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An article on how serious is security on social media and do social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Path, etc.
Security, one of the biggest fears of Internet users is the most overlooked issue by social media sites. The blog further highlights that most of the confidential data of a user is not required for the appa€™s functionality.
In todaya€™s social age, I wouldna€™t be surprised if it is revealed that our social data is being used by marketers to reach out to us in a smarter way. Max Schrems was shocked to see his personal data that he had deleted earlier, to be present in the CD that was provided to him by the California Facebook office. My newsfeed has been packed full of photos of my friend’s little ones going off to their first day at school. Other issues that have been raised in discussion include people posting photos of their new cars (with license plate clearly displayed), house renovations that literally show each room of the house, (usually with a before and after vibe which gives a rough outline of the floor plan of your home) and inside glimpse into what kind of electrical goods you own that are easy to steal and sell.
Both of my mates who are in the police force have Facebook pages, but they limit how much information they give away.
I’m guilty of a couple of the issues I mentioned, and now that I’m more aware of how the information I post can be used against me in the REAL world, I will be more careful. Maree is a high school teacher who is first and foremost a child of God and values her faith, her family & her friendships. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
The invention of social media sites and applications has changed the way the world communicates. According to recent research done by Marketo, Facebook alone has over one billion active monthly users and 13 million of them have never touched their privacy settings.
This is the most important advice for people who use public or shared devices to access their social media account. The only way to go is you must memorize your password and always select No when ‘Remember me?’ question pops out.
On the other hand, entities that may collect your information for illegal purposes are identity thieves and other online criminals. When it comes to legal issues, you must refer to data use policy of that particular social media site. Before you click ‘enter’ make sure you reread your post and think whether it is safe for you to publish it, even if it is only going to be visible to your friends. Do not announce that you are going to be away, leaving your house or your children unattended at home.

If there is anything that raise suspicion or that you are concerned about when it comes to the content or contact made via social media sites, please refer to experts. If you think the plugins or applications you subscribe to is abusing your data, you can make inquiries on it. The recent revelation that LinkedIn syncs the confidential details of users who are accessing the network via Apple devices such as iPhone and tablet adds further disgrace to the situation.
So one wonders why LinkedIn indulged into collecting and sending out sensitive information about users?
Joff in his blog post states that LinkedIn cares about its members trust and has assured that LinkedIn is going to adopt essential steps to remove the recent dust of mistrust. Today businesses are desperate to access your social data so that they can target you better.
It just goes out to show how many bytes of our data most of the social networks have under their belt and which we are unaware of.
When I first joined Facebook in 2006 I was extra careful not to share ANYTHING that could identify me. It eliminates many boundaries and limitations that existed before the internet based social networks were born.
The same study also reveals that 28% of Facebook users share all, or almost all of their wall posts with an audience wider than just their friends while 11% of them reported that someone else has tried to use their login without their permission.
Even for people who don’t share devices, there may come a time where you need to send them out for repair or worse, your device get stolen.
When you enter your personal details you would be advised on how the information will be used – in other words, what the public can and cannot see on your profile page. It might appear as a tedious and long text reading but it helps you understand how the data that you have provided for them will be used and what are your rights. Consider whether it could cause embarrassment should it be misconstrued by anyone who views them. Facebook has a history of criticism against continuously ignoring online security of users. But I’ve seen people not just with their phone numbers- but giving their addresses in garage sale type groups. No photos of the interior of their homes, and if there are photos of the exterior of the house, don’t show your mailbox or any other easily identifiable landmarks. I know people who have been robbed after posting online that the family was spending the day at soccer ‘round robin’ competition with the start time included. She is an advocate for 'Invisible Illnesses' and is passionate about helping her students realise their full potential.

In general, it’s a good news of course – it makes information and public announcement spread faster, connects people who are separated by geographical distance and proves to be a handful tools in charity too. Nowadays it’s bad enough to be apart from your gadgets but to have someone else in control of your social media account is a nightmare. Entities that collect information for legal purposes are usually advertisers – they do so to group their target audience, and third-party software developers such as online games and online music player that interact with the social network. It is also not wise to tell people on the internet that you are alone at home or taking a walk on your own. Many people forget that in digital world, sound judgment is needed as much as it is in the real world otherwise their postings might damage their reputation or worse, ruin their career. From tracking users offline to keeping most of ita€™s product settings default, the number of people who have lack of trustA on Facebook due to A security issues, has increased. In fact a similar kind of statement was also issued by Path Founder and CEO, Dave Morin after the Path controversy that the address book was uploadedA A to their servers in order to help the user find and connect to her friends and family on Path. I have spoken to mates who are police officers and they are constantly dismayed at how much information people are ‘giving away’ in regards to their personal lives and belongings, albeit accidentally. There’s usually a caption with the child’s name and the uniform gives away what school they will be attending.
Simple mistakes, things we often do, not thinking twice about the people out there who are more than willing to use our ‘giveaways’ against us. Checking in and tagging locations on Instagram or Twitter are the biggest ones, and I did supply my phone number to Facebook without thinking. Despite all these, the ugly truth about social networking is that the line between sharing and protecting is so thin it is almost invisible.
Very recently it was found by a blogger that Path, popular photo sharing network automatically uploads iPhone usera€™s entire address books to its servers.
We often forget that ‘bad’ people are out there, surfing the net, finding ways to access our information and take advantage of trusting nature.
It just creeps up on you and it’s so easy to become complacent when you use social media constantly. The list of examples is a long one and the concerns are not going to decrease with the advent of social apps and iOS apps. And it sucks that there are people out there that will actually take something so innocent and joyful as a first day at school and use it against you.

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