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These are in vector format so they can be edited and customised, by changing the size, text and colour. If you liked this PowerPoint Template we would appreciate you liking it on FaceBook or Tweeting it.
You can browse all of our PowerPoint templates or select them by category or colour or by tag. I will use this to show how individual datasets come together to build an apllication we have developed. Great,I will use it to show the integrated processes and ideas in my presentation next week.
To change the puzzle to 4 pieces you would have to go into it delete the pieces not needed. I am writing an editorial for an academic journal and would like to use your jigsaw template. Display your presentation on a web site provided that it is not for the purpose of downloading the template. How can I make all pieces join together smoothly in an animated way after I add test to each? I would like to use the image to represent members of a multi-disciplinary team working towards one goal – I am a student and this is an assignment. I would like to know if it is subject to copyright at all even though it is free to download and you are happy for others to use it.
We hope to use this to illustrate steps needed to move from subsistence farming to commercial farming in a talk to be given to Ugandan small-holder farmers. I will use it to describe the different value chains and how they link together to form the entire business. I will be using it to show how our different products will come together to provide a complete solution to our client.
I will use this at the next meeting of a non-profit to describe the interdependence between constituencies regarding community outreach.
I will use it for a professional presentation of my team’s duties inside the organization I work for. Used for presentation to find new web site hosting provider that is compatible with our ERP system.
I’ll be using this to represent how multiple IT Projects and existing IT service components are related – and flagging components pieces with a nice BRAG status!
To show that transition from the current waste management system to a new one will require many elements such as policy, technology, governance, human resource etc.
I’ve put the title and short intro in the middle hexagon and they need to fill in the others with info on the polymers they find out from each other.

Will use this in a sermon presentation showing if we do not allow Jesus into our lives a part of us will always be missing.
I foster critical thinking in a Course on Fundamentals of Scientific Research in Costa Rica. The teeth have been animated so that the wheels move round.  This could be used to demonstrate the action of gears and gearing.
There is even an example that shows what happens when you do not have your gearing ratios correctly aligned.
My group and I will use this power point to make our project presentation on gears for an Engineering class.
Thanks a lot, used it in my presentation to show the synergy of microbes, nutrients and enzymes in bioremdiation processes.
Hi, I will be using this to demonstrate to my group the alignment between different components of Data and Information Management. Your animated cogs are excellent, however I have managed to find only one circulating text box per cog. This is just the design i need to emphasize ideas of alignment, and correct matches in outcome based education. It would also be suitable for a project where you want to use the bridge as a visual metaphor to bring together two communities, like during a company merger or acquisition, for example.
The template is based on a photo taken by our editor Jonty Pearce of the first Severn bridge in Wales. Thanks for an excellent presentation design to use for our ESL class for construction workers!
I AM A STUDENT AT TUT STUDING CIVIL ENGINEERING AND I HAVE AN ASSIGNMENT TO MAKE A PRESANTATION ABOUT BRIDGES. Description: Professional images Paper borders Powerpoint Backgrounds for Presentation Slide free on category powerpoints! Free quality, private, selected and designed according to demand backgrounds powerpoint presentations. You can also use the pins supplied with the European maps on these American ones to add place names and locations.
These templates are free for commercial and private use, but not for re-sale or re-distribution.
I cannot download any of the maps… could you tell me if I need to have something special on my PC?? It would be super cool to have a vector map of all the US states, similar to the EU map on this site. In answer, you can put a link to the templates on your website but cannot include a copy to download on your website!

This was amazing, after fumbling around for a while I came upon your site and was able to do exactly what I needed for my presentation.
They are all PowerPoint vector based shapes which mean that you can change the colours as well as scale them up in size.
A range of small clip art – each icon can be used as part of your Powerpoint presentations. Suitable for use to help show sections of a presentation or as a range of navigation buttons.
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Liaison extraordinaire and lifetime learner - I use my knowledge to cultivate connections and get things done.
We have included a number of PowerPoint jigsaw pieces in the shape of a hexagon (a six-sided shape). This would be suitable for showing a concept where there are interdependencies, or where you want to show a complete solution. I would like to use this for a poster presentation as part of my course – I hope this is acceptable usage of your work. I am a student teacher, and using this with a year 10 set in a jigsaw activity to find out about the uses of polymers. It is suitable for use in a presentation about suspension bridges, construction projects, road or transport projects. I have used your maps for years for powerpoint presentations and I like to put it on my website.
I find these really helpful in my teaching materials, and also as navigation buttons on my Moodle sites! I intend to acknowledge your production of the image on the poster but would like to ensure I reference this correctly. Do I cite the website address found within the guidelines section at the end of your slides or is it preferable to cite your work in a different way? They will then study this polymer, and then muddle up into new groups to share what they found. We’ve included a few ideas on how you can modify these maps by using strokes and fills.

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