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As the name implies, a Marketing Calendar is a calendar that lists all of your marketing activities.
This tool includes shows you how to do your own Marketing Calendar and includes a pre-formatted marketing calendar template.
How to Create a Marketing Calendar » Central Coast Small Business Networking Group Inc. The workshop led by our patron Geoff Hetherington of Dancing Blind Man at the SBNG breakfast meeting on 21st June at Tuggerah certainly lived up to expectations.
You may have to lower your expectations or decrease the number of promotions if you don’t have the resources to deliver.
Our MeetingsWeekly Networking Meetings are held in various convenient locations on the Central Coast.
Join us for for a packed 2 hour evening workshop on Internet Money Making Strategies for 2015. Yes, I built an affiliate backed for our website to pay commissions for business sent my way.
If you are in business today, then come out for our excellent networking and educational events to give your business the upper hand! The goal of this group is to allow powerful networking that fosters important relationships to help your business succeed.
Aishwarya Rai is a bollywood actress, model, First runner-up of the Miss India pageant and the winner of the Miss World pageant of 1994. What is a professional (like a doctor, therapist, lawyer, candlestick maker) or privately-held-business owner to do when it comes to getting new business?
It works in conjunction with an annual Marketing Plan (which delineates messaging, target markets, projects, timelines, goals, and costs at a bit higher level). The topic “How to Create a Marketing Calendar” is something that most small business owners should pay a lot more attention to if we want to get the best value from our marketing campaigns.

Pick & Choose Now decide which ones resonate with you and that you’d like to use in your business.
Frequency Now see if there are any events that you can run more than once during the year and when you’d like to run them.
Now you have a promotional Marketing Calendar that gives you a clear focus on your promotions. The Internet has become the no.1 source for clients of businesses, outstripping all other channels such as television, newspapers, directories, referrals and radio. We're a large and well connected network of businesses, marketers, entrepreneurs and internet (social media) experts that gather to give educational presentations on a variety of topics, all designed to help you raise your bottom line. You don't have to go at it alone, we're all in it their small to large businesses. In school we werena€™t taught anything other than our specialty and now that the economy requires ALL of us to market, how do we survive? It can help keep you on track with all the weekly and monthly activities so that you make progress on your marketing activities (which can often get put on the priority back burner). In order to create a good Marketing Calendar you only need only one of these three pieces of equipment i.e. You shouldn’t run a Spring Cleaning campaign more than once and not at the start of winter but you can run a campaign like a “12 Day Fat Loss Kick Start” more than once and at any time. Plug it in Now plug all of the promotions that you’ve chosen into a 12 month calendar with their start and end dates. Use this as the basis for a detailed Publishing Calendar (more on that subject some other time) and you’ll give yourself a really good look at what you’re planning to grow your business and how you’re going to go about doing it. It has now become essential for any business owner to understand how to leverage the power of the billions of online customers around the world. According to KISSmetrics, Monday blog posts receive the most views and highest inbound links.

It will take the stress out of running your business and give you a hell of a leg up on the competition while you’re at it.
The Online Money Making Strategies course, delivered by Simon Coulson or one of his personally trained coaches, will teach you how to adopt the right strategies for 2015. Marc Kossmann and video-crazed Wharton MBA marketer Charlie Seymour Jr, this group focuses on a short topic each Meetup before opening the discussion to what can most help those around the table. Pre-launch, Launch and Post-launch Timings Decide how long the launch & pre-launch phases need to be for each event. For example if you are running a Christmas in July dinner for your clients you need to let them know about it around 4 weeks ahead of time. We spotlight your business and get all our creative minds to help find you a solution to that nagging business-building challenge. But before you can start your email campaign you need to have your restaurant booked and invites written and ready to go with your emails. Marc and Charlie) make a living by coaching professionals and small-business owners about how to use video marketing (and other forms of offline and online marketing) to Dominate your niche online and then Automate all the follow up, we are quite comfortable guiding the group to share valuable information to help you too. And while the focus is on teaching each other about what we do to generate new referrals for our businesses and keep our present clients happy (and working with us!), we can network with each other and generate business within the group itself, too. Come, share your ideas, learn from those who may have the very solution youa€™re searching for.

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