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A fee of ?76 will be payable to The Institute of Commercial Management on successful completion of this course.
Multi-Course Discount: Students who register for two or more  classroom-based courses can do so at a fee of €795 per course. A practical diploma aimed at individuals who want to achieve success in their own role and for their business. Expert tuition by a qualified trainer, with vast practical experience in using online marketing.
A support service for those new to online marketing and social media, as well as a fast track route to excellence for those familiar with basic concepts in these areas. Hands-on use of online tools throughout the course, including innovative pre-session, in session, intersession and post-session support. A practical approach in each module to ensure positive business and personal benefits designed to transform your situation. This course is designed not only for those involved in marketing and IT, but also for all those involved in communicating, in sales, customer service, the arts, research and development, HR and every aspect of business, government or personal development. The online revolution will transform those who embrace it and the organisations who support these new communication tools. Pre course ice-breaking – all participants invited to set up a Twitter account and answer a question using a # tag. Courses for students who are passionate about their subject, delivered by leaders in their field. The course is offered from South Great Georges’ Street, Dublin 2 and Templeogue Dublin 6W as well as online. You’ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. Related Expert member resources: Social media audit, Managing Social media marketing and example social media marketing plan.
Today many companies are using social media tactically by posting updates to Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or Twitter. Workbook format makes it quick to review and decide on the changes you need to make to improve your online marketing results.

I have been using the Smart Insights content for a few years now and have appreciated the format of the downloads written for development of digital and social strategy. We are at the early stages of our digital marketing journey, Smart Insights templates and tutorials help us check and learn as we go. A visual infographic covering how to create social media objectives with marketing strategy examples. There is no question about whether you should use social media marketing to further your business brand. As an experienced, industry-leading social media agency, BEM can help your business navigate the intricacies of social media to develop an informed approach best suited to meet your business objectives. Highly influential sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have opened an incredible new avenue for businesses to engage and interact with current customers and attract new ones. This package is for businesses who want to focus on increasing their social media presence as well as their web traffic through blogging. Bloggers get on average 44% more traffic to their websites as Blog articles give your audience a reason to come back to your website, you can add value through providing information that will strengthen your brand and relationship as well as creating an opportunity for them to see your business offerings and generate leads through ‘call to actions’ within your blog post! This support package encompasses a full digital marketing strategy covering enhanced automated and behavioural marketing email campaigns to nurture leads, creation of lead funnels through landing pages as well as help with SEO optimised content creation such as articles, guides, video,infographics etc.
In addition to the ongoing live monthly strategy and training sessions you will have access to a tailored series of online courses in our online training hub designed to further you and your teams knowledge and to stimulate ideas of what opportunities are available to your business in the digital marketing arena. We can cater for any stage of a business’s social media experience and involvement from just starting out to managing large social networks. Ideal for businesses who don’t have a dedicated marketing resource or those who require further support and guidance to increase their audience engagement, reach more of their target market and generate leads so they can start nurturing these prospects through other marketing activities to start converting them into customers and start recognising a return in their social media efforts.
In addition, we will write 4 x SEO optimised blog articles including keyword and competitor research, provide 1 x 1hr online training session with a recording to refer back to as well as access to your own online training hub packed full of further learning tailored to your needs. We will review the content you have available in the business and support you in the creation of new content to form a solid library to fuel your content marketing which we will use as part of our strategy to set-up lead funnels with supporting email campaigns to nurture and convert leads based on their behaviour. A personalised social media & digital marketing plan will be one of the key outputs from the course.
This course provides in-depth guidance on the latest tools in each area combined with a rigorous approach to planning and executing, including guidance on governance and deployment.

But few have a social media strategy which helps them use social media to support their business goals.
After downloading the Social Strategy Word Doc template, I was able to accelerate the development of my social media strategy by using the template format.
It has been a great asset as a channel of advice and insight, helping me to deliver an all-encompassing digital strategy. The right question is which social media marketing sites - Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, etc - should you use? Consider the millions of users socializing for hours in these outlets, sharing opinions, favorites, and recommendations with friends, colleagues, and contacts across the globe who then share with their connections. Tracking compliments and complaints about your brand allows you to respond promptly and appropriately to demonstrate your company’s willingness to serve its customers and earn the respect of potential new customers. It is especially designed to focus on turning social networks into paying customers and to increase exposure and online presence in the search engines through publishing SEO optimised blog articles. Social media works best when it's part of an integrated E-communications strategy where Social media works together with Search, Email and Content marketing. Listening to topical discussions about your brand can provide key insights about your target audience. We will adopt a social media growth strategy through posting engaging content to generate leads for your business as well as monitoring and reporting your social media success. Also, following your competition will allow you the industry intelligence on new product or service introductions as well as competitor trends. Social media provides unprecedented opportunities for large and small businesses alike to get in front of a sea of consumers. However, without the guidance and experience of a strategic social media marketing agency, your business could miss opportunities or even risk damage to your brands.

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