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A weekly roundup from August 22nd to August 28th of the most important articles from all around the world that have a direct impact on SMS marketing, and a couple that are just awesome!
For a concept that didn’t really exist a decade ago, we’ve certainly come to take mobile applications and access to the Internet for granted. It offers a range of designs for different background colors and textures, rotation, rounded corners and more. N2V, one of the largest Internet holding companies in the Middle East, just launched a brand new site aiming to bring together all statistics relating to Internet, mobile and social media usage, and more, in the region.
Women in Wireless is the latest organization to help put women on the map in a mobile world that is rapidly changing the way marketers target and communicate with increasingly demanding and tech-savvy consumers.
Clorox is using a variety of strategic initiatives such as SMS to drive engagement for its Power a Bright Future program.
The survey, which questioned 3,100 mobile workers across the globe, found that 38 per cent of mobile workers work before their commute, 25 per cent work during their commute, 37 per cent work during lunch, and 37 per cent work at night on every day. One of the most important aspects of SMS marketing is making sure that each and every SMS campaign you send to your customers is formatted correctly.
The people behind Tatango are some of the foremost experts on SMS marketing, yet up until now their knowledge has been kept confidential. Instead of making the trip to Lake Tahoe this year for MediaPost’s Mobile Insider Summit, I watched the event from my pajamas live on Ustream.
Subscribe by EmailSubscribe to Tatango's SMS Marketing Blog to receive great SMS marketing content delivered right to your inbox. Why You Need Good SEO Tools Should you use premium SEO tools and just wing it with some free items? If you are running a business and you have been trying different marketing techniques sms marketing to increase your sales then you should pay attention towards SMS marketing too. Your next move is to come up with an SMS marketing campaign that your target audience will want to be a part of. With a very simple user interface, we make it possible for you to deliver any quantity of messages to any size group.
The simple, intuitive interface allows users to select either a URL (website), SMS text message, or vCard. The new site, Discover Digital Arabia makes it easier than ever to understand how the Middle East is using modern technology, and how it differs from country to country.
This week I received a catalog from clothing store Express, with a big QR code on the back cover.

By formatting your SMS campaign correctly, you will be able to maximize the results from your SMS marketing campaign. Luckily for you, we’ve been able to extract this knowledge and produce an easy to read beginner’s guide.
It is very cost effective, has a great ROI, can be used to develop your brand and it builds customer loyalty. We offer hosted and non-hosted services, a fully managed SMS Message Service, and client SMS Text  Marketing Services. There was a time when all you had to do was use a couple of keywords on your webpages and name your files correctly and it was considered good SEO.
With the latest advancement in technology, it has become really easy to reach out to new customers and increase your overall sales.
Stick to a Single Message – SMS Marketing to Increase your Sales I have often seen many companies sending me more than one text messages each day.
Whether it’s a contest, coupon, percentage off, free gift, etc., that makes your target audience want to continue receiving your texts, your goal should be to not only encourage, but entice. Additionally, the company is using SMS to let users vote for their favorite school program.
This 9-page PDF will take you through the 3 most important aspects of an SMS marketing campaign. With a little bit of magic, we packaged all the results of our survey into the following SMS Marketing Infographic. We offer several client packages, re-seller options, and a white labeled version of SMS Message Pro. All you have to do is to keep a nice approach and exploit every possible opportunity to its best.
For example, encourage your target audience to visit your Facebook page by enticing them with a 25 percent off coupon they can receive once they ‘like’ your page.
Keep in mind that not everyone has smartphone in his hand so any text message containing more than 160 characters will be divided into multiple text messages.
This will annoy your customers and instead of buying products from you, they will start ignoring your text messages.
In worst case scenario, a customer may call you and ask you to take his number off from the messaging list. Undeniably, it’s a way to reach a huge audience of potential customers and keep in touch with them on a regular basis.

There’s nothing worse than finding yourself on some unwanted SMS list and no matter how many times you reply with “STOP,” you continue getting their annoying texts every single day.
Adapt a Professional Tone I have seen many marketers using such vocabulary and text style in SMS marketing that is used by teenagers while communicating with each other on cellphones. But, in my opinion, it also has the potential to drive away your target audience and give your company a bad name if it’s misused or not properly planned.The question remains: Is SMS marketing right for your business? If you want the other person to pay attention towards what you are saying then give them some respect. My cellular company sends me a text message each day promoting their new offers at 2:50 AM. When you send a text message to someone, they cannot actually observe your tone but they can still make a judgment about you and your company by looking at the style of your text message and the vocabulary you use in it. In the beginning, I figured that this was some kind of network fault or system problem but they have been repeating the same routine since last three months now. Mobile Marketer reports that more than 75 percent of mobile subscribers use text, which means the odds are in your favor that your target market will be text savvy. As a result, I have decided that I will never cooperate with them and will never subscribe to any of their offers.
However, if your target audience isn’t into texting, your time and energy would clearly be better spent on another marketing medium. I must mention here that I have been using the services of same cellular company since last 5 years and due to this one fault, they are about to lose a really old customer.
Now, you can easily imagine what effect your badly timed SMS marketing campaign will have on all of your customers. Make it Easy for Customers to Purchase Finally, you should make it easy for your customer to purchase products from you. The main purpose of sending SMS messages is to increase your sales so the purchasing process should be really simple.

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