themselves.

That just breaks the link from that layout to the story, if you placed the ICML story in other INDD files, those links are still live and shared. I setup a workflow for a group of publications that share content across multiple versions and keep them synced by linking all the text as InCopy files.
Stemcor Holdings Limited trades and distributes steel and steel making raw materials to producers and purchasers of steel. In this guide, you’ll learn how to enable file sharing between Windows 7 and Windows XP.
You might need to restart your Windows XP machines a couple of times in order to see the shared items of Windows 7 machine. If it is the case, you have to untick don’t allow exceptions and you will be able to find your printer while your automatically search for it. Funny I got my Tablet with Window 7 64 Bit, My Desktop Windows 7 installation, and my other computer at school working, but this one is being so stubborn. They claim that the global economic problems of the past couple years helped increase attention to car-sharing as a way to reduce transportation costs. Just before it starts to talk about printer sharing, which I do not need, it says that you should see the computers on the network. However, the xp and vista can see all three pc’s and access files and folders but windows 7 cannot see any of the others. CDrive) that shares all or part of your file system, the remote machine’s user must have permissions to it.
After configure all clients pc, they are able to view files from the server and can print from server.
I had to do the very same thing for an HP 7310 that I have tied in with mine, and everything works fine. Not Good CitizenshipGood CitizenshipBecause of safety, I could not display origional videos of students.
Research from Frost & Sullivan estimates that, on average, each shared vehicle replaced 15 personally owned vehicles in 2009 and carsharing members drove 31% less than when they owned a personal vehicle. The shipping business is involved in transportation of crude oil, petroleum products, gas and dry bulk .

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