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As we have all seen, in recent years many new player have entered the digital marketing game: Social Media. These methods are truly unique, social media marketing pulls consumers in and revolutionizes the way in which they interact with companies and learn about their brand, products and services.
With that being said, getting the benefits of social media marketing is much more than putting together a Twitter or Facebook page. Sign up to our newsletter and get exclusive deals you won't find anywhere else straight to your inbox! I provide web strategy consulting, project management, technical account management, strategic partner management, and social media marketing to clients all over California and beyond, including Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley, Capitola, Soquel, Aptos, Watsonville, Monterey, Pacific Grove, Carmel, Los Gatos, Campbell, San Jose, Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Saratoga, Santa Clara, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Silicon Valley, the entire San Francisco bay area, and beyond.
New forecast suggests 22 percent compound annual growth for marketing automation, social media management and related software vendors. 451’s forecast represents a compound annual growth rate of 22 percent for this segment of the martech space. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land. Marketing Land is a daily publication covering digital marketing industry news, trends, strategies and tactics for digital marketers.
MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. Learn how to make sense of the current marketing technology landscape with this supergraphic of martech vendors.
Holly edits content for Software Advice and has blogged for the company on a variety of topics—from customer service to medical billing to content marketing. Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Holly holds a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology and Political Science from the University of Washington. We spoke with experts in the field to discover how sales and marketing can work together to create better, more effective buyer personas. Software Advice has partnered with Adobe to create the first-ever Social Media Content Optimization Survey. Hiring freelance writers can help you produce content quickly or supplement your existing content pipeline.
Many employers are familiar with hiring for public relations (PR) roles—but what about Web PR? Among the issues we cover in the Digital Strategy Sessions I run are the changing roles and responsibilities required to meet the new demands of digital and networked media. Whilst the constantly changing world of technology is interesting, the way it affects our lives, opinions and behaviour is where marketeers should focus. At a Digital Strategy Session I ran the other week for a creative agency, one of the management commented that she’d recently been to an advertising conference and felt like she was at a technology show.
The rise of privacy as an online issue is creating the greatest challenges to brands and marketing.
A lot is made of the differences and battles between the mega-tech players such as Google, Facebook and Twitter.
The media and marketing industry has long been guilty of beating consumers (aka people) over the head with commercial brand messages until they pay attention. If you have heard of me, chances are it's because you’ve picked up one of my books, been on one of my hundreds of live webinars or seen me at a live event.
Four years ago I was sleeping on my sister’s couch, dealing with the injury-induced ending of my arena football career and struggling to start my business.
Facebook has more users than the populations of Russia, Mexico, Turkey, France, Korea, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Switzerland, Indonesia, Costa Rica, and the United StatesCOMBINED. Nowhere else in the world can you find such a large, captive audience that is specifically looking to connect, interact, and do business. With the right set of social marketing tools, you will be able to select your ideal following, generate effective marketing messages, and capitalize on this massive potential customer base. Without the right set of tools, you will waste time, spin your wheels, and end up frustrated.
We gathered the greatest minds and top successes in social today and syphoned off their greatest tips, tricks, tactics and tools. Imagine what your business and life will be like when you are able to effortlessly generate thousands of new visitors to your sites. World speaking to thousands about the Power of Linkedin & Social Media to market your business successfully in this day and age.
Amy Porterfield is the co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies and a Social Media Strategist for entrepreneurs and small businesses. With 12+ years marketing experience Amy has worked with mega brands like Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, along with Tony Robbins International where she designed and managed his digital and social marketing campaigns.
Each week a recognized expert in social media marketing will present you with his or her best tactics for success. After their presentation, these social marketing gurus will hang around and answer your specific questions. Our experts will not only teach you and answer your questions, they will also give you a personal critique of your websites and social media strategy. Each of your private sessions will be professionally recorded and made available on the site so you can refer to them as often as you wish to maximize your success.
Your team has enabled the LSG Inc team to move forward with confidence in the social media global world. Facebook Group alone is worth over $100 per month, but we’re going to give you complete access to this laser-focused marketing group FOR LIFE--even if you leave the Social Marketing Tribe. The step-by-step action plan you need to follow to achieve your business and professional goals with social media and much more!
This resource takes real-world networking and business principles and applies them to the World’s Largest Business Networking Site. The Art of Making Qualified Introductions to approach any new relationship from a Position of Power and much more!
Exactly when to tweet, how to tweet, and what to tweet for maximum results and much, much more!
This eBook takes you step-by-step through how to use webinars to promote almost any business.
You are in business for many reasons--to create a dream lifestyle, to help others, to express your drive for success--as well as others.
You’ve recently created your own business, or you’ve been at it for awhile, and are looking to increase your exposure, leads and sales. You work for a business and are responsible for or involved with your company’s social media presence.

You own a business, you have some social media knowledge, but you know there is a bigger opportunity waiting for you once you fully understand how your business can claim it’s place there.
Traffic Legends covers in full detail the best traffic-getting sources out there so you know how to successfully market your business online. In this module, James Wedmore will lay the foundation for the absolute most crucial aspect of the traffic getting process. Linkedin is growing at an incredible rate and I have used it as my #1 source of traffic & lead generation to build my business over the past three years. Quickly rising to 1 Billion users, Facebook is the second most visited website in the World.
That’s why we’ve brought in FB Expert Amy Porterfield (the co-author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies) to reveal exactly how to leverage Facebook to drive more traffic.
You’d be a fool not to maximize Facebook’s ad platfrom which sends millions of hits to business sites each and every day. When you put your inner drive to change your life together with the resources you’re about to receive in SMT, you will achieve things beyond your wildest dreams. Once you register as a member, you'll be billed $97 today for your first month's membership.
So when you join SMT you’re not just educating yourself, you’re helping educate hundreds of children.
A: Results vary, but we often hear testimonials from some of our members who see results in minutes after going though the module on “Improving Your Ranking”. A: The current price is discounted to make it affordable for those who like to take action, as we know those who take action now will get the most results. A: We know you will LOVE this product as over 2,000 people around the world have already signed up in the last few months. SocialXpand helps businesses engage customers through social media marketing and management.
Review Alerts - You will get real-time alerts when someone comments or reviews your business online. Social Optimization - We design and optimize your social media profiles to keep them fresh. The choices of software platforms are many and varied: do you go with a large platform that’s part of an integrated marketing suite, or do you go with something smaller that might be more in line with your department’s needs? Marketing Land’s sister site, Digital Marketing Depot, has recently released the 3rd edition of the popular report, Enterprise Social Media Management Software 2014: A Marketer’s Guide. The report – like the other Market Intelligence Reports from Digital Marketing Depot – is designed to help marketers break down the decision-making process when it comes to adopting marketing technology. Find out how the explosion in video content is affecting social media and social media management; why mobile optimization has become a must-have (vs. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. Platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Google Places and many more have presented companies and organizations, weather small or large, with an unparalleled opportunity to connect with consumers. At Bay Street Software, we are experts in creating the platforms and interactions in all our clients’ social media marketing strategies so they can flourish.
We specialize in Drupal corporate website development with a full team of Drupal Developers and Website Designers. Read my blog post about reviewing a client’s online presence during an initial strategy meeting. I also publish Santa Cruz Tech Beat , the go-to source for all things tech in Santa Cruz, CA. These can be some of the thorniest challenges involving the nitty-gritty of who is going to be responsible for what, and crucially, what level of investment will be required for new functions. The world of web analytics and data can be utterly overwhelming for those who are coming to it for the first time. Her comment was that if an alien had landed at the event, it would have assumed advertising was largely about software calculating small differences in consumer behavior and purchasing patterns. Increasingly, and somewhat ironically, the only place to now gain organic reach is through search (aka Google in the UK).
Once again, it’s interesting because these issues are not primarily about technology, but consumers' (aka people’s) views about what they feel comfortable with. Then we placed them all into one, easy to access, site where you can grab them to create at-will social success. Sean has gone on to become a well known, expert speaker on Social Media, webinar marketing and using social media to generate visitors, leads and customers. These easy to understand and implement strategies will put you light-years ahead of your competitors with half the effort.
This type of access normally costs thousands of dollars, but it's included in your membership.
His Twitter eBook, Twixplode, reveals the exact strategies he uses for getting massive results on Twitter!
This program works for beginners and also works for those who have been using social media for awhile. You’ll quickly discover EXACTLY how to find the valuable keywords that your ideal prospects are desperately searching for on a daily basis.
In this very important module, Sean & I will reveal exactly how we built up an affiliate army of over 1600 to generate over 1 million and a half in sales in just over one year. After that, you will continue to be billed $97 every 30 days until you notify us that you would like to cancel your membership.
You'll have instant access to the members area where you can immediately access some of our training videos right away! Each week you will have access to a recognized leader in social marketing who will not only teach you his or her strategies, but will also answer your questions. We’ve also received a number of success stories of people getting new customers in the first week, to landing their dream job in a month, and building an email list of over 2,000 people in the first 10 days. The product does go up in price very soon as we will be adding new content and training to the course.
We want you to succeed, and know that if you get your hands on this powerful information and take action that you will see amazing results! Resellers EARN UP TO FOUR HUNDRED EACH & EVERY MONTH PER EACH CLIENT they sign up and keep up to 100% of what they sell!
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Our specialty is providing you with a focused social media marketing plans with content creation, and social media campaigns on multiple platforms. If you are looking for an expert team of Drupal Developers, Bay Street Software is an ideal choice to invest in the future online presence of your company. She has also contributed to works on top-tier publications such as Entrepreneur, the Wall Street Journal and Business Insider.
When she isn't minding p's and q's for Software Advice, Holly can be found cycling, cooking or relaxing at the pool. We look at how to approach this tricky area using planning frameworks that focus on bringing digital marketing in line with traditional business planning. It’s the part of the digital marketing ecosystem where jargon and strange language goes on steroids and the whole thing can easily sound like a geeky maths class. Certainly all very different from the days of the fabled Big Idea, where ad agencies would arrive and unveil the result of their reductive brain-mashing.
This is one lesson I have learnt from the four hundred odd Digital Strategy Sessions I have run. That said, SEO is also being turned upside-down by the rise of knowledge graphs, entities and the subsequent erosion of keyword influence.
You’ll end up just like 93% of businesses failing at their attempts to use social media as a marketing outlet today. We also help individuals and businesses sell social media solutions to other businesses and profit. As large organizations continue to embrace social media, it’s virtually impossible to be effective without using some sort of software platform to manage and analyze your efforts. This means moving beyond the view of digital marketing as a box-ticking exercise - or specialist technical silo - and understanding how different techniques genuinely contribute to the business and its bottom-line. Even when looking at simple tools, such as Google Trends, it can be easy to get lost in the vast data sets that it uses. These days, a lot more attention is paid to the brute-force style analytical approach where the goal is to maximise clicks, fans and followers.
Furthermore, display and search are increasingly difficult to view separately as search marketeers call upon audience demographics to augment their keyword intent data. For example, in the case of brand driven communities that rise and almost immediately fall. Call it big data, analytics, search, social, implicit, explicit, predictive – in plain English these companies pick up digital signals that consumers (aka people) send out about themselves and their lives and provide tools to target messages against those signals. Whether you need staff training and consultation for your existing solution or help with your entire social media presence, BAY STREET SOFTWARE is your solution to better brand engagement. It’s an exercise that often raises as many questions as answers but is helpful in moving executives teams away from shiny technology and the latest gizmos.
How can so much information be so meaningless is the sense that I think a lot of people – understandably – have. Undoubtedly, the apparently revolutionary advantages brought by automated markets trading signals and attention data are highly alluring for CMOs with data-hungry procurement officers breathing down their necks.
Especially, if others are saying they can provide perfectly packaged, specific, actionable, deliverable, measurable strategic plans. Returning the favour, display advertisers can use keyword data to target their brand images via data management platforms, using groovy new approaches such as content remarketing.
In other cases, the exchange is almost immediately recognised as a good deal and the users flood in and happily hand over very private details.
It’s a vast market powered by Moore’s Law driven groovyware that is now morphing into huge markets for attention data – otherwise known as programmatic.
For some, being tracked their every waking moment is a positive choice, as they see immediate useful feedback, maybe in the shape of health data - such as sleep or exercise patterns. However, as media companies increasingly morph into software houses and drive the big data agenda forward, it’s very easy for the power of good creative to get lost. Additionally, as vast programmatically-driven markets expand, traditional commercial models also blend. While APIs, or application programming interfaces to give them their proper title, are a core aspect of the modern web’s plumbing, unless they have context within a company’s business plan they are fairly meaningless. Or become confused with innovative data management platforms or whizzy, layered look-a-like and life event targeting techniques. The world of digital is now so vast, fluid and throws up so many challenges – not to mention jargon – that I think it’s best to focus on the landscape and how digital and networked media is changing specific sectors. Thus, display marketeers are able to access auction-based models previously associated with search which means turning from CPM to CPC.
Prior to its launch the idea of handing over your phone book and contact list to an anonymous corporation may have seemed beyond the pale. Only when that context is shared and understood in an organisation through a planning framework - that can be returned to and improved - can roles and responsibilities be clarified. The next step is to find a way to log the changes that you see and the picture will begin to appear. For most, it’s somewhere in between where people are happy to offer up very intimate details about their lives in some areas, such as a fertility app, but want to keep everything else under wraps. No doubt, it’s all just part of the ebb and flow occurring in media and marketing as the rising tide of digital and networked media continues.
However, all it took was the promise of free SMS, hardly a gigantic offer on the face of it, and the users flooded in.
You could do this with a few screen shots – or maybe download a CSV file and create a chart in Excel.
Understanding where your customers’ Creepy Line sits and what, if anything, you can do to influence it, is increasingly important. In fact, most marketing folk and brands know this to be true, and understand that the most important aspect of operating in today’s markets remains understanding what consumers (aka people) are doing differently, and how technology is changing their expectations.
The difficulty arises when using so-called second or third party data – or someone else’s first party data as it’s sometimes known. Perhaps just try following a company’s brand name on Google Trends and see how it changes over time. Third parties may guarantee the ethically sound nature of their data using, ‘privacy-safe’, ‘scrubbing’ techniques to remove Personally Identifiable Information (PIIs).

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