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On a much more subtle level, however, an experienced editor can greatly enhance the emotionality of a scene using different types of temporal manipulations.
My good friend Paddy Bird, an extremely experienced documentary editor and the founder of Inside The Edit, recently pulled a tutorial from his course that shows us – with incredible depth and precision – one of the most powerful techniques he uses to enhance drama in a scene.
In this video, Paddy gives us an in-depth example from the documentary Cities At Dawn of how and why temporal compression works. We not only get to see the finished product after Paddy has worked his magic, but we also get the raw, uncut interview, a compressed and re-ordered version of the interview (the "sync" as Paddy calls it), a version with B-roll applied to it, and finally, two versions of the scene with temporal compression applied.
In most genres and styles of filmmaking, documentary and non-fiction in particular, your characters rarely speak or act in a way that is conducive to creating great drama on screen. In the hands-on example from the tutorial above, which comes from Paddy's fantastic online editing course, we see the primary character, a photographer named Anthony Epes, as he describes his experiences in capturing stunning images of cities at dawn. By adding artificial space between each impactful phrase in those particular moments, Paddy is able to draw out the drama and let his selected B-roll add more meaning to each individual phrase.
Of course, for this to work properly, you absolutely need something else to cut to so that there aren't odd jump cuts or anything like that. Regardless of how you choose to use temporal decompression, it's one of the more powerful tricks in the editor's toolkit.
0 How to Craft a Film Industry Freelance Career0 Documentary- Talking Heads(TH) vs TH+B-roll vs B-roll only with narrative1 Shooting B-Roll with GoPro or 17-40mm? One is a really minor thing -- when breaking up dialogue like this, the problem is that sometimes the phrases can sound a little cut off or clipped. When I use this technique, I try to make the cuts as smooth as possible by doing exactly what you said. To avoid that clipping sound I always put Constant Gain between the two clips, then shorten the effect to 2-4 frames.
And of course if your clips don't meet up, Exponential Fade the first, and Constant Gain the second. It's amazing how that simple fade can make the clip, even white noise transitions, practically nonexistent.
I feel like having a more compelling interview to work with, would have shown how effective this style really is. To me the point was taking a pretty boring and jittery and hard to watch interview and turning it into something a bit inspiring and interesting. Get your FREE copy of the eBook called "astonishingly detailed and useful" by Filmmaker Magazine! It's 100+ pages on what you need to know to make beautiful, inexpensive movies using a DSLR.
Have you ever needed to do some simple photo editing or creation, but didn’t want the hassle of opening up Photoshop, or are too afraid to learn it? Developed by Flying Meat, Acorn is an image editor that allows you do paint, draw and crop photos. We reviewed an earlier version of Acorn last year, but will be covering new features and exploring the basics in greater depth today. On the bottom left-hand side of the window, there is also information about the project you are working on. As you would expect the canvas window can be resized to suit your amount of screen real-estate.
After playing around with the filters, I must say, I have come to love the way Acorn’s interface stylises it.
Acorn is a good, solid image editing application for those who are afraid of the Photoshop learning curve and price. For what it does, Acorn comes very close with Pixelmator in terms of features and value for money. Acorn is a solid image editing application for those who are afraid of the Photoshop learning curve and price. Leaving Adobe Photoshop CS4 out of the equation, the Gimp is by far the most feature complete App, it beats Acorn, Pixelmator and even Elements 8 hands down.
There is one big caveat, however, using X11 on the Mac which makes copy-pasting and overall integration a mess. Unless there will be a Cocoa version for the Mac, Gimp on OSX won’t be able to compete. With all due respect to the opensource community and the developers of GIMP, GIMP is garbage. My great wish has always been for Adobe or a competitor to release a good, currently maintained product that did both for a lower price than Photoshop. Pixelmator is far more better than Acorn when dealing with big images such as a 3600*3600 one.

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Use the form below to delete this OEHLBACH 2703 BEAT Stereo NF Kabel 30m 2x Cinch Auf Analog image from our index. We choose what a character says or doesn't say simply by including or excluding certain pieces of media from our timelines.
This technique is called "dramatic sync tempo decompression," and used correctly, this simple practice can take your work to another level entirely. Essentially, it's a crash course in Paddy's step-by-step process for going from raw footage to a finely-tuned cut. In narrative, hopefully this would be resolved on set with the director giving constructive and focused performance notes to the actors.
Essentially, you're creating dramatic pauses to amplify each and every word, which gives the audience time to digest and ponder what is being said, automatically giving it more dramatic power. There are two particular emotionally-charged moments in the rough cut that give power to this scene, but both happen quickly, in a matter of seconds. In documentary, this would be accomplished with some B-roll footage that corresponds with (and adds depth to) the drama unfolding in the interview. If you're interested in learning more of those tricks, as well as an extremely powerful framework for editing, head on over to Inside the Edit and check out the amazing course Paddy has put together.
Using an atmos track, or simply placing incredibly quick fades to even out some rough edges. As a wedding filmmaker I often struggle with pacing and flow, this is extremely helpful and a 100% relevant for me.
I still think it did add a bit more of a punch, but the B-Roll, the Music, and the Pacing all kind of worked together in that aspect. I think he brought out what the photographer felt but couldn't convey in the original footage.
Makes me want to re-edit stuff I've already done to see if these principals would make it better. I came to like the toolbox in Acorn because after selecting a tool, the advanced options show up in the same panel, right next to it (as seen below). Including; move, zoom, crop, pan, draw, select, erase, text, gradient, flood fill clone and shape. It has many advanced options that allow you to set spacing between letters and lines – giving you more power than just a text box! There are a fair few that users will notice from Photoshop and other graphic editing applications. If you’re looking for a lightweight application that offers basic editing, than this is the application for you! As a non-designer it’s an excellent tool to have without having to dish out hundreds for something like Photoshop.

I shouldn’t have to explain why because if you have ever used any of its competitors you will see how weak it actually is.
It beats Pixelmator hands-down, with vector support and all it’s great other features. This makes it an serious threat to Photoshop if it keeps evolving like that (Might even beat him!). This blog was extremely of interest to me, particularly because I was searching for ideas on this matter yesterday. We can even take completely unrelated pieces of video or audio and give them new meaning, as well as change the meaning of everything around them, depending on where they're placed in the timeline. They can decompress, or lengthen, certain periods of time in order to accentuate the emotionality and drama of any given moment. These are the types of manipulations that separate the good editors from the great ones. In documentaries, however, you rarely have that type of creative control over the characters. In narrative filmmaking, on the other hand, you would use cutaways or reaction shots of other characters in the scene in order to mask the cuts.
I'd be interested to see if Paddy has any tips for the audio editing to make the breaks more natural, because I don't know of any real solutions, other than to be very careful where you make the breaks in the first place.
That being said, it's really hard to do if the inflection in the voice of the subject doesn't lend itself to pauses.
Seems like I could spend many weeks on this, maybe trying to spice up really boring interviews from youtube.
In applications such as Photoshop, these options are part of the bar at the top and can be often hard to locate for beginners. In a similar style to Photoshop, tools that have a black triangle on the bottom right of their icon, can be changed to other tools of a similar nature. The crop tool automatically creates a grid for you so when you are cropping, you can get your image just right.
But after searching through the documentation, I have found all the tablet features that work with Acorn. I haven’t had too much to do with GIMP myself, but I have heard great things about it. If you are going to be editing a lot of images, investing in these programs would b well worth it. OTOH, I would like to see if the folks at Flyingmeat are going to produce some features in Version 3.0 that allow you to do Illustrator-like raster activities within Pixelmator. I don't think you can methodically teach people how long a pause should be to have a particular effect, any more than you can methodically teach them what the rhythm of cutting should be or how long a gap to leave after a joke.
Sometimes it's hard to walk the line between bringing out the best of each subject, and manipulating the footage to make a better product. The editor really did seem to create a silk purse from a sow's ear of the original footage on this tutorial. It should also be noted, for those of you who want advanced grid features such as this, check out Slammer.
You are also given blending modes and opacity sliders so you can take control of your layers.
The filters window also gives you a live preview of what your design will look like the the filter applied – the advanced thing about it however, is it will give you an animated preview (Very useful when doing blurs because you can see what looks good before you even add it!). For those of you that have a tablet, It’d be great to see your experience with this application in comments below! Problems are that it is costly and a little bloated with a great deal more functionality than most people need. Seeing the timeline obviously clues me in to the cuts, but I still think I'd pick up on those quick clip breaks without it. Makes me wonder how much of this goes into political advertisements and star bio puff pieces. New in 2.1, you can also sort your layers intro groups so that they stay organised (handy for when you are sending your work to others).
Acorn, offers some of the functionality of Photoshop at a fraction of the cost, meeting the needs of many!

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