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From 1953 to 1959, professional football’s offensive and defensive tactics were in a transitional phase. As Troup compiled this detailed volume, he had unprecedented access to coaches and players from this era, as well as extensive game footage.
Including an exclusive interview with Joe Schmidt of the Detroit Lions, this book will entertain and inform all fans and historians of professional football, especially those interested in the early development of the modern defense. Having grown up in Lake Forest, Calif., Avalon was a frequent Sawdust visitor as a child, and started exhibiting at the Sawdust Art Festival in the summer of 2012. On Forest Avenue, restaurants and boutiques are joined by public art pieces, each placed in an effort to enrich the experience of visitors and locals alike. While the piece has become a part of Laguna’s everyday beauty, there was some disagreement about its presence at first. Carolyn is yet another longtime Laguna resident with decades of artistic experience under her belt. Positioned at Forest Avenue and Glenneyre Street, the Chambered Nautilus Bench is one of a series of artist-designed benches scattered throughout the city. The legend, inscribed on a nearby plaque, tells the tale of Triton, his affection for a sea nymph and the creation of the most beautiful shell in the sea.
The piece features three figures, symbolizing men, women and children, sitting around a granite disk with a black obelisk placed in the center.
For Linda, creating art for the public is a great responsibility that she takes very seriously. Ralph is a man whose passion for the arts has inspired him to make pieces for over half a century.
If you presented him with a creative idea, Ken Auster would pause in silence with a quizzical look on his face. From this wellspring of invention came Ken Auster’s rare and special genius as a painter. All the while, Ken was absorbing and logging his overall life experiences and observations, later to be expressed on canvas after canvas.
Ken was an enraptured resident of Laguna Beach, beginning in the late 1960s, and was a respected annual exhibitor at both the Laguna Beach Art Festival and Sawdust Festival until 2015, his final year.
Like Clay, Martin Yewchuk is another first-time filmmaker who stumbled upon a great documentary idea—or, more accurately, drove past a great idea. Martin’s film might force some to ask themselves a particularly hard question: Who could possibly have a problem with someone, be it Eiler or Michael, who only wants to spread happiness by waving hello at people?
Martin knows that a subject like the greeter is a very Laguna Beach-centric story, but he sees the theme as being far more a universal tale. Currency, will receive a copy of PILGRIMS' SONGS, together with THE CIRCULAR, for one year from Dec. As teams developed innovative strategies to attack the 5-2-4 defense, passing efficiency improved.

With funding provided by the Sawdust Art Festival, Avalon worked alongside Chris Prelitz and Billy Fried from the board of directors of Transition Laguna and advocates for bicycle safety in Laguna Beach; and Sian Poeschl, cultural arts leader for the city. While she mostly works with glass, she constantly looks for ways to expand her medias to provide visually pleasing and engaging pieces.
They seamlessly blend into their surroundings while transforming the area into a walkable public gallery. According to Larry, back in 2003 there were objections by members of the City Council who believed that the waves might be too modern for the town. Water Lily, a fountain made of brass, copper and stainless steel, is situated near the intersection of Forest Avenue and Glenneyre Street, discreetly located between two buildings.
Upon encountering the piece, visitors will notice sound emanating from the water that cascades down each brass leaf into a pool of water.
While she is often regarded for her unique and beautiful work with gold and silver leaf, Carolyn also sculpts, and she produced one of Forest Avenue’s most utilized public pieces. It offers passersby a chance to not only experience the art, but to relax and take in the rest of what downtown Laguna has to offer. Her sculptures depict the human form, created with metal versions of earthy components like leaves, branches and vines. Acting like a sundial of sorts, the obelisk’s shadow casts itself on the words carved into the disk, representing aspirations of the community.
It showcases three tall women engaging in conversation, much like a scene one could actually spot while strolling down Forest Avenue. On any given day you could find him painting in his eclectic studio on Laguna Canyon Road, teaching a Plein Air workshop at a majestic Laguna Beach location, in the ocean off of Picnic Beach on his standup paddleboard or evenings with his beloved wife Paulette, musing upon the beauties of Laguna Beach from their hilltop home.
Ken was an indefatigable motivator for all who crossed his creative path, whatever their pursuits. He’s bopping his head up and down during music sequences, and poring over each minute detail, from the color correction to the sound mix to the cinematography.
Affordable and accessible technology, like high-quality smartphone cameras and remote-controlled aerial drones, have broadened the range of what can be done with the form, and who can get involved.
He came up with the notion of bringing together such admired Laguna Beach players as Jason Feddy, Nick Hernandez, Steve Wood and others with two purposes. That’s how Martin first encountered Michael Minutoli, dancing and waving to passersby as he does each day on the corner of Coast Highway and Brooks Street, the latest in a 125-year-long line of Laguna Beach greeters.
At an easily digestible 30 minutes, the film is a nice introduction to the history of environmental issues in Laguna Beach that have shaped the city. It was directed by Jeanne Meyers, co-founder of the My Hero Project, which uses short films shot by students and social activists to educate the public about a wide range of issues.
Installed in front of the Sawdust grounds, the team intends for the whimsical bike rack, which is made of metal and formed to look like large flowers, to not only serve as a beautiful art piece, but to also make a statement on the importance of making Laguna Beach a pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly city.
From Coast Highway to City Hall, this bustling street offers five pieces from four talented artists.

Located at the entrance of Forest Avenue from South Coast Highway, North and South Waves serves as the starting point of Forest Avenue’s public art journey.
But despite that initial hurdle, the waves remain; the city has certainly embraced them, as well as modern expression.
The structure comprises three brass leaves that direct water into an irregularly shaped, concrete basin.
The concrete piece is tinted turquoise and adorned with bits of tile that line its curvature. In contrast to her usual work, The People’s Council, located at City Hall, was carved out of granite. As the sun passes though the sky, the shadow travels over motivational words such as success, peace, love and justice. He has used the Italian stone of the Carrara mountains as well as limestone, both of which he encountered while living in Europe. A project funded by the lodging establishments and city of Laguna Beach, The Discussion characterizes the artist’s aesthetic of featuring elongated figures in casual wear. Brilliantly mastering this 19th century French alchemy of impressionistic color, brush strokes and subject, Ken explored and painted wide-ranging subjects on several continents for over two decades, in the process becoming a true master himself and much sought after as a documentary painter and teacher. Although Ken Auster’s loss leaves an unfillable void in Laguna Beach and beyond, his paintings and teachings remain forever alive.
First-time filmmakers are shooting substantial pieces on social and environmental issues, as well as profiling unique individuals with stories to tell. First, to tell the story of how a band is formed, from the initial idea to the songwriting phase, to recording, to playing its first live gig.
The piece is made up of two abstract waves created from stainless steel and fragmented granite. In more recent years, bronze has become a major interest for Ralph; he forms the sculpture with a malleable material, such as clay, and then a foundry creates the end result. The bronze figures can be found on the corner of Ocean Avenue and Forest surrounded by lush, vibrant greenery and flowers. The movie follows the off-trail adventures of world-class mountaineer Conrad Anker, his stepson and adventure photographer Max Lowe, and family friend Rachel Pohl as they visit some of those locales. Second, to show people outside the city what a hotbed of talent there is in a small town that some people around the world may only know of from bad reality TV.
Despite their size and intriguing appearance, these ocean waves blend in beautifully with the shrubbery from which they emerge.

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