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Social media is important to over 80% of businesses based on one of the more interesting findings from Social Media Examiner’s 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report How Marketers Are Using Social Media To Grow Their Businesses.
This finding is consistent with other research that shows businesses are continuing to increase social media marketing spend. At a top level, social media’s biggest benefits according to Social Media Examiner’s research were increased exposure, increased traffic and marketplace insights.
To show more direct bottom line impact, social media marketing requires setting goals aligned with business objectives and then selecting appropriate metrics to track.
The report highlights the shift in thinking on social media marketing in the past year, as many marketers try to determine how much benefit they have derived from using it.
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Northern Lights above tents at the reindeer lodge in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden This is the last post of the year and I just wanted to say thanks!
My name is Tess Whitty, and I have loved working as an English-Swedish freelance translator since 2002.
Yet despite this support, marketers still have a difficult time proving social media’s contribution to the bottom line. While these elements support building name recognition and provide expanded information about your target audience, they don’t fulfill the top business objectives nor do they directly translate to sales (although they’re important for small businesses with limited marketing resources.) Instead, they’re easy to achieve requiring limited work. While sales require time to convert, only 40% of respondents were able to track sales back to their social media efforts.
Roughly two-thirds of small businesses were able to generate leads compared to an average of 58% for all marketers. Small businesses and self-employed professionals are most likely to see reduced marketing costs because they’re trading their creativity and time for outsourced efforts. Once the metrics are determined, it’s critical to use a contextually relevant call-to-action and a unique promotional code for tracking.
The figures on the amount of time spent on social media shows that it really has become the main focus of online promotions in the past year.

I love sharing my passion for the profession, and my experience from being a freelancer and a marketing professional with other translators, through presentations and trainings. Over time, marketers get better at acquiring social media leads since almost four-fifths of marketers with three or more years of experience say they have brought in leads from social media.
Most respondents with three or more years of experience said they were getting positive results in this area.
By contrast, over a third of all mid-sized and large company respondents found that social media didn’t reduce marketing expenses. Lastly, you must ensure that your existing analytics can capture and report this social media generated activity.
Tracking sales on social media requires specialized support.) In part, this may be attributable to the inherent difficulty of tracking sales initiated via social media. This makes sense since it takes time for content to rank on search engines and there must be a consistent effort across the organization.
This makes sense because once social media is integrated into a larger organization’s marketing, resources need to be dedicated to managing social media.
As a token of appreciation, I wanted to give you some tools to plan for a successful 2015, some business and marketing plans. Research shows that spending at least eleven hours per week developing leads into customer relationships actually does yielded improved social media results. The newsletter subscribers have all received my one page marketing plan last year, to help them create an easy to follow plan for their marketing efforts, and I wanted to also include it here for you. Similarly small business owners with two or more employees were more likely to see improved sales from social media. Many companies have adopted social media into their campaigns in order to reach a broader audience and better connect with clients. Download One Page Marketing Plan for Translators Here two other free resources for planning your business and marketing in 2015: One Page Business Plan from $100 Startup One Page Promotion Plan from $100 Startup How to write a Freelance Business Plan Social Media Strategy Template I have personally done a lot of planning this last week for 2015, both for my translation business and for Marketing Tips for Translators. As more interest is shown in these platforms, it will be crucial to develop a marketing plan that will use social networks effectively and maximize potential benefits. For my translation business I have used an updated, two-page business plan that have adapted and this one includes plans for  current situation, general goals, research, continuing education, direct contact with clients, social media, conferences and publications.

Use networks for their unique capabilities While your company may not be using all of the social media platforms that are available, you’re still most likely using anywhere from two to five of them, depending on what audience base you have. Having a variety of outlets is beneficial as it will allow you to reach out to your clients, but this doesn’t mean that you can use the same approach for each network. If you’re simply regurgitating the same message between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and your other platforms, this can seem robotic and insincere.
You will need to treat each channel individually in order to create content that fits the network and the viewers that access it.2. Incorporate videos Multimedia has become a huge driver of business interest within social networking. Wicked Local contributor Luke Heller noted that consumers watching a video are 64 percent more likely to purchase a product or service and 66 percent of people will watch an information-intensive video two or more times.
Videos give users a better picture of company services than print mediums, making it integral to incorporate this element into your marketing strategy.3. Some users may give negative reviews, but the business should respond appropriately to each situation.
Fonality’s business telephone systems offer similar benefits by allowing organizations to deliver consistently high-quality calls and ensure customer needs are being met. Thank you also to everyone who have provided feedback and reviews on the Marketing Cookbook for Translators, you can read the latest reviews here. Learning these skills helped me grow my photography business and consult other entrepreneurs on doing the same.
You make some great points, especially about approaching the way you use each network, differently. In fact we’ve build a business around video-expanding trend… I am curious to know you thought on auto-posting applications that are on a rise?

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