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If everything is running smoothly, no misconstrued messages, no embarrassing faux pas, then you just might have a secret you should share with the world.
As SMS Text Marketing begins to leave email in the dust, taking us all into a world of speed-of-light communication and an exponentially increasing number of relationships we must be prepared to communicate with greater authenticity than ever. If your business is one that can benefit from a two-way dynamic, understand that authentic transparency will help you harness SMS text marketing’s power while avoiding the pitfalls. About The AuthorAn 18-year sales and marketing veteran and seven-figure producer in two separate Direct Sales businesses before the age of 35, Andrew Cass is a nationally recognized expert and speaker on the topics of Direct Response Marketing and Direct Sales training.
He is one-of-the-few ‘Dan Kennedy Certified’ Business Advisors, co-author with Dan Kennedy in, The Ultimate Success Secret (South Florida Edition), and Founder of the Renegade South Florida Entrepreneur’s business growth group, in partnership with GKIC Insider’s Circle.
Why You Need Good SEO Tools Should you use premium SEO tools and just wing it with some free items? SMS Marketing tips, reviews and insights are available to you for FREE with just a few clicks of a button!
Imagine your target audience having your organization's latest updates, offers, discounts and more at the touch of a button? Text messages are a fact of life – with more than a trillion texts sent and received each year – it is now more common to text than to call someone.
It’s easy to get started using bulk SMS marketing to reach out directly to your customers cell phones with information and offers. With our free training on text message marketing for spas and salons and free text message marketing software, you can launch a program today that will increase revenues and market your brand. Our course includes download links for free SMS marketing software and all the strategies you need to implement SMS marketing – Toronto cell users are waiting to hear the chirp of a text message in their inbox from you!
If you want to be a text message marketing reseller you should read our Lime Cellular reviews. Absolutely – our free training on text message marketing for bars and text message marketing for restaurants is perfect for anyone who owns or manages a hospitality business. There are endless strategies you can create using SMS marketing for bars and SMS marketing for restaurants to drive business and increase loyalty in your patrons through building a mutually beneficial digital relationship! Absolutely – in fact your flock is probably texting during sermons and as they walk in and out the doors of the church. SMS marketing for churches is particularly great for youth ministers – do you ever see a teenager without a cell phone in hand, thumbs a blazing?
SMS marketing for churches can offer scriptures and inspirational messages each day to keep your flock engaged with you and the Lord! Try our free training today on text message marketing – Toronto church-goers are ready to hear from you on their mobile phones – many churches have launched effective program of SMS marketing – Toronto is a mobile-agile society and speaking their language on their preferred conduit just makes sense.
I’m a Realtor, So I Don’t Always Know Who My Potential Customers Are – How Do I Reach Them With Text Message Marketing for Real Estate?

Try our free training today on text message marketing – Toronto realtors are getting on the mobile marketing bandwagon – don’t be left behind. Let us show you the power of SMS marketing – Toronto mobile phones users are texting constantly and your business can become part of the dialog. Toronto Ontario Text Message Marketing Training Videos are Inside - Get them for a limited time!
Small businesses and organizations of all types are realizing that having a text message marketing strategy is essential to compete in the mobile economy. The popularity of email marketing meant that it very quickly became over populated with spam, thus reducing the chance that your email will be interpreted as a legitimate one and actually opened and read. Business, groups, charities and sport clubs of all kinds are using SMS Text Marketing to deliver short sharp sales or information text messages to their relevant, opted in databases. It is not that Email marketing doesn’t work, but we are supporting the fact that SMS Text Marketing’s has superiority over it!
However, we’ve all been the recipients of text messages with words that have been “autocorrected” to make no sense at all. The immediacy and expanded reach of SMS text marketing can open a business up to unforeseen pitfalls due to the real-time nature of this virtual communication tool. He is the founder and editor of the first-ever iPad Magazine on the topic of 'selling', now featured on the Apple Newsstand, Direct Selling Insider, is host of the Sales Velocity Podcast, now in Apple iTunes, and author of the book, Sales Velocity, as seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX. Andrew is currently President and Co-Founder of his own Mobile Marketing company, RemarkaMobile. It is very cost effective, has a great ROI, can be used to develop your brand and it builds customer loyalty.
We offer hosted and non-hosted services, a fully managed SMS Message Service, and client SMS Text  Marketing Services. There was a time when all you had to do was use a couple of keywords on your webpages and name your files correctly and it was considered good SEO. This free online video training will show you how to promote your small business with messages sent directly into the hands of your customers! This is the preferred method of contact for most Canadians, whether it’s friends, family or a business trying to contact them – they liked to be reached with text message marketing. With simple text message marketing software, you can easily generate 10x higher response rates than newspaper advertising and 5x better response rates than direct mailing. Toronto consumers want to hear from you via bulk SMS marketing with offers and mobile coupons – don’t disappoint them. SMS marketing for salons is being used by hip salons all over Toronto to drive business – SMS marketing for salons allows you to reach your customers in a direct and intimate way to build your relationship.
Text message marketing for churches is hot right now – you don’t want to think of your church as a business, but bottom line, you need to fill seats in order to spread the good word.

For real estate SMS marketing, Toronto is a perfect environment to try this tool – just download a free text message marketing software package (after you watch our free videos) and you’ll be off and texting with SMS marketing for real estate.
While both are valuable they serve different purposes, and it is important to know which tool to use for which type of information. Many people have several subscriptions so that gives us 4.5 billion reported mobile users in the world (Ericsson, 2014).
No other marketing tool can offer a similar rate, making SMS Marketing one of the most effective ways to get your message to your customer. It’s important to understand the choices at your disposal and to use the ones that are going to be most productive for your business today.
We offer several client packages, re-seller options, and a white labeled version of SMS Message Pro.
Toronto consumers read their texts within  minutes – and read 90% of them – there’s no spam filter there to block you.
Through SMS marketing for salons, your text communications will encourage loyalty and increased patronage – the same with SMS marketing for spas. If you are ready to launch a program of text message marketing, Toronto is ready to hear from you. You aren’t allowed to send unsolicited text messages, so you must create strategies for them to text you and then you can respond and build from there. This is due to the use of short codes and the added layer of accountability required by the carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc).
In contrast email marketing reports a 22% open rate, this significantly reduces your chance of success. Send a text message to 100 customers and an email to 100 customers and see which gives you the most return! Learn how DMD marketing – Toronto business owner training can help you – you can try it now and its free! Radicati Group projected there are just 2.5 billion email users worldwide in 2014 (Radicati, 2012).
Your SMS Text Message is delivered to recipients in minutes if not seconds of pushing the ‘send’ button and over 90% of messages are read with 4 minutes of deployment!

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