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Here are some guidelines we feel are important for seniors to consider when using social media. We hope these guidelines don’t scare off your senior loved ones, or even you, from using social networks as the benefits of social media to senior loved ones can be tremendous as long as it is used safely.
Senior Care Corner offers insight and tips about caring for senior adults, whether you are caring for them at home, in a nursing home, or remotely. In Scouting, public relations is best defined as the process of establishing and cultivating relationships with audiences in order to create and maintain favorable public opinion and achieve the Boy Scouts of America's mission of successful youth development. Local Council Website Guidelines As long as they observe the Rules and Regulations of the Boy Scouts of America, local councils are free to develop their own applications of Internet and web technology.
TweetI’ve done quite a bit of public speaking over the past few years, including on the rules governing commercial use of social media.
I commend the International Association of Speakers Bureaus (IASB) for recognizing the significance of this issue for their members.
My anecdotal conversations with other bureau representatives confirms that they’re seeing similar terms in other speaker contracts. In practical terms, this usually means that an endorser (usually a celebrity or a blogger) must disclose when they have received any form of consideration from the company being reviewed that might suggest any sort of bias on the endorser’s part.
Applying these examples to public speakers, we can see that whether or not a post violates these rules will very much depend on the content and context of the message. What’s less clear, however, is whether most readers will assume that the tweet stems from a contractual obligation rather than from her unprompted enthusiasm or desire for self-promotion. The safest approach is to always disclose the fact that the speaker is being paid to publish the message.
All players in public speaking engagements, therefore have a stake in ensuring that social media promotions of their events stay within the bounds of fair advertising regulations. In case you were wondering, although I did receive accommodations from IASB for speaking at its conference, it did not ask me to publish this blog post or anything else, and did not compensate me for doing so.
Before “friending” teen family members (your social network probably doesn’t allow preteens), make sure your approach is welcome. Exercise caution when naming family members in stories or tagging them in pictures you post on social media.

Never (one of the few times we think this word applies!) send personal or financial information (account numbers, social security numbers, etc) to businesses using social media. Avoid posting that you will be away from home or out of town on your social media accounts unless you are absolutely certain only those you want will be able to see it.
Senior Care Corner encourages family members to urge their older loved ones to get onto social media and assist them in doing so.
Over time, many local councils will decide to publish under the National Council umbrella for hosting, content, and technical support.
Wassom, a commercial litigator in Southeast Michigan whose practice focuses on copyright, trademark, publicity rights, media law, and related subject matter.
Those familiar with social networks and the web may be safe with fewer guidelines while newcomers, especially those of a very trusting nature, may initially need to take a more structured approach in their social media activities.
These can be loosened over time if desired, but once a post or a picture is put out to a broad circulation it may be out there permanently.
Yes, improving communications with grandchildren and other young family members is a big benefit of social media for seniors, but only if they choose to communicate with you.
Even a trusted family member (of any age) may unwittingly trigger a virus or other malicious program that sends out posts in their name that include links which can be damaging to your computer or even result in identity theft. Those cute family stories or pictures that give everyone a good laugh during family gatherings may not be viewed the same way by an employer making hiring or retention decisions.
Many scammers masquerade as legitimate companies to get seniors’ information online, just as on the phone, with identity theft often the objective. Crooks use social networks, too, and have already started targeting the homes of those who say they are away. Will that check in tell a criminal that you will be away from home all day at an event or even for a few hours at a movie or ball game. This is especially important for the elderly or those who are bedridden or otherwise vulnerable. For those that continue to publish independently, we have set up guidelines to help councils build the Scouting brand and protect employees, volunteers, and members.Unit Website GuidelinesWe've long recognized that unit sites created by individuals at the unit level of Scouting are essentially personal, and therefore beyond the National Council’s control or liability. Some have expressed they feel uncomfortable when older family members can see all of their posts.

Also, there are signs other businesses, such as insurance companies, are using online information in making decisions. Companies with a legitimate need for the information know social networks are not safe for sharing such data and will use other methods. If you like checking into locations, consider doing so when leaving (and say so) instead of arriving. That is almost as attractive to criminals as nobody home, and sometimes more because there is someone who can tell them where to find the valuables or even give them ATM PINs, etc. We do offer advisory guidelines to those who publish Scouting-related sites on their own responsibility, and we urge local councils to take the same approach.
Yes, they can refuse to accept your request to link up, but you can avoid an uncomfortable situation all around if you check on their willingness up front – or wait for them to send the request to you.
Auflage jetzt uberall im Handel erhaltlich!Das Internet ist aus dem Alltag nicht mehr wegzudenken. These sites let individuals build and utilize personal social networks among friends, family, and colleagues. Vor allem die korrekte Nutzung von Social Media Anwendungen gewinnt immer mehr an Bedeutung. Both for-profit and nonprofit organizations are using social media as well to build and support their brands, drive engagement, support products, increase sales, and more.
Ebenso der Bedarf an Hilfestellung und Orientierung, denn die Datenubertragung wird immer komplexer und Privatsphare-Einstellungen immer undurchsichtiger. Wenn wir uns in Social Media bewegen, betrifft das oft nicht nur unser berufliches, sonder auch personliches, und soziales Umfeld gleicherma?en. Als Unternehmen wird es deshalb immer wichtiger, Richtlinien und die notige Orientierung fur die Nutzung von Social Media zu definieren. Wir mochten Ihnen im Anschluss einige wichtige Hilfestellungen aus unseren Guidelines prasentieren, da wir von Unternehmen sehr oft zu dieser Thematik konsultiert werden.

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