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The Greater Peoria Bowling Association Sponsors Page: We have worked together with some of the finest companies and business owners and bowling proprietors in the industry. ALUMINUM AND GLASS RAILINGIf you're are up to the chanllenge and would like to do the installation yourself we will work with you to get you the railing only.
To change the company logo that came with the template, start by clicking on that default logo image. Put the words you want to use, like your business name and tagline, in the boxes for the First and Second Line. Next, to change an image or photo on the template, move your cursor over it with your mouse and click on the image.
Your website template comes complete with a menu of links that lets your visitors easily move from page to page on your site. To change a text description that came with your template, move your cursor over the default text with your mouse and click on it. A text editing menu bar, with a list of editing buttons, will appear in the upper left hand corner of the page under the SiteBuilder Lite logo. To add a new image to your page (as opposed to replacing an image like in steps 5-9), click on the Add Image button in the upper right hand corner.

Finally, to add more text to the web page, click on the Add Text button in the upper right hand corner. Now that the text element box is the right size and in the right location, click inside the text element box to edit the text. Now that you know how to import images, edit text and resize elements, you can use these skills to customize the other pages on your website.
1st Margarita regular price, 2nd Margarita 99¢!Second Margarita must be enjoyed by patron whom enjoyed first Margarita. By enclosing your entrance you are conserving on your heating bill and making your home more energy efficient . Our aluminum railing systems are a perfect addition to your deck,porchcottage or walk ways. If you want to use a different image, you can click on the Browse… button to select a different image.
To change the name of the link, click on the Link Name text box and type your new link name. If you need to change other navigation links, repeat steps 10 and 11 as many times as required.

Enter the words that best describe the kind of image you are looking for into the text box, and click on the Search button.
Find the most appropriate image for your website, click on the image, and then click on the Add button. Click on the page names in the left side navigation to switch between the pages, and continue editing! Just follow these simple step-by-step instructions to learn how to add your company logo, import images and edit text. To change the name of any of those navigation links, click rename for that link in the left side navigation. Type in the red text box you just selected to edit the text, and when you're done, click anywhere outside the red text box. Notice that this button gets grayed out after you save, to indicate that the save was successful.

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