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No matter the size of your organisation, all businesses need to take a strategic approach to planning and executing their social media plan.
Social media isn’t something businesses should use simply to create a warm and fuzzy relationship with their customers. Below we have created a list of actions to establish a businesses online presence, along with an explanation of the tools that should be used. To be effective with social media marketing, a structured content plan helps to ensure that you are consistently providing relevant content to your followers.
A content plan needs to include a diverse range of content and a schedule to ensure that it is delivered consistently.
Building an audience on Facebook is important to make your social media efforts worthwhile.
When you post to Facebook from your page, Facebook will initially release your post to approximately 10% of your followers. To increase the reach of your posts, you can also use boosted posts, where you pay to reach more of your followers (and friends of followers). The following is a list of some of the most popular social media networks with a little additional info so you can determine whether or not they’re right for your business. This has been a tough one for many business owners to get behind because it’s completely picture oriented, making it especially difficult for B2B business or those who sell services rather than products. If nothing else, the mobile element of Snapchat should be enough to incite you to get on board. If you were never much of the competitive type, social media networking can be a difficult arena because it requires you to push, push and push to gain more, more and more.
Perhaps the greatest hurdle for using YouTube is the fact that you have to make videos, which isn’t always easy and can be fairly cost prohibitive if you are a small business owner. A friendly place to share small business ideas and knowledge, ask questions, find help and encourage others that are involved in the small business industry.
Many posts I read about social media marketing explain the importance of social media marketing, talk about celebrities that use social media marketing, and give examples of popular people & websites that use social media marketing effectively. Remember, you want to influence the influencers, not they try to become the influencer overnight. There is nothing wrong with becoming a popular social media users (like I am sure small business brief is) but trying to become that overnight does not work for most internet business owners. I mean, I was reading and reading to see what to comment about and I could not find anything because the explanation, along with picture, is self explanatory.
Finally, I found something to talk about: I thought I knew everything about social media marketing but this concept goes farther than my knowledge. I am the one who has a large network in LinkedIn and Facebook, and use several techniques to promote my businesses, but I never thought about focusing on influencing other people like me (who has large networks).
Instead of creating our own Twitter account and trying to create a bunch of fake followers, we just simply created a reason why influential Twitter Account owners would promote the site for us.
There is no other low-cost promotional method out there that will easily give you large numbers of visitors, some of whom may come back to your website again and again. Social Marketing can be a 2 way road, it can be good or get very nasty when people start to flame a person, it can make you or break you. You’ve watched the surge in video marketing and probably even felt the tug to get involved.
Heck, in 2015 alone, Twitter launched video autoplay, Blab rose to social stardom and Periscope grew to 1.85 million daily active viewers.
As someone who leads a team dedicated to maximizing social media, I saw this over and over and it broke my heart. What if you could position your company to navigate the choppy waters of social media with ease? But too often, that opportunity to connect in real time turns into a social media meltdown. Prepare your company and team for the huge change coming in 2016: obsessive social customer care.
Stop focusing all your energy on bringing in new clients and zero energy on keeping the ones you already have.
78% of customers have bailed on a transaction or company because of poor customer service, and not because they were unhappy with the actual product or service the company offered. Now if you really want to make social customer care effective, you have to take this one step further. With 89% of customers saying they’d switch to a competitor if they felt their customer experience was poor, it’s critical you take a proactive stance towards customer feedback. In the spirit of total transparency, I’ll tell you that this has been eye-opening for our team. Now, if the thought of your employees talking about your brand on social media makes you quake in your boots, just look at what you’re missing out on. According to Cisco, your employees have 10 times more followers than your company and 8 times the engagement you do.
To ensure your employees feel comfortable about advocating for your brand, you need to spell it all out. Clarity lets employees become a living, breathing testimonial for your brand without the worry of what they’re doing wrong.
From Periscope to Blab, Facebook Live and YouTube, 2015 was a huge year for video marketing. According to eMarketer, people are now watching an average of 5 hours, 31 minutes worth of video every day.
But while Snapchat might not be your cup of tea, there are plenty of other ways to reach your audience through the power of video. Second, turn to one of our favorite forms of video communication, the new network on the block –Blab.
You could also flip this around and use your Blab content to repurpose on your blog and social channels. Times have changed and consumers are no longer solely looking to companies for an answer. Today, consumers on social media spend more time than ever looking to fellow consumers who they trust.
To make great inroads with your current and potential audience in 2016, you’ll need two things. A realization that influencer marketing isn’t free, but it is well worth the time, energy and cost when done right.
These ambassadors (aka influencers) are fans of your brand and more than likely already actively supporting your company. As you can see, gaining the support of influencers doesn’t have to be difficult or convoluted. And Adam Grant, New York Times bestselling author of Give and Take has data that supports my giving theory. Visual marketing has exploded over the last couple of years and in 2016, companies are finally making the turn. They’re taking the era of the hard sell and long tell and turning it into a new era of visual sharing. Tweets with embedded images get 18% more clicks, 150% more retweets, and 89% more favorites.
Adding a compelling visual or graphic to a post can generate up to 94% more views than plain text. This post was not boosted (no ads run), and received over 64 million views, 150,000 likes, 2,300 comments and 787,000 shares.
Starbucks, one of my favorite brands to follow, shows time and again how visuals can capture the attention of an audience. Stop talking at your social media audience and include them in the conversation with vibrant, fun, entertaining and always engaging visual content! Add to that, 3.65 billion mobile users access the internet and social media via smartphones and you have reason to hop on (and stay on) the mobile marketing train.
It’s time to adjust your thinking, adapt to upcoming trends and implement what makes sense for your business. Enter your name and email to receive a FREE copy of my eBook, "10 Ways to Virtually Crush the Competition" and my weekly newsletter.
Social Media is the place where all the marketing ends but at the same place our branding starts.Personally, I believe that both Marketing and Branding go hand-in-hand. Your are right that social media is more important for performing the every thing of our business. Ravi Roshan Jaiswal recently posted..Hey, am Ravi and Here’s 10 Things you Don’t know about me!
Amazing article, thanks for sharing your knowledge, it is always good to learn something new!

BIIWe tend to talk about social networks in terms of size, because audience reach is one of social mediaa€™s biggest advantages. But as audiences adopt newer social networks, and peoplea€™s social activity becomes increasingly fragmented, other measures of social network activity become more important, especially for businesses trying to determine where to best allocate time and resources. In a recent report, BI Intelligence calculates an Engagement Index for top major social networks and compares their performance in terms of time-spend terms per-user, on desktop and mobile.
Social is now the top Internet activity: Americans spend more time on social media than any other major Internet activity, including email.
Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedInA made major successful pushes last year to increase engagement on their mobile sites and apps.
Our BI IntelligenceA INSIDER Newsletters are currently read by thousands of business professionals first thing every morning. Our subscribers consider the INSIDER Newsletters a "daily must-read industry snapshot" and "the edge needed to succeed personally and professionally" a€” just to pick a few highlights from our recent customer survey.
With our full money-back guarantee, we make it easy to find out for yourself how valuable the daily insights are for your business and career. I want to share with you some of my favorite social media marketing tips to improve your online efforts. Make sure you have all of these important factors sorted out as you develop your online strategy! A fast and simple way to serve your followers and fans is to ask them what you can help them with!
I have had client after client share the positive impact a social media evaluation has had on their traffic and SEO. Find out your customers pain points and create products and services to that address their pressing needs! Name it and market your business with a style that offers clients that USP that speaks to their needs! Leave a comment or question below about social media marketing tips for small business that you use or have a question about!
The challenges facing business today, everyday, are not so dissimilar from those a generation or two or three ago. In today’s business world there are fancy, intellectual names assigned to the various aspects of how companies and customers are co-dependent upon each other.
So how is it that modern businesses employing the Internet with its vast spectrum of resources can figure out which clients are the most right, which need a bit of hand holding, and which customers should be fired altogether? Even though these communities have been built and millions of users have come, are they necessarily required for the successful use by businesses large or small?
With few exceptions, creating and maintaining a presence on Facebook has almost become the default standard any business or organization must undertake. Twitter can be effectively used by many businesses provided they exhibit just a bit of restraint.
For companies dealing mostly with other business, LinkedIn should not be passed by.  Also, human resources professionals can find tens of thousands of potential candidates for job openings within this social community.
One interesting area of social media which has been growing rapidly for only a couple of years is called geo-local services. From a business perspective, geolocal social sites provide members with access to specials and great deals only found when using the social community service.
I guess I’m not speaking from complete experience, but I would say that online marketing is not nearly the challenge of traditional marketing. A copied comment spammer left this excerpt from Tom Gray’s Evolving Internet Marketer blog.
I believe that each person has to find their favorite or most comfortable site to dig in and network and do their business the most good. I think its most important to pick out 2-3 social networks that you have identified as the biggest opportunities, and then be the most active on those social networks.
Though internet visibility is very important, so if you have the time it’s an easy thing you can do. Just read Cornell’s University Research regarding another blog on Mapgrow about Elite Twittering. I was surprised at how low the Twitter percentage was also as I was going to make that a priority this month.
I am old school, I had the new world where talking and writing proper english have been replaced by texting in a foreign language (LOL). I was doing a random search on social media for business and this article popped up on the first page of Google!
In this business type, to date, we have found that the most important element is our website. I am not surprised that Facebook is at the tops but i am expecting a higher rank for twitter… Anyway, whatever is first or second, social media as a whole made business operations a lot easier and faster. Facebook now become the #1 social media and there are a lot of free traffic that you can have by many ways. Steve, the reason for this is because Twitter is highly prevalent in all industries where most of the participants are tech savvy.
Perhaps you’ve even noticed the Facebook and Twitter feeds that pop up on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) now.
Requiring users to use 140-characters or less seemed like a bit of impossibility at first, but then most people thought texting was annoying when that idea launched. In fact, it’s considered the “professional” social network and everybody who’s anybody in your industry will be found there so it is a wonderful place to network.
While we wouldn’t accuse them of docking businesses who don’t joint their network, we certainly can imagine they would be naturally inclined to give preference to their own network when it comes to positive social media activity. However, it’s also the easiest social media platform to engage with, and its really popular. We are in an increasingly mobile world and, odds are, we will be a 100% mobile world in the not-too-far future.
However, it’s the second largest search engine in the world so don’t write it off too quickly. He’s also a huge Oregon Ducks & Microbrew nut, Dad of awesome 8 year-old twin boys, husband, and big Sustainability and Autism advocate.
We are a community of over 70,000 small business folks with over 120,000 posts for you to browse.
Social media has shifted how your company interacts and engages with prospective buyers and customers. Did you know that it’s 5-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one? If you need to convince senior management about the importance of a strong social customer program, share real examples of positive customer resolutions in social channels.
To reach your customers and interact with them on a personal level, you need to spend time in the same space as your customers.
One look at their Facebook Page and you see a brand that knows exactly who their audience is and how to take care of them. Instead of adding to the holiday madness, Southwest took the opportunity to de-stress their passengers by offering complimentary gift wrapping. As soon as any interaction is over, make sure to ask customers about the customer service agent’s skills, response time, technical knowledge, completeness of the provided solution, and satisfaction. No tippy-toeing around it if you know there’s been trouble within your support team or system.
Responses haven’t been all sunshine and roses as the customer support team had hoped. Doing this obsessively and without fail is the glitter that will make your social customer support sparkle. After all, they have the potential to amplify your company vision, mission and message, so why not let them? Compare that to the 21 minutes a day in 2011 and that puts video on pace to surpass TV viewership by the end of 2016.
Take tips or how-to’s from your Blab and write a blog post, craft a few quick tweets or create shareable and branded visuals.
100% of the content was taken from the Post Planner blog with a whole lot of our own thoughts thrown in.
Post Planner is kicking off a brand ambassador program and we’ve selected you as a partner.
While it’s not surprising that the days of pushy, spammy posts are over, many companies have been slow to adjust. Not only do images do a better job attracting attention, but they’re also processed at a 60,000 times faster rate than text.

You will also see their omni-channel strategy in action as they share their content cross-platform, expanding their reach.
Without a strategy and plan in place to manage it all, you’re doomed to repeat your past mistakes. I’m a new Realtor and thought I could interview builders and talk about the new homes they had and deals they were offering.
Just loved the way you have explained how to use social media effectively to resolve customer’s query.We can create an engaging relationship with our clients on personal level by being responsive on social media .
We also look at how the different top activities on social media a€” photo-sharing, status updates, etc.
As an added bonus, you'll also gain access to all future reports and daily newsletters to ensureA you stay ahead of the curve and benefit personally and professionally. Fortune 1000 companies, startups, digital agencies, investment firms, and media conglomerates rely on these newsletters to keep atop the key trends shaping their digital landscape a€” whether it is mobile, digital media, e-commerce, payments, or the Internet of Things.
After you build an online business site,  you have to decide what content management system you will use and your method to market it.
I learn something new and meet people who enrich my personal or profession life on a daily basis! Social media changes often and to make it work you have to keep up with the trends and understand how it impacts your marketing efforts ! Just 5 or so years ago, these online destinations were in their infancy and really hadn’t started maturing to the level of becoming viable business resources. The challenge faced is determining where to put ones business budget in order to see a quality return on investment of both time as well as money.
The great news here is that the communities using this social site count into the hundreds of millions, are located around the planet, but also have the distinct flavor found in local community organizations. When a tweet comes from a business it should either be about helping its current customers – or on a very limited basis be marketing deals or great opportunities.
Essentially, these websites are using services like Twitter to broadcast a user’s physical location to their friends and followers. Additionally, users can easily send messages to their friends located close by, effectively bringing you more business. It was such an interesting suggestion that I kept part of the excerpt and linked to the source. In my experience, just JOINING a social network won’t bring much value, but being Active, and being a VALUE ADD to that social network can bring your site traffic.
But for that to happen there should be a good relationship between you and the customer already. To be honest I would have thought Twitter would have been more popular than Facebook, how wrong I was! Modellen komen vooral ergens einde middag of in de avond en kennen bronvermeldingen in de modellen, indien niet aanwezig wordt het erbij geplaatst. Who wants one more thing to do when the list of things-to-do for your small business grows larger by the second. Plus, being followed, liked and shared does wonders for your online presence and brand development as well. LinkedIn is also a great network when you’re ready to grow your business – literally – via hiring new employees because much of your recruiting can be done right there and qualified candidates are trolling the site looking for positions in companies like yours. Snapchat is a hot platform if your target market (or a market you want to break into…) consists of the 13-30 age bracket. Its goal is to support the online community with information and expertise shared by knowledgeable individuals. Continue adding them to your repertoire one account at a time, beginning with the ones that call to you or seem easier to implement. Stagnation is death in the world of SEO marketing so you need to be as active as possible to manifest the fruits of your labor. Having everything ready and the strategy in place will make you better prepared for what’s ahead. Are they happy with you and do they plan on purchasing products or services from your brand in the future? If the answer is anything less than positive, it’s time for the customer retention team to get to work. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel and add more content creation to your workload.
Whether that’s a purchase of a product or a visit to a website, more and more people are using their mobile device to surf, shop, interact and engage. So many brands use it to shout and forget about engaging and replying to comments and complaints. This soooo important and it’s amazing to me how many big brands are missing the mark on this front. Building an online presence taught me more about marketing than all the  college course I have taken.
Ever since the concept of charging for one’s wares came into existence, the concept of having someone to sell to was along for the ride. Today, one might have to look far and wide for an individual who has not heard the likes of Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, to name a few of the most popular social sites online.
As soon as the volume of Twitter messages becomes overwhelming, followers will block the business from sending anything more to their message list. Yes i agree with the other who says that you must then be active in that social media you have been registered. For example, I put into my profile that one of my hobbies is sewing and now I get ads for fabric. It has also been a great way for companies to get better insight into their customers’ wants, needs and complaints because of its conversational nature.
Additionally, Google reviews are trumping the more typical review sites since they often show up first on SERPS (go figure!), and those reviews are valuable to gaining new clients and customers. Because the snapshots only last for a brief time, it can be a great way to create a sense of urgency when you send a CTA…everything on Snapchat is going, going, gone and then ready to be refreshed.
It’s your opportunity to grow your brand presence organically, as you become a trusted “expert.” The payoff may be slower, but you can eventually develop respect and a high-quality networking opportunities.
Plus, if your YouTube video “recipe” is successful, there are scads of ways to make money from it via advertisers and the YouTube Partner Program. Obviously, the more comfortable you are with a particular network, the more likely you are to use it on a regular basis. I know they would probably be jazzed to do it because they are in the same business with the same goals. My favorite methods, social media and SEO – where you can really build some steam quickly. The delivery of those products or services may be to consumers or perhaps other businesses.
Provide real answers to those asking questions about the company’s products and services. But, once you begin posting what you’re doing, who you’re following, where you’re going and you begin interacting with your followers, the momentum will begin to take off. And even throw in a surprise because who doesn’t love surprises! Use a conversational approach. Social sharing and connections will increase your business and help your websites SEO rank! Once the capital has been invested and time taken to develop plans of action the company needs one single, crucial element in order to have a fighting chance of staying in business and succeeding. Though determining ROI precisely can be a challenge, the word of mouth generated by social media is inexpensive, and can be quite effective. It’s not based on my broad-based demographics like my age or income- although I get that too. I use Facebook for personal use, LinkedIn for business and Twitter cause I’m trying to figure out what it can really do. It makes every thing much easier and faster.It shows what a good social media site should be. Plus, Facebook continues to improve its services to meet business owners’ needs so getting in now is worth it so you’ll benefit from each of their upgrades.
For example, the other day there were anti wrinkle cream ads (based on my age I guess) and and ad for the Killers (based on my ‘alternative music” profile I think) . After seeing just how much my business was increase by social media, I got busy learning everything I could from successful people online.

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