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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 screen with social media applications of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, ChatON, Hangouts, WhatsApp, Instagram. TweetEmailOne of the biggest challenges to successfully using social media for your business is what to post, when to post it, and to find a way to track your efforts to see if you are meeting your goals.
By creating a social media editorial calendar, you can plan ahead to determine the type of content you will post, where you will post it, and when. To help in the process, I developed a three-step method to creating a social media calendar that works. Specify the types of content you will use: status updates, articles, blog posts, newsletters, photos, videos, events etc.
Creating a weekly schedule of the types of content you will be creating or sharing will help to create consistency and engagement.  I use an Excel spreadsheet and create a separate sheet for each month.
The left column first lists the type of content that I will create and then I specify exactly what that content will be and the week it will be posted. If you use a third party platform such as Hootsuite, Social Oomph, or Seesmic, this method helps you manage your time more efficiently. The tracking sheet creates a snapshot of your social media interaction and the frequency of your posts. At the bottom of the calendar, create a legend (or use this one) to code the social media platform and type of content posted. At the end of each month, you have a complete overview of your social media content created and shared.
Click on the link for the PDF of the sample sheets of the 3 Step Process to Create a Social Media Calendar.
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Mari Smith just mentioned having a calendar like this, which I thought was a great idea and thanks to her tweet I found your post.

Follow along as we look at five practical things you need to look for in an effective calendar for your business. If you’ve done your research, you’ve probably come across some downloadable templates that look like the inside of a compulsive hoarder’s house. As your social media strategy changes, your need to add or eliminate certain calendar elements will change too. Many basic—and older—calendar templates will only provide for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn scheduling.
Believe it or not, this one can be a biggie for businesses with a preference for scheduling content by the hour. There may come a time when you’ll need to hand over the schedule to someone else in your business—someone who may not be social media savvy.
There’s nothing worse than looking at a template and not being able to decipher what the acronyms or abbreviations used actually mean.
While a downloadable social media editorial calendar template can certainly save you time and effort, sometimes it’s worth building one from the ground up using the free tools you have at your disposal. This makes the content development and creation easier to manage and maintain for consistency and branding. For example, in week 2 I will write a blog post that will include a podcast from my Blog Talk Radio show.  In week 4, I will create a video testimonial from of my clients. As you find content in your daily web browsing that you would like to share,  capture the page link and put it into the calendar for the week when you will post it.  This way all your content is in one place. In step 1, you noted the platforms, goals, types of content, and frequency of posts per platform. This data can now be used with your Google Analytics and Facebook Insights to measure your effectiveness. If you found this helpful, use the share links at the top of the post and share this content on your social media platforms. There are thousands of free social media editorial calendar templates you can download to help you plan, execute, and track your social program.
If you can’t make heads or tails of the layout for all the chaos you see, then the calendar is probably not for you.

You may even want to integrate other marketing activities into the calendar in order to plan and schedule all promotional initiatives in one place. If reconfiguring the layout so that it aligns with your strategy poses too many problems, you might prefer to build your own calendar from scratch.
While that’s not a bad start, the chances are you operate on a variety of social platforms including Google+, Pinterest, industry-related forums, and more. If you plan to publish several pieces of social media content on your platforms throughout the day, and you want to include the relevant message or link, you’ll need to find a calendar that maps out the date and time for each day. To ensure effective planning and execution, you’ll need to look for a social media calendar with a structure and components that are universally understood.
If the calendar is complex in nature, make certain there’s a legend to explain various elements. You can use our post on how to create the ultimate social media editorial calendar as a guide for developing your own. Thanks and I’ll definitely share this post with our community of women entrepreneurs! Thankfully, many downloadable templates are created using an Excel spreadsheet, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble making someone else’s calendar your own. If you’re following a simplified social program, then you’ll only require the right date components. If you think the calendar is too complicated for a newbie to figure out, keep looking for a simpler one. Whatever you do, keep your marketing goals and social media strategy in mind so that you create a calendar that makes the most sense for your business needs. The calendar you use should not only cover the social properties you own, but it should also allow you to schedule updates to your profile information.

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