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SEO International (a division of Al Wafaa Group) is a Dubai-based Google Partner firm that provides Digital Marketing Training and Consulting services. Currently, we are offering Online Marketing Courses in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Abu Dhabi only. We have been providing digital marketing consulting services and customized training courses to 950+ companies across UAE and Middle East. This comprehensive 2 part course will teach you everything that you need to know about building your online presence using social media, how to grow your business and your customer base fast. Plus an extra bonus 'Social Media Domination' insider guide to growing your business fast online.
Since the inception of the web there have been huge changes in how media is consumed and produced.
This online course in Social Media Marketing, is designed to simplify and demonstrate the many new channels of marketing, advertising and communication that make up the Social Media. This course is  of value to all marketers, agency account directors, media planners and buyers as well as publishers, directors of sales and media representatives.
Get up to speed with the latest in social media and select tools relevant to your organisation rather than following the crowd.
We have specially designed the certification process so that you leave the course knowing you have an excellent understanding of Social Media Marketing . The Centre of Excellence Online Social Media Marketing  Certificate is approved and recognised by the IANLPC, upon completion of the course assessment paper you will receive 2 Social Media Marketing Diploma Certificates.
Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a platform where people can use to share experiences and opinions with each other and are also used to market products and services using social media websites like Digg, Twitter, Delicious, Face Book, and run a lot more.
Pay Per Click (PPC) Mangement services and solutions are required and essential for almost all the type of business weather you are selling products or services online or offline.
The paid Internet Marketing carried out on Search Engines is referred to as Search Engine Marketing.
By using this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our Fitzwilliam Institute cookie policy. Those aged 65 and above have tripled their usage of social media sites since 2009, up from 13 percent in the spring of 2009 to 43 percent currently. The popularity of Twitter has surged in recent years, more than doubling since November 2010 to 18 percent, the study also found. We have taken students on placement from the Fitzwilliam Institute Group over the past number of years and many of them have gone on to become full time employees and still work with us today. Businesses the world over have begun to make digital marketing an integral part of their overall marketing strategy and spends. At the forefront of this media evolution is social media – a participatory phenomenon that is no longer being used by the few but by the many, and should be considered an integral part of any businesses’ digital marketing strategy. The course is of benefit to  people with little or no experience or knowledge of social media, and those  who seek to better understand how they may generate benefits to brands. You will learn to evaluate and prioritize your options, know which social media tools matter and how to use them, develop your online plan and get your business ahead online. In this form of Marketing, results in the form of visits to the website, are almost immediate. This has led to a massive growth in the digital media marketing services industry which in turn has spawned a new demand for trained professionals with knowledge and experience in the field.With the industry, especially in India, showing an enormous projected growth potential and an expected paucity of trained professionals, many students, graduates and young professionals are looking to get on the digital marketing bandwagon.
Our online courses are exactly the same as the classroom version, but include a range of supporting study material. The course will take you up to 150 hours to complete working from home and there is no time limit for completing the course, it can be studied in your own time at your own pace. Pay per click can provide appropriate and significant visitors to your website within short span of time.

By now, ALL Indian and International business are depending on the Internet to promote their business and market their products. In India, the trend caught on late during the end of 2012 but since then, has seen a steady rise. Online Marketing is basically carried on Social Media Sites like FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
SEO International, UAE can help you make more of the amazing opportunities in online media. With the growing internet penetration and social media popularity, this can only be expected to rise further. How it impacts online sales and heightens the purchase intent of customers in offline sales?
Implementation of paid advertising on Search Engines and Social Media as well as other forms of promotion are also taught in this course.
To cater to the growing need for these courses, a number of companies and organizations have started various courses on Digital marketing.
How to promote your business on different platforms – Facebook, youtube, twitter, google+, linkedIn and blogs.
Digital marketing is a broad field and comprises various disciplines including Display advertising, Search Engine Marketing(SEM) and Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Social Media marketing(SMM), Email marketing, Mobile Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. Since January 2010, they claim to have had participations from over 5000 professionals (including CXOs) and students, from over 2500 organizations and institutions such as Philips, Google, eBay, Reliance, Star TV, Cisco, SAP, Naukri, Citibank, GM, Toyota, ITC, CNBC, NIIT, IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Lucknow, in more than 200 Digital Marketing training programs conducted by them. Digital Vidya also offers Digital Marketing (CDMM), Mobile Marketing (CMMM) and Social Media Certification programs (CSMMP) in association with V-Skills, a Govt.
They also have an active placement cell with digital marketing employment opportunities for their alumni.2.
Online Marketing InstituteFounded in 2007, Online Marketing Institute (OMI) provides online certifications programs that cover a wide range of topics, taught by leading industry practitioners and thought leaders. Every certification course includes carefully curated content that helps individuals to learn, develop and execute digital marketing strategies and improve career opportunities.
On the Corporate front, OMI is also known for their customized e-learning programs and solutions for small teams and large companies to educate employees and improve marketing outcomes.3. Their online certification program spanning 30 hours of learning covers various aspects of digital marketing such as SEO, SEM, ORM and Analytics. SimplilearnSimplilearn is one of the leading platforms for online training and professional certification programs. They have around 30 courses in digital marketing that provide hands-on experience in various Digital marketing domains. Digital Academy IndiaA leading digital marketing education firm that was acquired by Digital Vidya recently.
AIMAThe All India Management Association (AIMA) along with Digital Vidya offers a joint Certification Programme in Digital Marketing and Analytics. Spread over a period of three months, this online course is divided into 6 modules, costing Rs. DigigyanDigigyan, a digital marketing institute based out of Delhi NCR region, offers e-commerce and digital marketing courses and trainings to students, professionals, entrepreneurs and corporates.
The travel might even have to be to another city for those who live in cities where good classroom training courses are not conducted.Also, with technology having improved, online instructor-led virtual classrooms are as good as actual classrooms, with webinar software allowing for both peer to peer interaction as well as student-teacher interaction. The course is a one-year, full-time program that focuses on the strategic and practical aspects of Digital Marketing. They have centers in 7 Indian cities (Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad) where they conduct courses of various durations on SEM, SEO, SMM and a 6-week integrated digital marketing program. These one-day sessions can serve as a primer for those who want to gain a basic knowledge of the space.Executive Programs in Digital MarketingMost of the courses listed above are best suited for students and working professionals.

The few that do exist have been showcased below and we have tried to find a mix of programs that focus on digital marketing, ecommerce and analytics.
Aspects like the purchase funnel and lifetime value of the customer are essential for an e-business and the programme focuses on how return on investment can be optimized for such businesses. The programme aims to give an overview of digital marketing with focus on the different social media marketing channels, search engine marketing (both search advertising & search engine optimization) and digital analytics. So it aims to give an overview of each of the key elements that can enable brands to get better engagement, leads and conversions. Looking at the modules in the programme it does seem to be basic targeted towards mid-level managers and focusses on basics of digital marketing and how it can leveraged for e-commerce. The programme consists a mix of lectures, case studies, and discussions to showcase how to promote products and services online. She has done extensive research in e-commerce, m-commerce and CRM so the quality of the programme is likely to be very high. She has worked in the Industry (at Nielsen) and handled clients like PepsiCo and Eveready Batteries so she would definitely bring a practical experience to the table. The entire programme is designed by experts in the Industry and the students have to complete a project under the mentorship of industry leaders. If you are a self-learner keen on understanding the digital marketing space, there are various blogs, articles and real time case studies available online. Subscribe to an RSS feed about digital marketing news and join relevant LinkedIn groups to participate in discussions & connect with industry experts. Hence, the success of these courses will eventually depend on the quality of digital professionals they send into the industry and how well they execute the acquired knowledge & digital skill sets.Have you taken up any of these courses? If you are looking for vendor neutral courses that cover the concepts and strategies of digital marketing areas like Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Conversion Optimization, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, etc, you can try the courses that Simplilearn offers. I work for an ad agency in Bangalore and I am looking to make a career in Digital Marketing. I m thinking of taking up a certification course or something in the hope that the transition into Digital will be easier. Due to some personal reasons I was not able to complete my graduation and had to work after completing my high school in year 2010. Do you guys think that moving to Digital Marketing would be a good idea for me at this point of time?
Honestly speaking I am not very much comfortable on online training and have got tight schedules as well. With regards to physical courses, we have heard of Echovme running some excellent programs so you can check them out but unfortunately most of the good courses are online. And right now it is not possible for me to move out and as I told I am not that much comfortable in online courses.
You won’t believe, the reputed courses in Kolkata on DM are very very average and I am sure those things I can learn easily from my end only. So as of now, no, I did not get any remarkable course and planning to get my own hands dirty.
I am keen to know your experience with DM classes in kolkata as my situation is similar to yours, I prefer physical classes over the online. If you go for a weekday course than it would take around 45 – 50 days to complete the whole course.

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