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EDK & Company, based in Los Angeles, is a full-service boutique marketing communications, copywriting, and social media agency that specializes in working with small businesses. As a full-service boutique agency, we pride ourselves on bringing high-quality, personalized attention to each of our small business clients.
The EDK team offers both creativity and strategic insight into all client projects, truly reflecting a unique vision and approach to marketing, copywriting, and social media for small businesses. There are lots of articles out there about marketing trends, and how small business owners can reach their customers, but wouldna€™t it also be helpful to know how larger companies plan on marketing to you?
Out of all the possible tactics for marketing to SMBs, the companies surveyed plan to prioritize email marketing and content marketing equally, dedicated about 15% of their budgets to each tactic.
When asked the most effective strategy to market to SMBs, there were a wide variety of tactics employed a€“ paid search, content marketing, social media, email, PR, blogging, and direct mail.
Nearly 70% of SMB marketers plan to increase their resource allocation toward content marketing, making it the number one area where spending will go up.
Of those companies that plan on increasing content marketing resources, the most popular format will be case studies and success stories.
Among social media marketing platforms, LinkedIn is actually set to grow the fastest with regard to these companiesa€™ marketing budgets. What trends have you already noticed when it comes to companies marketing themselves to your small business? February 28, 2011 by Bryan Trilli 5 Comments Michael Gerber in The E-Myth Revisited and Sam Carpenter in Work the System both talk about developing effective systems, processes, and scripts in your business to help create a consistent front for your customers and also to develop a business that works without you. The front line system in your business is your system for generating leads through your marketing. Just like every aspect of your business, your Marketing Manual has to start with your company vision and mission. Revenue Streams – What product lines or services does your company offer to generate revenue?
Implementation – Each lead source has several pieces to it including what it will cost, how long it will run, special offers, training of the sales staff, copy, and most importantly a method of tracking. Instead of making this blog exceedingly long, I decided to break this concept up into a few pieces. Keep in mind that when your Marketing Manual is finished, you can pass it off to someone else to take the reins, they can pick up where you left off, and keep growing the business. Most of what you're told about your website, PPC, SEO, and Social Media for service-based businesses just doesn't work. In a culture where company has become ever-more distant and unknown, social networking enables businesses to develop connections and provides back the private touch using their clients. There are certainly a quantity of big all encompassing internet sites it is possible to join to promote your company and we will take a look at a few these in a minute.

LinkedIn is usually regarded as a device for hiring but for companies it may be much more than that.
Tweets is just a wonderful method to transmit communications rapidly to some many individuals. Google continues to be fairly fresh in social networking conditions but-its use is progressively growing. Whether you’re just starting your small business or ready to take it to the next level, our specialized full service boutique marketing services can help shape the image and identity of your brand.
From hospitality and interior design to real estate and technology, we work across a wide number of industries. We can tailor a marketing program to fit your needs. Contact us today for a free consultation. We think it would, so today wea€™re going to discuss a recent study that looked into just that. This speaks to the diversity of SMBs out there and how big companies know they have to really branch out to reach them. If you are looking for a great way to get some free and reliable exposure for your small business, capitalize on this trend! Nearly 70% expecting to increase spending here, which either means they see a huge opportunity or they were not spending at all in the past. Get helpful small business advice and tips to help you get the most out of your business and your website.
Brad Sugars wrote an entire book dedicated to systems called, Instant Systems, because he believes so strongly in their value.
My chart only has 5 revenue streams because, for most businesses, that’s all you can reasonably handle and become excellent at. They hear the word marketing and think of where they can run ads or what they can do to generate leads.
Your homework for this week is to start thinking about your company’s vision and mission.
To get things done you need both KNOWLEDGE and ACTION and the reality is few people with the knowledge take the action. Whilst the primary price is period it’s also a comparatively inexpensive type of advertising, and it might have an instantaneous effect. Nevertheless there may be small systems such as for instance membership sites or boards that relate very specifically for your company or your specialized niche, and it may be worth including these inside your social networking technique if you were to think your visitors are far more prone to utilize them.
LinkedIn is very good for B2B advertising while you may join groups that relate genuinely to your company and connect to different experts within these groups.
A specific business page can be created by you for the organization wherever you can publish links, changes, pictures, and movies, in addition to operating contests and forms.

Tweets is great for B2B or B2C advertising as Tweets balances could be individual or for company. In your marketing function, knowledge of upcoming trends is important a€“ especially when they will directly effect you! Here are 5 key insights that we took away from the research that you might find helpful in the coming year! Take a note from this, and make sure you are also exploring every angle to reach your own potential customers. So look for (or even demand!) more great free content from the companies that want your business. Take a look at the companies that already have your business, or those that youa€™re thinking about engaging, and ask about opportunities to get featured.
Sure it might make you feel good to see your name on a billboard or hear yourself on the radio.
The first 3 were brick-and-mortar service-based businesses and the 4th does internet marketing for service businesses.
Fb is just a really flexible community like a large numbers of individuals possess an individual Fb accounts and it works particularly well for B2C advertising. You are able to join a residential area (an organization centered around a specific curiosity) like an organization, not only being an individual. Take advantage of this knowledge by following companies you admire or plan to work with on LinkedIn a€“ you might find opportunities to connect, get valuable industry content, or even receive special offers. I’ll give you more tips on how to create a Vision, Mission and Culture and then identify your Target Customer, Unique Selling Proposition, and Positioning Strategy in the next few blogs.
My team at Optimized Marketing guarantees to double your business' internet contacts in just 90 Days. You may also make use of the ‘Hangouta perform to maintain team meetings, discussions or demonstrations. Otherwise, when you get to this point, there’s no real way to know if your marketing is actually working.
Donations and charity work would be an exception since you’re not doing it to generate leads but just to be a good member of your community.
One of these days the blogs will be removed and replaced by books so get ’em while you can.

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