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Featured in Sunday editions of several leading New York newspapers on elevator-related topics. Retained to teach college students on elevator operation, service, repair, and evacuation procedures.
Establish and spearhead an average of 3,000 New York City mandated elevator inspections and 25-40 elevator upgrade projects to  ensure units meet compliance with Department of Building licensing requirements. Integrate the latest cutting-edge technologies in elevator performance, reliability, and safety for all upgrade projects,  including DC to AC power conversions and manual-to-automated service systems. Supervise the hiring and training of eight field service technicians and office support personnel; institute all policies and  procedures for service team  resulting in a knowledgeable staff and higher quality service levels.
Personally handle inspections for major accounts, provide consultations, conduct sales presentations, and attend associated meetings  with contractors and building management representatives. Develop comprehensive work plans and specifications, maintenance contracts, and bidding documentation for distribution to an average  of five elevator service companies for each project. Review submitted bid proposals and award contracts to appropriate bidders; perform routine job site visits to ensure all work is being performed to specification, building code, and safety regulations.
Serve as direct point of contact for all concerned to address and swiftly resolve problems; liaison between contractor and  building management teams throughout all project phases. Keep apprised of industry trends and competitor activity through active participation at tradeshows and seminars, and stay  current on annual renewals of mandatory state licensure and accreditations.
Held positions throughout career that began as an elevator technician, receiving rapid promotions into managerial capacities supervising broad  aspects of office management and field operations.
WorkBloom's goal is to help job seekers find work and reach their highest aspirations, one step at a time. August 9, 2015 By Stephen Garner Leave a Comment Whether you own a restaurant, flower shop, pool supply, auto repair shop, karate dojo, gym, whether you provide a product or service, video marketing is in your future.
Hello, I’m Stephen Garner, founder of Hub Media Company right here in Tempe, Arizona. Over the years I’ve had numerous businesses from around the country reach out regarding the benefits of video.
Today’s consumer is learning more about businesses online before ever stepping foot inside it.
Stephen GarnerHub Media Company is one of the few media companies dedicated to real estate video marketing. The community has celebrated its greenness since long before “green energy” became a hot topic. Agriculture has played an important role in Greenfield’s history and continues to this day. The genesis of this idea dates to early 2010 when Paul McPherson, a Greenfield native and Purdue University graduate student in the area of mechanical engineering and wind energy, reported that wind maps revealed some exciting potential for the community.
City Manager Betty Bishop was excited about this prospect and began making inquiries about other types of renewable energy, as well as an educational component.
The educational component of the project could encompass research as well as training for those who are seeking careers in the energy business.
Members of Greenfield City Council, community leaders and educators have expressed support for the idea, and studies have commenced to help determine the feasibility of the project. With the help of a grant from the Ohio Department of Economic Development, a meteorological tower was erected on the hill at the Greenfield industrial park in December 2010. In December 2010, city representatives visited a wind farm in Indiana to get a better idea of the size, scale and science in such a project. The availability of a development site and opportunities afforded by existing technology all make the Green Field Alternative Energy Resource Center an attractive idea to community leaders. Reports about the city’s interest in green energy have also attracted interest from companies in working with or locating in Greenfield. Likewise, the talk of green energy has resulted in many calls and visits by businesses and agencies interested in learning more about Greenfield and the opportunities here. G3 is helping to coordinate and communicate news of beneficial activities taking place in greater Greenfield.

The vision for this group is to make GREENFIELD a Great Rural Economical and Environmental Neighbor to all. Green energy and innovation are key components of the planning process by G3, while also embracing the community’s rich history and recreational opportunities, relaxed and affordable lifestyle, excellent school system, access to health care and other assets. Greenfield City Manager Betty Bishop said the tower will be used for data collection regarding wind speeds in the Greenfield area.
Ron Coffey, clerk of the Highland County Court in Greenfield, and Kyle Duff, a patrolman with the Greenfield Police Department, have volunteered to collect the data. In May, council approved working toward a feasibility study for the Green Field Alternative Energy Resource and Education Center. Paul McPherson, a Greenfield native and Purdue University student in the area of mechanical engineering and wind energy, addressed the Greenfield City Council June 15 on the short- and long-term goals of the project.
The immediate goal of the center would be to conduct a feasibility study, according to McPherson, which would include identifying zone requirements, submission of an FAA form to obtain clearance from Federal Aviation Administration and the Ohio Department of Transportation division of aviation to proceed with development projects, analysis of one-site utility bills, site visit and research, evaluation of local wind resources, identifying wind turbine options, calculating energy production estimates, identifying utility interconnection requirements, performing a financial analysis — including the cost to install and operate a turbine payback period and return on investment.
Bishop has said the cost of the feasibility study would be approximately $100,000, and it would take approximately six months to complete. When Bishop announced the project in May she said she hoped energy production could be realized with three to four years.
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Advertising Press on Your Side Creating a BIG Promotion Tutorial Unique Ideas Promotion Articles Online Tools This is our article database. Successful business owner with a record of  achievement for founding a well-respected, profitable elevator consulting firm with a regional ranking as one of the top five from a list of 15+ major competitors.
In 1990, served as executive vice president for Century Elevator Consultants with experience that minors  operation at Citywide Elevators. Ultimately I chose to leave the title industry in pursuit of my passion – helping business owners like yourself grow their business by leveraging the power of video marketing.
They are learning about businesses like yours from Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Pinterest. Please fill out the form below or call us at 480-223-8113 for a free, no obligation, consultation. We provide the highest quality business, commercial, event video productions, classes and services. With a rich history to be celebrated and vision of a bright future, Greenfield is on the move! Area farmers have worked in harmony with nature, trusting that the changing seasons will bring a bountiful harvest in the fullness of time.
Edward Lee McClain developed horse collar pads that made him wealthy, provided many jobs and gave the community a beautiful one-of-a-kind high school. Our technological age demands energy, and common sense tells us that traditional sources of energy can be exhausted. She enlisted the help of local resources like Paul McPherson for wind energy, Mark Hunter for solar energy, a representative of Dayton Power & Light, Southern State Community College President Dr. They were told that some of Greenfield’s 220-acre industrial park could be set aside for wind, solar and other energy development and study. Engineering, construction, maintenance of systems, and the science behind the production of energy are all important to the future of our country. The purpose of the met tower is to measure wind speeds at various heights for one year to determine the feasibility of generating electricity from wind turbines on the site. Utility companies face legislative mandates to gradually increase the percentage of power that they generate from renewable and advanced energy sources. Hopefully grant funding or other financing will be available to push the project along, with an eventual payoff in jobs, energy and knowledge that could help shape a bright future for Greenfield.
The city of Greenfield, along with Dayton Power & Light did a project called “Light Up Greenfield” where more than 75 volunteers went up and down every street in the city and gave two energy-saving light bulbs to every household. One such company now calling Greenfield home is Visibly Green, whose CEO holds many patents and has some exciting ideas about products and services that could enhance Greenfield’s future.

21, 2010 for the installation of a meteorological tower at the Greenfield Industrial Park, and completed the task on Dec.
The results of the data collection could determine how development in wind energy enterprise progresses in the city. The center would be located on 87 acres off Lovers Lane in the Greenfield Industrial Park and would be home to eight to 11 energy-generating wind turbines.
Once the study is completed and funding resources are obtained, McPherson said, the city would "begin looking for developers to erect such a site. Electricity would be sold to DP&L, which has a substation near the industrial park, Bishop said.
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The majority of them given the choice, will choose a video to learn more about a business than text. An African-American, Fred Patterson, built cars, buses and other vehicles in Greenfield at a time when such an accomplishment seemed impossible.
National and world leaders are embracing “green” energy sources that are clean and renewable. Kevin Boys, and other city officials and interested citizens for a kick-off meeting on April 22, 2010 – Earth Day. Piezoelectric strips, Bloom boxes, thermal heat pumps and battery technology are just some of the energy topics that could be studied at the Green Field Alternative Energy Resource Center.
While southern Ohio has endured some tough economic times, the light bulbs symbolize hope, resolve and a willingness to embrace the new reality of energy conservation. At that meeting, Bishop said it was estimated that each turbine could produce $125,000 worth of electricity per year. Introducing video marketing into my business helped me differentiate myself from my competition, get found online, helped me grow my business and ultimately helped me make more money.
You have already noticed your Facebook news feed has exploded with videos and you know they work because you are clicking on them and watching! Local entrepreneurs have manufactured oil cans, life-saving nets and display cases for national and international distribution. When you search online using a search engine like Google you are selecting the video result 80% of the time. When they found me, I spoke in ways that addressed the problems they faced and how I could help them solve them.
When searching online do you choose 1 of the 10 bland looking links in Google or do you select the video? At Hub Media Company  we use state of the art cinema cameras, lighting, audio, TelePrompTers to tell the story of your product or business. These videos can be added to emails, syndicated through social networks, even used in combination with your existing marketing. Content is the reason CraigsList, arguably one of the ugliest websites on the planet, is one of the top 10 websites in the United States and one of the top 60 websites in the world. From initial concept, to script development, shoot, voiceover, edit, promote online – we do it all.

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