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When it comes to increasing SMS subscribers, one of the best places to advertise your SMS campaign is in-store.
Below are examples of four different brands that are using their point of sale systems to advertise their SMS campaigns.
We’ve broke up the examples below into two different categories, the first category being brands that are advertising their SMS campaigns, but provide no initial incentive for customers to opt-in.
Below are the brands advertising their SMS campaign, but doing  so without an initial opt-in incentive.
Speaking of Staples, they’re quickly becoming a leader in retail SMS marketing after recently launching their SMS marketing campaign in-store. Subscribe by EmailSubscribe to Tatango's SMS Marketing Blog to receive great SMS marketing content delivered right to your inbox. A Lead Gen Company in #dubai We do digital marketing campaigns on search and social media ads.
In every industry, there’s rules to follow, and SMS marketing is no different with their own set of best practices and SMS marketing laws that have to be followed.
The CTIA is an organization that was created by the wireless carriers to enforce proper SMS marketing practices to make sure they’re in the best interests of the consumer.
While the CTIA guidelines aren’t SMS marketing law, the TCPA (developed by the FCC) is federal law.
The TCPA SMS marketing laws are all about businesses receiving permission from the consumer to text message them, the specifics of how this permission can be obtained, and what is allowed after permission has been granted. Lastly, there’s the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), which releases its own SMS marketing best practices document that is very similar to the Mobile Commerce Compliance Handbook the CTIA puts out.
Below are six different brands using their receipts to advertise their SMS campaign to customers, which hopefully will give you some SMS advertising ideas for your own campaign. Kaamil provides a simple to use Web interface to communicate instantly with individuals or groups via your Internet connected computer and browser. SMS advertising is timely - deliver at the exact time your advertisement will have most impact. Location based targeting (send promotional offer only to people in and around a major shopping mall that signed up for a promotion).
Several studies found that using SMS, advertisers are getting recall rates of 58% and click-through rates of 10%. MAD ensures the optimum use of resources through expert target group research and accurate filtering. Technology has changed the lives of people around the world today where mobile phones and devices have become an integral part of life.

In the fast-paced world today, SMS (Short Messaging System) technology has become an important communication tool where people need not make calls as often anymore. One of the main advantages of SMS advertising is that these messages could reach a potential target market more effectively. That’s easy to say, but a question that we hear all the time at Tatango is where in-store? The second set of examples is not only advertising their SMS campaign, but also offering an initial incentive for customers to join. There’s a lot of confusion and misinformation in SMS marketing about laws, compliance and best practices. No business has ever been sued for not following CTIA guidelines, but countless brands have been sued under the TCPA, including large brands such as Jiffy Lube and Papa John’s. The MMA best practices for SMS marketing aren’t SMS marketing We use law, like the TCPA is, and they aren’t enforced by anyone, like the CTIA does with its rules, so these best practices add more confusion to the industry than clarification. While we have SMS marketing guides on TCPA compliance and CTIA compliance, we actually came up with a better, easier to understand way to make sure you’re following SMS marketing laws. If so, we’ve got something special for you today, as we wanted to introduce you to the receipt. Check out this blog post on how Ace Hardware is using in-store SMS advertising to encourage customers to opt-in.
To compare with email marketing, which has only a 20% chance of being read, you jump to a 85% likelihood with SMS. It was the first time that the advertisers were endowed with the power of being sure that the ad messages are definitely delivered and read by the intended audiences. TDI launched MAD in 2007 with an aim to extend its advertising services to the platform of Mobile Advertising and Internet Advertising. Hence, it is no surprise that a majority of people today carry a mobile phone or device for faster communication and to be kept abreast of the latest news and happenings at all times.
Advertisers are able to identify a specific demographic group and then send their messages to them thereby reducing wastage of advertising dollars.
We have been operating SMS-based marketing programmes for many years and currently own our own set of facilities to ensure that our customers enjoy low-cost and highly-effective campaigns. In our experience, the majority of the confusion comes from businesses not knowing the difference between the CTIA, the FCC and the MMA and the role each of them plays in SMS marketing.
They tell you exactly what must be included in an advertisement for an SMS program (message and data rates, help and stop commands, message frequency, links to terms and conditions, privacy policies, etc.) as well as what must not be included. Unlike the CTIA, which is very specific, nothing in the TCPA specifically targets text message marketing.

How so? We’ve combined the SMS marketing laws from the CTIA and TCPA into one set of easy to understand and implement templates. More importantly though, we wanted to show you how you can use receipts as yet another place to advertise your SMS marketing campaign to customers. Hopefully with the receipts above, and the Ace Hardware post, you’ll now have a bunch of SMS advertising ideas that you can use for your own campaign. The SMS advertising examples in this blog post include examples from restaurants, retailers, outlet malls, and many other industries. It is obvious that with the advancements of technology, the nature of Bulk SMS Marketing have undergone changes. The personalization which is possible with this service immensely increases the possibility of engaging the users.
We are an official Yahoo India and Alibaba Authorized Channel Partner and also provide PPC Ads. This is where advertising through mobile devices come into play where it has become a common practice for companies to channel their advertisements to a specific target market using this technology. This is made possible through the registration of members and the availability of databases where any demographic group could be identified and then the advertisements are subsequently sent to them.
More specifically, on the point of sale system, that thing that customers swipe their credit cards through to make a purchase.
In a recent study, it was found that brands that offered initial incentives to customers to join their SMS campaigns, grew their SMS subscribers at a rate of 520% more than the brands that didn’t offer that initial opt-in incentive.
So to help you better understand SMS marketing laws, it’s best to tell you about each organization, and how they impact the laws of SMS marketing. We also take care to ensure that the SMSs are sent at the appropriate hours depending on the geographical location of the target users.
Need some example to get your creative SMS advertising juices flowing, we’ve got you covered!
Text messaging was only recently mentioned by the FCC in a clarification it issued regarding whether or not the TCPA applies to it (it does).
There’s no mention in the TCPA of message and data rates or what must be included in a text message when a consumer texts the word “HELP” to your short code.

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