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Success stories of small businesses have been posted and reposted all over the Internet this week. Small business owners deserve the ultimate support, guidance and access to resources and education that will propel their businesses to increased success and longevity in today’s economy. Rutgers Business School is helping to make it possible for Middlesex County businesses to have easier access to the services of a Small Business Development Center.
Rutgers will share money from its long-time corporate supporter Ernst & Young and provide space for the center in some of its offices on the Livingston Campus. In exchange, the school hopes to strengthen its ties to the diverse collection of businesses in Middlesex County and to provide students with unique learning opportunities. The state’s Small Business Development Centers – there are a total of 12 scattered across New Jersey and hundreds more located throughout the country– provide a range of services, from training workshops to assisting new and small business owners identify potential sources of capital financing.
The county has been served for years by a Small Business Development Center located at the College of New Jersey, miles away in the heart of Mercer County. The center’s presence on the Livingston Campus also will help to enrich students by strengthening Rutgers Business School’s experiential learning program. For decades, RBS students in Newark have gained practical business experience by working with small businesses in the local center for Essex County, the SBDC at Rutgers-Newark, said Rutgers Business School Dean Glenn Shafer. Brenda Hopper, state director of SBDC, said colleges across the state often host centers, which receive state and federal funding, in hopes of cultivating relationships with businesses.
Tendai Ndoro, the regional director of the Small Business Development Center at Rutgers Newark, said Rutgers Business School recognized the potential of having a center devoted to Middlesex County.
In Middlesex County, the absence of a local Small Business Development Center did not go unnoticed. The regional chamber, Hollywood said, had been working to find a partner willing to lend support to a center.
Neighbors- the small business you may be helping out could be a neighbor – literally.
Those are our top 5 but there are lots more reasons to build in your community and after today – find ways to support the community year round! From our experiences starting a small business whether micro, small, medium or large each have a defined criteria to follow in terms of attitude towards accounting practices, legalities, and company requirements.
The ATO (Australian Tax Office) have moved the goal posts in the past couple of years and it would be fair to say that they have benchmarked most small business classification turnovers in Australia.

Our advice is that when starting a small business that it is difficult to afford the fee’s that accountants now charge on a monthly basis. Cash flow is the biggest single problem with starting a small business in New Zealand or Australia today.
Most small businesses are essentially just buying you a job with far more responsibility than being an employee.
People in business who are successful look at life very differently than someone who is an employee. The center, located at 100 Joyce Kilmer Avenue in the Rutgers Business School annex, opened March 18. The centers are considered integral to nurturing small businesses and supporting entrepreneurs. Government Accountability Office, the national network of Small Business Development Centers helped to start 13,351 new businesses in 2011. In addition to support from Rutgers Business School (RBS), existing Small Business Administration monies are being used to launch the new center.
Lack of consistency in any of these areas will undoubtedly determine the fate of that business.
This means they have a median average on turnovers, GST, cash receipts and earnings of most business types.
It was also credited with creating more than 61,000 jobs and increasing sales by $4.7 billion.
We don’t mean giving in the usual sense but supporting the local neighborhood by shopping in your area. Starting a small business or buying into a small business in Australia has changed a lot over the past 10 years. Then use accountants once or twice a year for Company taxation requirements and submissions. Probably better explained as if you want to be successful, hang out with successful people!
You will save yourselves thousands and thousands of dollars and you are still complying with current Australian Tax Laws.  Learning is complusory when starting a small business.
Unless you have a business that purchases capital equipment often it is most likely you will be writing a cheque to the ATO quarterly or yearly.

According to recent polls, 95% admit to having entrepreneurial aspirations, but not everyone does something about it.
The entrepreneurial spirit is a driving force to hang your shingle and as you know, it requires a specific mindset and continued effort to sustain and expand in your marketplace. If your business turns over less than $1 million dollars a year then we like to classify that type of business as a Micro Business. A lot of small businesses have been ducking and weaving this in the past and now the ATO simply hand the file to Dunn and Bradsheet to collect or close you down.
The first thing to invest in when starting a small business is the right mind set and how to achieve and maintain that mind set for success.
Those bold enough to embrace their dreams and transform them into substantial businesses deserve recognition and support beyond a single week once a year. There is too much time and money lost searching for information or testing new tools and systems.
Find one and use itProvide the service you expect from your own vendorsUnderstand that response time to inquiries is very important.
All of the back end, low payoff, admin activities do not represent your core genius or generate income. It is important to allow delegation to become a strength, in order to grow and expand a businessSocial media and online marketing are here to stay – create a strong presence, understand the medium, know where your customers areAuthenticity wins. If you aren’t true to yourself and your prospects, it is easily visible or soon to be discovered. Be cognizant of your posts and comments as your reputation may be determining your social impactGiving is better than receiving.
Share the rich and relevant content of others in your network, industry, trusted circles, family, friends….. Go the extra mileLearn effective time management skills while you can’t manage time per say, you can manage yourself in terms of your priorities and scheduling.
Never be late and don’t miss deadlinesMaintain an organized office and life with productivity tools that work for you; whether it is a pen and paper, an online PM system or a spreadsheet, keep track of what you are doing, the milestones, results, action steps and To Do listHave some fun.

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