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Is it becoming more and more prominent to find News Media being posted on Social Media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Wiki.
I was drawn to this topic because people are constantly sending me links to [or blogs with] news articles through my Facebook. After researching this topic, I have a better understanding of how the News Media has started showing up more and more on Social Media sites and why it is significant. I wonder if the news is losing credibility by being so easy to access and summed up so quickly. As news organizations  work to understand how consumers interact with digital news, the Pew Research Center’s Journalism Project, in collaboration with the John S. At this point, Facebook reaches far more Americans than any other social media site – and therefore allows for the most in-depth study. Just 34% of Facebook news consumers “like” a news organization or individual journalist, which suggests that the news they see there is coming from friends – the same friends likely sending them posts about …everything else. Not only are social network users sharing news stories, but, particularly with the growth in mobile devices, a certain portion is contributing to the reporting by taking photos or videos. 5On Twitter, groups of people come together around news events they feel passionately about. In the days following the shootings in Newton, Conn., in 2012,  nearly two-thirds of the statements on Twitter called for stricter gun control measures while public opinion was far more evenly split.
6In the dynamic nature of conversations on Twitter, the sentiment expressed around an issue or event can change over time. From April 1 to April 14, opinion on Twitter shifted dramatically in the direction of opposing same-sex marriage.
8Visitors who come to a news site through Facebook or search display have far lower engagement with that outlet than those who come to that news website directly.

About Pew Research Center Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping America and the world. We’ve all heard that social media and the internet are contributing to the downfall of the newspaper industry and, depending on who you talk to, undermining the entire system of journalism around the world. Facebook Announces Instagram Video– Yesterday, Facebook announced that Instagram would now feature videos as well as pictures. Twitter Helps Users Find Jobs– A service called Goziak helps users navigate through the 50,000 job ads posted daily on Twitter, and makes it easier to look up job vacancies and contact the company with your resume and cover letter.
I have come to realize that with my days being so busy, this is the only time I even look at the news.
It explains that not only sites like Google, Facebook, and YouTube link blogs and news articles to their sites, but now even online newspapers do as a means to stay up with the times. Readers can more easily understand how having news links of social networks not only benefits the network, but also helps spread news articles that people may not even see any other way.
This is followed by ‘people and events in my community’, sports, national government and politics, crime, health and medicine, and local government and politics. Facebook news consumers are more likely to be female than news consumers on YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. It conducts public opinion polling, demographic research, media content analysis and other empirical social science research. Focusing on simplicity, beauty, and community, the new Instagram features a 15 second maximum video option, clip by clip editing, 13 new custom filters just for video, and the ability to pick which cover frame users will see.
This new feature will allow people who post videos to label them with a green light, which shows that they’re safe for 12-15 year old viewers, or a red light, indicating the video is for adults only.
I believe this is important to others because so many people either use Facebook or know someone who does, therefore they have mostly likely experienced the presence of News Media on their mini feed.

I believe that in the future, I will start posting interesting news articles to my Facebook. Here are just a few numbers for you that break down WHY people are choosing social media as a main source of news. This topic is beneficial to the general public because it provides an easier way to receive their news and information.
This relates to what I mentioned about the IRS; they have links on their website to their Twitter and YouTube accounts. Here, Pew Research pulls together eight key takeaways on what we learned in 2013 and early 2014 about social media and news. It also relates to the article, Why The News Media Became Irrelevant…, because the article discusses how social media sites rely on news journalism to produce their value. They also use YouTube with video channels that show short, informative videos on many tax related topics. This is more convenient for the IRS to share the most valued information with the public.
However, it important to remember that these social media sites are not doing the journalism even though it does show up there. Also, according to the journal article, Why the News Media Became Irrelevant–And How Social Media Can Help, people are more likely to find their news on Social Media sites because it makes people feel more connected to one anothe. This is because they are passing along direct experience, which is why Social Media is so popular in today’s culture.

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