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George Cooper a nosy reporter is trying to make like Burnstein and break the story before the story breaks him.
Meet Princess and Cash's Puppies!*The puppies were born on January 31, 2013 and are ready to go home with you!These are first generation puggles from a pocket tri-color beagle mother and small black pug father.
Please be aware:Pictures make puppies look larger than they really are!Please look at estimated mature weights for a better idea of their size.

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Michelle teaches us how to re-tune ourselvesto the frequencies being brought to Earth by new planetary bodies and existing planets that will cross us through the2012 gateway to the evolutionary frequencies of theNew Earth in the new world cycle.Author and recording artist of The Planetary Meditations, holistic practitioner, hypnotherapist and Acutonic sound practitioner, Many brings her visions as a Native American from the Chippewa nation to her integrative work as a paranormal researcher as she gives us a new look at such things as String theory, M theory, parallel worlds, EMF, the aurora borealis, planetary sound and how they affect us as human beings. They have all age appropriate shots and de-wormings before leaving us.Please email with any questions or see our deposit page for information on placing a deposit or our layaway program.

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