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A post or posting a listing on your social media site is a part of entire social media strategy. Construction companies, agents, builders use Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest etc.
In few years, social media sites have captured almost all sectors and attracted large number of users.
In addition to this, cell phones, tablets, smart phones make social media accessible 24×7 across anywhere in the World.

If your site is not attractive and looks poor then you won’t get visitors or clients to look upon your property or projects.
Add some videos on the website, do SEO, mobile optimization as all these elements are necessary because competition in real estate industry is perhaps the most strongest of any industry.
Tend to pages that explain the section of local market, specifications of your projects or home buyer and seller resources that could able to use information or any sort of advice. Always remember, getting in front of right people is more important than getting in front of thousands.

These updates and additions will provide several pages which you can send to your target audience.

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