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Indie Retailers, Restaurants and Pubs – if you want local people to #shoplocal then the reality is you have to market local!
Do you know why I know Slug & Lettuce are doing selected ?5 meals of British Classics on St George’s Day? Remember the days when everybody worked 9-5pm Monday-Friday and every single person you knew hit the town centre at 5pm on a Friday? Alex McCann is owner of Altrincham HQ – a social media company based in Altrincham, Cheshire, but is known nationally, has 130+ linkedin testimonials and is ranked number 1 for Social Media Marketing in the UK via independent customer reviews on Freeindex. I completely agree with everything here however there are now ways you can complete with the big named brands at their own game!
Like it said, you look around and people are on their mobiles, why not market to your customers using their mobiles?
In regards to the topic of care about what your customers care about the uRRestaurant solution has an optional marketing package that not only allows you to also market via email but they supply email templates with features related to current topics such as sporting events and key public holidays. TestimonialsAlex takes the time to understand client's needs and then sets about planning a unique action plan that gets quick results. This past weekend, I took my daughter to get a military fatigue jacket (you know the olive drab ones with four pockets).
It really was wonderful to learn more about the jacket and the supplier who visits military shows to buy them. I know this is the time of year when we’re running around and getting our shopping done, but think about which things can be purchased at a local business.
If you need help finding local service providers, let me know or check out my networking group’s website by clicking here. The Elmhurst Chamber of Commerce is getting ready to launch a major shop Elmhurst marketing and information campaign. He said the finishing touches are being put on the directory and that 19,000 will be mailed in about two weeks.
In addition, he said the marketing effort will include non-traditional marketing in the form of signs, banners and decals placed in spots that may be unexpected, but where shoppers are likely to see them such as on the landings of the stairwells in the city’s parking decks. The logo, which has already been designed at a cost of $5,000, features a cell phone with a text message on it that says “Got it . He said the text message can be changed to highlight other messages they want to convey such as “Got it A .
He said the campaign will also focus on social media and on having a presence at large community events. The city had considered spending $25,000 on the campaign last year, but it didn’t allocate any money for it because city officials were reluctant to spend money on it when they were worried that funds would be needed for addressing flooding issues.

Though they have rebounded somewhat recently, sinking sales tax revenues has been a concern in Elmhurst.
Quigley said residents need to realize that shopping local can reduce how much they spend in other areas, specifically property taxes. The shop local campaign was developed by the chamber, city officials and members of the city’s Economic Development Commission.
We create 2-8 ads per month that are advertised across the top 10 online and mobile medias to an audience of over 22,000 local customers. Save time and money on starting your own text program and join our pool of customers already built up. We’ve all seen the decal in the shop windows, the media campaigns, the many facebook posts encouraging us ‘to buy local’ in fact it’s become one of the biggest catch cries of this decade.
But is buying close to home more than a feel-good advertising campaign, is it actually worth paying more for local matter?
By “local,” we mean any business that you can easily get to and is independently owned by people from the area. As we become global consumers, shopping at chains and overseas online, it’s easy to forget how crucial small, independent businesses are to our collective well-being.
For many there is a perception that local is more expensive, after all, the big chains got to be big because their prices are low, right?
It’s time to make buying local a conscious part of our routines, just like physical exercise — something you do because of the many benefits it brings.
Why leave it to the politicians to save the economy when, in the long run, we can do so much ourselves? Small businesses are responsible for more than half of innovations developed during the 20th Century, including the zipper, the helicopter, the personal computer and important advances in the medical world such as insulin, the artificial heart valve and the pacemaker. I love buying from small businesses-you truly always get better service whether it is on line or a store in your neighborhood.
Thanks Magda, that’s very well said and glad you liked the power of these statistics!
We have a small business here in the Philippines and I can say that we are here to share equal profits with small scale industries.
That is an awesome Story Nikki, You and your husband should be very proud of a move like that! Yes people walking down the street, stuck at the traffic lights, sat in your premises waiting for a friend who’s running late.
Solutions such as uRRestaurant enable small businesses to have their very own app for their customers to download.

The campaign logo and an ad will be featured on the front cover and a fold-out page in the Elmhurst Community directory, which is a listing of chamber members that goes to every business and household in the city. He said they may use paint, chalk or decals to put the logo on stairwell landings or places.
Quigley said the city hit a high for sales tax revenue in the early 2000s when it was around $11 million.
An independent economic think tank based in London, compared what happens when people buy produce at a supermarket vs. However the difference falls away once you consider the increase in local employment as well as the quality and performance of product – When you buy local you’re dealing with real people who understand what they’re selling and, in most cases, people who will passionately stand by it. The idea is that if currency circulates more quickly, the money passes through more hands—and more people have had the benefit of the money and what it has purchased for them. For most of us buying everything local isn’t practical, but what if together we made a pact to make a small shift and conscious effort towards supporting local trade – lets call it  ‘make it a percentage’. When you buy local, you’re shaping a brighter future for your community, your family and yourself. You can buy, sell, promote or search for anything collectively with like-minded individuals by creating purpose-based ‘circles’ that people can join to talk about or take advantage of. Alot of people in my life are small business owners, and that’ s how they support their family. This solution provides the ability for the customers to make purchases through the app as well as gives the business the capability to market directly to their customers via push notifications and messages. If you’re buying local more goes into input costs—supplies and upkeep, printing, advertising, paying employees—which puts that money right back into the community. My husband and I went on our honeymoon in the US (Portland, OR) last year because we wanted to help boost the US economy rather than Cancun or some big resort. The 10% Shift movement, which started in New England several years ago, suggests households shift 10 percent of their total spending from non-local businesses to local independents.
For instance, if you normally spend $300 a week on groceries, set aside $30 of that for shopping at a local bakery, farm stand or family-owned market.
If you’re currently ordering 20 books a year from Amazon, resolve to buy at least two at your independent bookstore.

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