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Examine Your Processes – Most large organizations understand the need for process documentation, process analysis and process improvement projects. Start-ups and entrepreneurs need as much helps as they can get when trying to grow their new business. You only get one chance when a user lands on your page and making a good impression for your small business is vital.
When you think about great branding, large corporations probably come to mind like Starbucks, Pepsi or Nike. But branding is just as important for small businesses and most understand that it is essential to their business. Branding is a way of defining your business – your identity – which embodies your business values. After developing brand guidelines, be proactive about monitoring how your branded elements are being used.
Compelling brands with a unique style and design that evokes emotion and relevancy are instantly recognizable. As a small business, slice out your own identity and leverage your independent status to attract customers looking for more original offerings that are authentic and align with how feel about themselves. Lauren Llewellyn is a Senior Account Executive serving several auto, transportation and manufacturing industry accounts in PadillaCRT’s Corporate and B2B Practices.
Local inventory ads are powered by a separate local product feed that merchants upload to Google Merchant Center.
Retailers interested in participating in local inventory and in-store ads should fill out the interest form.
The expansion of local inventory ads to desktop and into five more countries suggests the program is proving successful — despite the barrier of retailers having to share inventory data with Google.
As Third Door Media's paid media reporter, Ginny Marvin writes about paid online marketing topics including paid search, paid social, display and retargeting for Search Engine Land and Marketing Land.
SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. If you are a small business owner or small business employee, inbound marketing can help you manage expenses, increase your marketing reach and make sure your customers can find your products and services. You are using an outdated browser, we recommend you upgrade your browser for a better experience.
Nimbleness, less red tape and quick decisions are some of the advantages of being a small business.
A great way to determine what to measure is to simply ask your customer what’s important to them about your product or service. In your quest to grow your business, remember to Act Like You’re Already There by developing customer service strategies, Examine Your Processes to insure they are both customer and employee friendly and Establish Operational Metrics to always know the pulse of your business. I have highlighted some areas below that can get your business more online presence and boost you up the rankings on Google.
Google predicts that you get from 3-8 seconds to wow your user when they land before they bounce.

Small businesses see that branding makes strong connections, and understand that branding is not just a logo or how their business is perceived.
How effectively you communicate your brand can have more impact on your success than the product itself. Without defined guidelines for your logo, color palette, typography, imagery or voice, your branding efforts will lack consistency and direction. Quality graphic design in your marketing materials should exude professionalism and trigger feelings of reassurance to reinforce the value of the brand. All too often, big brands are burdened by bureaucracy, restricting their flexibility to react to changing needs. Lauren leads the Department of Rail and Public Transportation account, alongside Amtrak, managing various marketing initiatives targeting business and leisure travelers and college students through advertising, social media campaigns, sponsorships, and creative materials.
This week Google officially announced support for local inventory ads in the UK, France, Germany, Japan and Australia.
Advertisers only pay for the click on the ad itself, actions such as calls made from the local storefront are free of charge. Store-only ads allow local retailers to promote products that aren’t available online. The move to capture more online-to-offline behavior (and ad sales) is reflected in disparate programs of Estimated Total Conversions, aimed at capturing cross-device and eventually in-store conversions related to Google advertising campaigns, and Google Express in which Google partners directly with local retailers to sell and deliver inventory. With more than 15 years of marketing experience, Ginny has held both in-house and agency management positions.
It's nice to know what the big kids are doing, but small businesses have different challenges than large companies. When interacting with small business owners, quite naturally customer service becomes the topic of discussion.
Go ahead and act like a large business by developing customer service strategies that incent your customers to remain loyal to your brand.
For example, how about establishing operational  goals for Order Fulfillment, Email Response, On Time Appointments, Customer Complaints  just to name a few. A nice looking page that loads quickly, and is easy to use is the first step in increasing your Avg. The benefits of a defined brand encourage customers to emotionally connect to the same values, which leads to loyalty and advocacy.
Avoid vague statements – your brand should be an enthusiastic reflection of what it stands for. Carefully crafted brand guidelines help to reinforce and maintain your branding characteristics as you roll them out across your company’s marketing materials.
Keep in mind that every time you deviate from your brand guidelines, you weaken their power and association with a more unified branding campaign. Consistency gives companies the opportunity to become sustainable brands, build trust, recognition and greater profits, and invoke a feeling in their customers. Also, when engaging your customers, allow them to unearth more about your brand themselves by creating some intrigue that will fostering ambassadors who will share what they discovered with others. She supports the CarMax account, coordinating national integrated media campaigns, media outreach, grand openings, social media and creative materials.

The local storefront includes in-store availability, product detail as well as related items available at the retailer. Most have been hit hard by the recession, and those that have managed to succeed have done so through a combination of good business practices: supporting their customer base, effectively managing expenses, offering products and services that continue to have value. Yet, you are still competing with companies that have larger budgets and greater resources than you.
Decide how you will interact with your customer – What will you do when your customer calls? Creating high quality content is a winning strategy for bumping your website up a few places on Google. In order to build meaningful relationships, get to know your audience – their needs, desires, struggles and challenges, why they purchase, and the channels they interact with.
Lauren also manages digital strategy and content planning for Afton Chemical, including persona and message development and various product campaigns. The videos, case studies, ebooks, kits, how-to articles and webinars available here will demonstrate how inbound marketing can help you compete and succeed. Utilizing percentages helps one to see at what level the operation is performing in relation to the established goals. While these companies may be small, they have real branding needs – the market size is estimated at $50 billion. Then, think of your brand as a person, made up of stories, beliefs and purposes that define who it is. Lauren received a master’s degree in integrated marketing communications (IMC) and a bachelor’s degree in journalism from West Virginia University, where she concentrated her research efforts on branding and public relations. Search for improvement opportunities and make the necessary adjustments to insure that your purchasing customer receives a great customer experience.
Once it’s clear where the operation stands, take the time to get the story behind the number. When your customer enters your establishment, how long will it be before that customer’s presence is acknowledged? If an area is performing below the established goal, take a look at what impacts that particular situation. Your willingness to establish operational metrics allows for proactive management of your company instead of reacting to customer complaints or to a customer’s decision to stop utilizing your products or services. Now I hear some small business owners saying “Errol, I don’t have time for that!
Taking the time to do so will certainly lead to establishing operational standards which should transfer into a great customer experience.

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