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John has been called the "World's Most Practical Small Business Expert" for consistently delivering real-world, proven small-business marketing ideas.
His practical take on small business is often cited as a resource in publications such as The Wall St. John, you are on the cutting-edge of using social media to communicate to your fans – and to educate small businesses on how to market themselves. John: If you're not creating content consistently using a blog or some other tool, start there. John: Focus on sharing, creating and accessing great content and put all of your attention into the wall. Jumping into social networking can also hurt a company’s reputation if they write something inappropriate.
You write about how it’s important for small businesses to develop useful web content to educate and gain trust from customers and visitors.
Many small businesses are starting up blogs because they’ve heard that blogging will bring them more traffic.
In Duct Tape Marketing, you have a chapter devoted to the importance of direct mail for some businesses. John: Great tool for targeting, almost no competition and you control when it gets delivered. If you were teaching a college course on small business marketing, what would be required reading? And what are some great marketing blogs that you think small business owners should subscribe to?
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Perhaps, such questions often echoed in your head as a business owner, especially for small business owners. To achieve success in online marketing, the strategies are not having much difference with traditional marketing strategies.
The most important aspect of a brand is the emotional connection between the company and it’s consumers. In this article, I tried to explain 5 basic strategies that work for you to get more customers and traffic online. Search engine marketing is the first strategy that you can use as your first step to success. The first thing you should do related to mobile marketing is to make sure that your website visitors will get the best experience when visiting your website, even if they only use their mobile devices.
All becomes easy if you are a WordPress user, you can use some free WordPress plugins to make your website mobile friendly. However, if you are not WordPress user, you can use such services from Conduit or DudaMobile to create your mobile friendly website. You build a good foundation with search engine marketing and have a media that can satisfy all of your users needs with mobile marketing. Content marketing is a marketing technique that makes content as part of your marketing process. The goal you want to achieve with content marketing is to get the reader’s attention by creating good and quality content, as well as make the readers become your customers. Well, good content will not be any good if just only yourself who see the content, you must spread it in order to get the attention of your customers and readers. The only goal you have with a local SEO strategy is to get the highest search ranking in your area. If you apply 5 online marketing strategies that I have just described, your small business will be able to get amazing results for sure.
However, you can use these several outside of the box strategies to get more traffic to your small business website.
When you create your business website, first make sure the search engine optimization of your website is right.
Then, in order to get more traffic from various sources, make your website theme responsive to mobile devices. Once you have it, use the proper content strategies and make sure you have good and quality content.
Last but not least, let the world know your content by spread it through social media sites.
About Latest Posts Follow MeNanda RahmaniusI'm a Blogger, Internet Marketer and Online Entrepreneur who Work at Home Online. What an amazing marketing strategies list all these marketing strategy are very helpful and useful to us. I agree, great information you’ve shared here and covering all the different strategies too.
Gosh, there’s so much involved in creating and running a small business online isn’t there? I just read a post this morning about the ever changing rules in SEO and I guess I like to read those to make sure I’m not doing anything wrong.

These online marketing strategies seems really essential for small business to reach out the more customers. As a new online business owner i need latest ideas to promote my site , this article really perfect online marketing strategies but never consider the local seo .. By using the quality contents those can providing customers better experience and knowledge with spreading good branding. Well, social media activities could stronger relationship between the business and customers. While all comments are read and appreciated, only comments using HUMAN NAMES will be approved. Change and tweak your current procedures, or add new ones, to better serve your target market. These free weekly Small Business Growth Tips will help your brain stimulate new ways of getting your message out there to help them with your solution to their problem. Give me your permission now to deliver to you my free weekly Small Business Growth Tips by entering your name and email below. You will want to learn more about the right Mobile Marketing Companies and Agencies for your small business.
You’ve Landed on the Right Page if You’re Looking for Mobile Marketing Companies or Mobile Marketing Agencies to Help You Dominate the Mobile Marketing Landscape in Kansas City, Missouri!  Want to Start Your Mobile Marketing Journey for FREE?  No Problem!  Read On!  We Make This Easy!
Restaurants use mobile websites for self-service dinner reservations & VIP member perks.
Why are you still wasting time and money on paper ad campaigns?  What would possess you to settle for a 1% response rate from snail mail marketing campaigns?  Wouldn’t it be better if you and your small business could capitalize on a green public image, help save the environment, and INCREASE PROFIT MARGINS at the same time?  Mobile marketing will cut your advertising and marketing costs through ease and affordability. Now is the time to enter your name and address to get immediate access to the best Mobile Marketing Training Videos on the internet. When it comes to building brand awareness, creating buzz for a new product, or connecting with a broader network of potential customers, there is no single path to success. In order to create a low-budget, high-impact (LBHI) marketing plan, you need to optimize your resources and focus on results.
Target “super users” — fans who tweet or blog about your products — and reward them with gifts, special offers, or attention.
Survey your fans and followers to find out how your business can provide expert-level service that motivates customers to spread the word.
A single YouTube video can accomplish more than an expensive infomercial, provided that it brings fans and viewers to your door. 95% of your customers use a mobile device that keeps them connected to the web at all times. You do this by blogging, tweeting, facebooking, adding photos in Flickr, posting videos on YouTube, and now writing on your new Google Plus profile. These outposts are great ways to spread the word about great content, but if you don't have that, what are you going to do to build trust and engagement -- chat with lonely people all day?
Ask them what they think, what they need, what they like, and start letting them guide your content creation. What are some practical ways a small business can build up its web content without having to employ a writer? Thousands of really qualified journalists have been turned loosed from publications, and they will write like you must today instead of writing like a marketer might. What keyword research tools do you find valuable, and are there any keyword research mistakes to avoid? The big mistake is to think too short - one and two-word searches like "marketing" or "consultant" are too hard to win. What do you think are the benefits of blogging for a small business – and what are some pitfalls they should avoid before joining the blogosphere? You need to produce content, and blogging software is the easiest way to do it and share it. With rising costs of printing and mailing, can you provide some reasons why direct mail can still be an effective way to market? The problem is people must understand that it's most effective when you can use it to create awareness about valuable content and not to sell. Other product and company names mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners. If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic. All marketing strategies have the same goals, which is to get more customers and increase the brand power. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a technique of marketing efforts that aim to improve visibility of your website in search engines.
Well, I’ll make it simple, you try to get more traffic for free with SEO while PSA requires you to pay for the same purpose. Optimize your internal links, content, website design, authorship, website speed, including the title and description and optimize your images as well. The expected outcome of these changes will not be seen as soon as you cook an instant noodle.

As well as with search engine marketing, mobile marketing also has a very important role for small business. If you want to grab mobile users as your customers as well, then run a mobile marketing is the best option for you.
Content is what creates social media shares, loyal visitors and the most important of all is sales. Determine what types of content that is most suitable for you and then give benefits to your readers. Currently, publishing some good content is much better than publishing a lot of junk content. It would be very convenient for businesses that have good products and can be promoted visually. Unlike online businesses that usually without having a physical address, a small business has a physical address.
5 online marketing strategies plus some additional strategies that will bring success to your business for sure.
It will really helpful to promote our business whatever it is small scale business or large scale. Social media marketing and mobile marketing will bring our business to the international scale.
Running a normal small business requires a lot of aspects, especially if we make it online. Nowadays, many people are using mobile to go online, if we make our businesses to go online as well, so having a mobile friendly website is very important to reach this type of visitors. I read a lot of articles about SEO changes, I want to always be up to date with the latest techniques and strategies. It doesn’t matter how many the works, if we enjoy it, it will be fun and I feel it myself. Google love contents and give more opportunity find more customers through Google and other search engines listing. To care about how to optimize our website better mobile experience is really great idea for new online marketing strategies. Odds are you can’t outspend the big dogs, but by using your entrepreneurial noggin you can outsmart them. If your customers are satisfied, and if they feel connected to your business, then they will grow your brand by promoting your business to their friends and family. Study their responses, and don’t hesitate to respond with a small act of kindness or generosity — a thank you note, a gift card—when a customer provides an insight that will create value for your business. You need to manage marketing content strategically, and always stick close to a budget that leaves your business with a little breathing room. If you want to keep your business in the conversation, then you need a mobile marketing strategy that takes advantage of popular sites such as Yahoo and Google Local, Yelp, and sites like Citysearch.
If a customer writes a scathing review of your business on Yelp, try to minimize the damage by politely addressing the reviewer’s criticisms and complaints.
The site aims to be your one-stop-shop for everything you need to know to have a fun and successful entrepreneurial journey. So, I make the time, but I'm also very systematic about it and use tools and routines to automate what I can and be efficient with what I can't.
What advice do you have on using Facebook to get “liked” and gain trust when first starting out? Second, get visitors as many as possible from social networks; visitors who have high chances become your customers. I think social media marketing and mobile marketing will play a major role to promote and spread our business in domestic as well as international level.
By focusing on your strengths and utilizing free social media resources — Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp, for example – you can cultivate a deep, lasting connection with customers. Conversely, a few disgruntled customers can wreck your reputation by campaigning against your business on social networks and review sites. Thanks in part to social media, the boundaries between traditional marketing and customer service have shifted. The commercials were a hit with customers, but the company was weak on fundamentals, and the business soon went bankrupt funding its elaborate marketing campaign. Thank them for offering their opinions, and let them know that you will work hard to address the problems they have pointed out. Granted, some tactics are difficult to quantify, but social media marketing typically results in friends, or followers, or responses—something you can measure, more or less. At the site, you will find relevant articles, how-to videos, podcasts, and special offers that are all designed specifically for the self-employed.

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