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Targeted Facebook advertising boost sales and customer acquisition to help jumpstart new business As an entrepreneur or small business startup, getting your new product or service in front of the right people (you know, people that want to buy from you) can be quite a challenge. Understanding the importance of your “talking about this” number really means and how can you improve it Small business owners with Facebook business pages have been obsessed with how many likes their page has acquired. Low-cost ideas to advertise your business that are easy and straight-forward to do No big budget, no problem — at least, when it comes to small business advertising.
Why paying for Facebook Promoted Posts on brand pages is both a good and bad feature for small businesses… and how promoted posts can work for brands Many small businesses spent a lot of effort building their fan base by attracting “likes” to their Facebook business pages. Transform your Facebook business page into an e-commerce tool for your business by adding an online store app that lets you promote and sell products directly on Facebook Many businesses have invested a lot of time into developing a large fan base on Facebook with a business page. Setting up a professional business page on Facebook is critical in launching a Facebook promotional strategy for small businesses It is relatively easy to set up a business page on Facebook – any small business can do it in a matter of minutes. In a world of micro-moment marketing, customers and prospects are seeking more bite-size content to consume. A good advertising strategy works for the benefit of your company by helping bring in the money. Target markets help to narrow down the consumers you are looking to attract to your product. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method that websites and blogs use to be featured in the top results of large search engines. You often see successful businesses use advertising incentives with two-for-one products, discounts, sample products, trade-in’s and more.
The Internet keeps revolutionizing the industry of advertising, allowing for companies to play with advertising and opportunities like never before. About UstipsOtricks is technology blog covering articles based on internet, computing, blogging , software and other technology related tips. We review different websites and software for you so you don’t have to search yourself what’s new or best around the web. You’re a small business with a limited budget for marketing and advertising, but you need exposure.
The key to making strategic marketing decisions is aligning your company with an agency that specializes in small business advertising. Dan Antonelli is the President and Creative Director of Graphic D-Signs, Inc, a NJ Advertising Agency specializing in small business advertising, marketing, and brand development, including HVAC logo design, and HVAC web design services.
Even if you don’t have a lot of money, you can create brand excitement, boost your brand recognition and advertise your products online and in person. Facebook business pages can work hard for your business as a PR, direct marketing and advertising tool all rolled into one. This free page capability is a must-have marketing tool for businesses of any size looking to build customer loyalty and retention. They are looking for information that is quick, understandable and easy to act upon if desired. The right strategy covers many different areas and will not only boost immediate sales but will also benefit a company’s continuous income by creating awareness. Your products need to be associated with the company in order to develop what is known as brand loyalty.
Regardless of the source, customers tend to look for more information about a product on the Internet.
Social media is a great tool to simplify communication between your customers and your company.
Making your advertisements with target markets in mind will help catch the appropriate audience.
Internet users that look up a specific keyword or phrase will see the best of SEO as one of the top results. A lot of good Internet advertising can be done for little or no cost when the right marketing strategies are implemented. Large advertising agencies tend to work with big business and Fortune 500 companies, and their fees are often cost-prohibitive.

Remember the following tips when deciding which small business advertising agency is the right one for you. Be sure to peruse the ad agency’s own website; it will serve as a good indication of the work they do for their clients.
As a small business owner, you wear several hats in your business: CEO, marketing director, human resources manager. You are hiring an advertising agency for a job (hopefully, a long-term one) and industry credentials should support their experience. Yes, you are hiring an small business advertising agency for their creative and strategic expertise. An advertising agency’s portfolio is a good indication of the work you should expect to get from them. Take the time to do your homework and choose a partner that will strengthen your brand and grow your business.
After days of nice images of your food and the occasional story of your staff, you have no clue what to post on your social media accounts. Without effective advertisement, companies lose sales and generate no revenue, regardless of the product or service offered.
Once companies have developed some well-loved and successful products, it also creates a basis for sales of new and lesser-known products from your company. That is why it is essential to incorporate mobile advertising into your businesses advertising strategy. Followings on social media platforms make it easy to send out messages with advertising, gather customer feedback, promote and announce events and offers, stories and photos of products, events, promotions and activities as well.
The people that are most likely to buy your product will have some similarities in the websites they use, publications they read, and other platforms that would be beneficial to feature your company’s advertisement with. The incentive advertising method does not only generate a buzz of interest around your product, but also helps to gather marketing information based on the customers that have bought your product. Developing brand loyalty will keep customers coming back while clever advertising strategies such as SEO and social media platforms are some of the best tools to broaden your customer base. So, how do you navigate the sea of choices when choosing how to spend your precious dollars?
Any reputable ad agency should provide a list of their clients and showcase the work they have done for them.
Your small business advertising agency partner should be able to guide you through the advertising and design process and take the place of an internal marketing department. Question the staff’s competence in all media strategies and channels, both traditional and innovative.
Make sure you are impressed with their body of creative work and their ability to create advertising design work which meet defined marketing goals. Not surprisingly, sometimes the only direction small businesses receive is from those who sell advertising space. Advertising helps promote the products and focuses on creating a brand image for the company. Not only does it help broaden the sources for advertisements, it also allows visitors to immediately check out your product while on the Internet. Once sales have been successful with your target audience, it is then possible (and less expensive) to reach out to other markets.
As a small business, you should select an advertising agency with clients who are similar in size and scope to yours. In other words, the staff should fall somewhere between a one-man show and a five-level design committee. Effective agencies must keep up with today’s ever-changing landscape and technology in order to design successful strategies for their clients. Viewing small business advertising case studies is one way to see a holistic approach to brand integration.
Ad sales executives will likely advise small businesses to put their advertising dollars into the outlets they represent, even when it does not makes strategic sense.

A company’s website should make it easy for consumers to receive general product information, product support, technical information, and ordering information. Find out what the best keyword phrase for your product is and use the phrases repeatedly in titles, tags, links and texts on the entire website.
Ad agencies that work with small businesses and service industries take an approach that is unique to advertising on a local level.
While it is wise to avoid a multi-layered approach, try to choose an advertising agency whose staff represents a mix of each advertising discipline: creative design, copywriting, web development and overall account management. Select an agency that has your best interests in mind, reviewing your budget and helping you to invest your advertising dollars where they are most effective. What plans do you have to keep your business on track and stay ahead of the competition?Issues related to marketing are top-of-mind for small business owners going into the New Year. Reinforce the importance of open communication and make sure the agency encourages client feedback.
In fact, according to Yodle‘s recently released First Annual Small Business Sentiment Survey, 42% of small business owners said they are worried about finding new customers, making it their #1 overall concern.
Additionally, 33% of small business owners surveyed said that keeping their current customers is a concern (#3 overall), while 21% of owners cited their competition as something they worry about (#6 overall).As we can all attest, 2013 was a year in which consumers increasingly adopted new technology, search and review tools and social media channels to help drive their path to purchase. Develop A Realistic Forward-Looking Marketing BudgetIt’s time to put your money where your mouth is. Small business owners today cite customer attraction and retention as two of their most pressing concerns, but many set aside minimal budgets for marketing.In fact, 1 in 4 small business owners report that they don’t spend any money on marketing, while just over half (56%) spend less than $500 a month.
2013Make this the year that you corner off a larger, more flexible budget to tackle new marketing opportunities to better adapt to today’s fast-changing marketplace. What I do recommend is that you make strategic investments on marketing offerings that better position your business in places where consumers are increasingly going to research products or services and make purchases.Return-on-investment should be the key factor by which you measure your marketing efforts. However, be sure to give your business the flexibility to try out new marketing opportunities and ideas to see if they stick.There’s no doubt in my mind that any business keeping with a status quo of limited marketing in today’s changing environment will only hurt their bottom line — and not just in the short run. Small businesses should be making smart investments so they are well-positioned to attract consumers now and in the future.2. Given its key role, it’s astonishing that more than half of small businesses owners (52%) said their business does not have a website, according to the Yodle survey.Make your website a priority this year. However, the vast majority of small business owners — 9 out of 10 — said their websites aren’t optimized for mobile, according to the Yodle survey. Ensuring that your business’ listing is complete and accurate plays an important role in determining whether consumers reviewing your listing can move forward with contacting you and making a purchase.It may be surprising, but a notable share of business listing information is inaccurate. In fact, a ConstantContact survey of more than 350 SMBs earlier this year found that 50% of SMBs have come across inaccurate listings for their businesses. Then build out your business listings on each of these sites with any missing information, such as your website address, social media channel addresses, business photos, menus or offerings and the like. This will ensure that your consumers viewing your listings have as much information as they need to make a decision before contacting you.5. Successfully Manage Negative Online ReviewsOnline reviews are playing an increasingly central role in driving consumers’ purchasing behavior.
In fact, a recent Nielsen online study of 29,000 consumers across 58 countries found that about 70% of consumers trust online reviews – making them the third-most trusted form of advertising. Another recent study from Harvard Business School showed that something as simple as a one-star improvement in a Yelp business listing can deliver a noticeable increase in a restaurant’s revenue.With the stakes so high, it’s important for small businesses to develop procedures for locating and responding to online reviews. That said, ensure that your core response messages are professional and focus on ways to remedy the problem.
Our WorkAdvertising Systems Inc.’s experienced team works hard to help our clients realize the business growth they are looking for.

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