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Social Media has become the medium for people to be updated with important information and the latest news that they should know.
Internet hoaxes have come and gone but there is no doubt that they created strong reaction among people. This photo traveled through emails and various accounts and even earned the recognition as National Geographic’s “Photo of the Year”!
The photo actually is the result of two images combined and later on experts learned that it was created to cause sensation and fraud! On 2012, this image appeared on Entertainment Tonight’s Twitter feed and you won’t believe the sensation that it created especially among Bieber fans! What would you think if you will realize that American troops in Iraq do not only suffer from the typical hazards of their job while on a war zone. With various social media channels available for people to post news , information can spread as fast as lightning travels! In the previous article we have discussed about the Data Envelopment Analysis technique and we have seen how it can be used as an effective non-parametric ranking algorithm.
The code implements the Data Envelopment Analysis algorithm, uses the lp_solve library to solve the Linear Programming problems and uses extracted data from Web SEO Analytics index in order to construct a composite social media popularity metric for webpages based on their shares on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.
In order to solve the various linear programming problems, we use an open source library called lp_solve. Please make sure that the particular library is installed on your system before trying to run the JAVA code. The SocialMediaPopularity is an application which uses DEA to evaluate the popularity of a page on Social Media networks based on its Facebook likes, Google +1s, and Tweets. The calculatePopularity() uses the DEA implementation to estimate the scores of the pages based on their social media counts.
In order to be able to estimate the popularity of a particular page, we must have a dataset with the social media counts of other pages.
The loadFile() method is used to load the aforementioned statistics on DEA and the getPopularity() method is an easy to use method that gets the Facebook likes, Google +1s and the number of Tweets of a page and evaluates its popularity on social media. The first example uses directly the DEA method to evaluate the efficiency of organizational units based on their output (ISSUES, RECEIPTS, REQS) and input (STOCK, WAGES).
The second example uses our Social Media Popularity application to evaluate the popularity of a page by using data from Social Media such as Facebook Likes, Google +1s and Tweets.
The particular DEA implementation evaluates the DEA scores of all the records in the database.
The provided Social Media Counts Database consists of 1111 samples from Web SEO Analytics index. The implementation uses the Facebook Likes, the Google +1s and the number of Tweets to evaluate the popularity of an article.
To be able to expand the implementation you must have a good understanding of how Data Envelopment Analysis works. If you use the implementation in an interesting project drop us a line and we will feature your project on our blog.

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However, it is also important to bear in mind that not everything posted on your news feed is based on facts. Created in 2001, it appeared on the Internet and cause so much rave especially among users who are still clueless about the power of the Internet. This is actually a photoshopped image that is meant to confim that the star was diagnosed with cancer. Along with that, a lot of people reacted on this photo which apparently showed the tourist of death. But before you believe the photos that your eyes see, it is really important to look into the facts and verify the story…or else, you will only end up as the victim of Internet hoax that hit social media! In this blog post we will develop an implementation of Data Envelopment Analysis in JAVA and we will use it to evaluate the Social Media Popularity of webpages and articles on the web.
All the theoretical parts of the algorithm are covered on the previous article and in the source code you can find detailed javadoc comments concerning the implementation. The particular lib is written in ANSI C and uses a JAVA wrapper to invoke the library methods. For any problem concerning installing and configuring the library please refer to the lp_solve documentation.
It implements a public method called estimateEfficiency() which takes a Map of records and returns their DEA scores. Since DEA requires separating the input and output, the DeaRecord Object stores our data separately in a way that DEA can handle it. This makes sense since in order to predict which page is popular and which is not, you must be able to compare it with other pages on the web. This makes the implementation slow since we require solving as many linear programming problems as the number of records in database. This is covered on the previous article, so please make sure you read the tutorial before you proceed to any changes. I'm a Data Scientist, a Software Engineer, author of Datumbox Machine Learning Framework and a proud geek.

For sure, many of you are aware that there are lots of Internet hoaxes that already hit social media – and they seem to be very factual and convincing that a lot of people perceived them as real! It came with the hashtag #baldforbieber and soon enough after the release of the photo, images came out showing Bieber fan’s with their heads shaved to display their support for the controversial star!
Additionally, these spiders can run at the speed of 25 miles per hour and even jump several feet up in the air. The code is open-sourced (under GPL v3 license) and you can download it freely from Github. In general percentiles are easier to explain than DEA scores; thus when we say that the popularity score of a page is 70% it means that the particular page is more popular than the 70% of the pages. To do so, we use a small anonymized sample from Web SEO Analytics index provided in txt format.
If we don’t require calculating the score of all the records then we can speed up the execution significantly. You can create your own database by estimating the social media counts from more pages of the web. All you need to do is build a database with the social media counts from the networks that you are interested in and expand the SocialMediaPopularity class to handle them accordingly.
Moreover in order to use the JAVA code you must have installed in your system the lp_solve library (see above). To plan this Yatra Ashlar Tours and Travels provide various packages and services for pilgrims. Social media has a very strong impact and the Internet hoaxes that caused so much rave prove it. Binaries of the library are available both for Linux and Windows and you can read more information about the installation on lp_solve documentation. You can build your own database by extracting the social media counts from more pages on the web. Thus a small expansion of the algorithm can give us better control over which records should be solved and which should be used only as constrains. Unsurprisingly, versions of the photo later circulated and most of them associating the man with other historical tragedies.
The image didn’t use Photoshop, but it was the angle that made the spider look so huge! Of course, the stories that were made up about these camel spiders were responsible for making it a huge sensation in social media!

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