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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. We know that most people reading this will NOT have a strategy yet will be getting disappointing results on their social media platforms.
Taking the time to test and measure your content will also give you an advantage as you will up the efforts on the popular content and reduce time on those not so. If you take our advice you will start to see an increase in followers and an increase in revenues over a period of time.
You’ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing.
To celebrate the launch of our new social media strategy guide, Dave and I thought we'd share our top 21 tips to help with social media planning. This post follows on from the new research on how businesses use social media from the CIM we summarised yesterday. 3 - Define personas - start with understanding how your customers and relevant influencers use social media.
4 - Personality must be included - a personality in social media marketing is paramount, people speak to and buy from people.
5 - You need a content strategy - we all know it, content fuels social media interaction and sharing.
6 - Have a big idea - some call this a campaign, I'd call it a strategy that's executed with a super-relevant, creative and engaging execution that inspires your audience and is 'on-brand' in terms of brand personality and linking to commercial results. 7 - Measure the benefit - it doesn't have to be commercial (though ideal) but at least measure the related KPIs so that you can compare social media marketing to other tactics and discuss the relative merits with management. 8 - Take training seriously - you've maybe heard of how seriously Dell take social media training? 9 - Branded content is your fuel - great, relevant content that educates, inspires, motivates or generally meets a need is what drives social media marketing more than anything else. 11 - Maintain relevance - keep awake to tying your content back to what's going on in your market, or indeed the world.  What's popular, relevant, interesting or timely right now?
12 - Community insight - how are you being received, the easiest place for social listening or monitoring is on your hub or key outposts where you publish. 13 - Competitor insight - the public nature of social media is that everything that you can listen and learn from regarding your brand, you can do for everybody else's. 14 - Define influencers -  monitor industry trends and news, who are the people behind all that, what influence and respect do they have?

16 - Make content work for different levels of engagement fro Fans, leads and prospects to customers - they're not a different name for same thing, and you mustn't treat everybody like a sales prospect, because they're not - at least not yet!  The more you market in social media be conscious that there's a huge chance people have not heard of what you do, let alone your brand.
17 - Special attention for customers - social media is the perfect tool for customers to help get you more customers, this is probably the #2 most important point on this list. 19 - Automate whatever possible – our experience is that it's worth taking the time to select the best tools that you can to make sharing, monitoring, listening or publishing as painless as possible. 20 - Crowdsource - ideas generation for product or service innovation is a goldmine area for brands to tune into.
21 - Controversy is good but play nice - clearly not everybody is your target customer and being tribal is therefore a good thing. YouTube is the perfect intersection of online video marketing, social media, and search engine visibility. Put the Facebook plugin or like on our website in order to earn brand awareness on Facebook. The initial proposal for a small, locally-owned liquor store to engage in a 6-week freelance social media marketing trial. Social Media Proposal for Paradise Spirits and Fine Wines Created by Joshua Ness October 17, 2011 1) Building a Social Networking PlatformThe first step to developing social media platforms is to learn about the existing business so there will becontent with which to attract a following as soon as the sites launch. The next logical step is to scrap social media from your marketing plan and all because you went in halfhearted in the first instance!
Thinking hard about who your customers are, where they would be and what they would want from you. It showed  that while some companies have a clear champion or a dedicated resource for social media, few have this focus.
Yet if you're reactively posting status updates to networks and the quality of  content isn't good enough to encourage sharing you're not going to get much cut-through. It may have campaigns supporting it, it can run for years, it can even scale bigger as success dictates. Though you're not Dell, the point is that at least basic training is needed for people who are opening up to your audience (especially those who work with the media). If you are mainly posting to the social networks you're not connecting with visitors as deeply as you would if they're on your site(s). Can you out-wit the competition with smart ideas to pitch new or existing ideas in topical ways? Consider ways that you might organise content differently for different levels of the buy funnel. Customers are the most informed and fore-armed to share what you do, they're more credible than you are to get the attention of other prospective customers, they've often got content or the ability to generate content for you, and they're naturally the easiest audience to inspire purchase and most motivated to help you.

Acting on the data - by collecting and using the data generated (monitoring keywords, hashtags, using trackable URL's) the skill is in keeping the information usable and accessible so that your team can act on it. Offer people in your market space to share their aspirations for what you sell, what  they would like to see and get improved, what they hate and want to see less off. While our objective is to attract newconsumers, the fact that a network of thousands of consumers already exists will provide us with a great startat launch date. With that in mind you will start to really produce significant and targeted pieces of content that your customers will definitely want to read and respond to.
Make sure the vision is communicated across the business so that people are comfortable and understand who, what, how, when and why. Have genuine personality even if it's a character like Old Spice Guy or the famous Aflac Duck (if you're American). The sales process is so much easier when you've already been granted the permission by your audience.
For people showing purchase intent, find ways to data capture or present key product lines.
Analytics are a challenge at the best of time, the unique thing about social media is it can be kept human, don't loose the sentiment or the narrative amongst the facts and numbers.
It's another obvious dimensions to tie thought leadership to - since only thought leaders have the confidence to ask for feedback and be motivated to then act upon it. Getting passionate about your subject matter is both engaging and demonstrates confidence and thought leadership. A tactical attempt at social means you're very likely not centring around people, their needs and motivations - and the point is that this is social media, so people first.
To figure out how influential you are work out your share of voice in the market, and how positive that voice is.
The Eloqua Content grid infographic is a great way of considering how different forms of content work for different levels of consideration. That said - know your community and exercise your brand personality in a way that balances engagement and sparking debate with common sense. 2) Marketing Strategy for Social Media ChannelsMuch of the success of the social media sites will depend on implementing the right campaigns and utilizingthe available marketing resources that each of the social networking platforms offer. 3) Training and ManualsOnce the above-mentioned deliverables are completed, I will provide Paradise Spirits and Fine Wines withthe appropriate documentation to continue the social media efforts.

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