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10 FREE ANALYTICAL TOOLS TO HELP EXPAND YOUR REACH ON SOCIAL MEDIA - Social Light Media - Social Light Media --> Home Email Signup Social Light Media Where social media makes you lots of money$$ Home Email Signup Like us on Facebook! Any business owner who has successfully segmented their audience and provided a richer customer experience can tell you they’ve increased their sales as a result. You want your groups to have the same business goals as you, so thoroughly read the “about” section. Feel free to discuss current events and trends in your groups, and sparingly reveal offerings to your group. Results of the first Magazine Media 360° Social Media Report, released today by MPA – The Association of Magazine Media, revealed new insights into the performance of 166 magazine media brands on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest. In issuing the report, magazine media became the first media industry to capture and report brands’ social media performance across networks. Sharing on a variety of social media platforms in different ways helps you engage with a variety of audiences. In this article I’ll share posting guidelines you can use to promote your content for the first 24 hours after it goes live.
Whether you publish a new blog post, video clip, audio interview or other piece of content, you want to spread the word to your followers as fast and efficiently as possible. Try not to post new content more than two or three times in the first week after it goes live. To occasionally amp up your visibility, ask your team members and friends to share your business page updates to their personal accounts. Alexandra Skey of Spokal estimates that a new tweet only has a lifespan of about two hours, which means followers who don’t check their feed regularly are likely to miss your updates. Social Media Examiner adds a hashtag to their article tweets the second time they’re shared in 24 hours. Although you have the flexibility to post more Twitter updates, you still want to adjust the tweet frequency, so it’s in line with the average number of tweets you send in a typical day. For example, if you average around 10 tweets a day, peppering your stream with three or four messages about a new piece of content won’t overwhelm your followers.
When you publish a blog post, share the visual elements to a relevant pinboard on Pinterest or in your Instagram feed after the post goes live.
Keep an eye on your traffic referral and engagement rates to see if these general trends hold true for your followers.
Post a number of notable images from a behind-the-scenes, how-to or regular article with your audience.
LinkedIn offers the opportunity to share either short updates in the form of links to content (that you can also tweet) or long-form blog posts in their entirety through LinkedIn Publisher. One of the nice things about Google+ is that the network allows users to post long updates. Depending on the quality of the content, you may also want to post it to your Google+ communities.
All social media marketing plans are a little different, so use logic to adjust the guidelines according to your own needs.
Develop a social posting plan to get your content the attention it deserves in the first 24 hours after it’s published. If I had a dollar for everytime someone asked me how they could extend themselves online, I’d be super-rich.

Tweet chats on Twitter is an amazingly great way to connect with new people and extend your brand on that platform. Finding a like-minded and focused business to partner up with can expose you to a brand-new audience. One of the social media tools you should be thinking about investing more thought in includes Facebook Groups. Don’t partner with groups that are focusing too heavily on promotions and sales, as this will not help you improve your community engagement. While the exact tactics may vary from business to business, the basics for each network remain the same.
For example, your first post might be a link post, but your second and third updates might be image posts or video posts, if applicable. The different link preview elements on Facebook are editable from the image to the headline to the description. This helps broaden your reach and gets your updates in front of people who aren’t already following the company Facebook page.
Other options: Turn inspirational quotes from the article into images or share content in other formats to Pinterest and Instagram.
Rotating posting duties among senior staff members helps keep things fresh for your readers and lets you reach a wider audience.
Therefore, you can either share the full blog post to your company profile or draft a custom long intro and then link back to the newly released piece of content. Generally, though, you’ll only want do this with your highest-quality pieces or with those that you know will perform well with that specific audience. Trial and error also works wonders to determine what’s successful when promoting new content. Once you’ve established the basics and have that rolling, there are other things and areas you can branch out into to keep the growing exposure going.
Of course, make sure it’s not the competition, but finding a business that targets who you want to target can open new doors.
2 days ago Thank you so much to The Southern C for another wonderful Summit in Charleston, SC!
Wide Reach Social Media created a series of advertisements were created similar to the example below. This is a tool that helps you segment your customers while also improving your customer service. Look through the Facebook Graph Search to get started on the search for appropriate groups to join.
You’ll find marketing your products and services can happen in the course of a day but without spamming anyone.
This not only gives you free pointers from an educated source, it shows that you’re open to discussion and value the opinions and the people you’ve established relationships within this group.
We’ve got years of experience in social media marketing and know how to help you get out in front of the right people. This helps you appeal to different audience members, as well as generate data on what types of Facebook posts engage your audience best. Also, be aware that you don’t completely fill up your feed with retweets and replies.

In 2013 we sponsored the event again, and our marketing efforts on Social Media resulted in a higher number of early bird registrations.
Using a hashtag will make your post searchable and if you happen to use a popular hashtag, you’ll see more traffic to that post and your account. There’s no shortage of tools that will tell you various parts of the story, from who is mentioning you and where, to what hashtags mean and how to best to use them. Look for groups with a large number of active members, very little spamming behaviors, and a business objectives description that fits the bill. Hashtags are also a great way to hold social media contests, brand your posts and communicate with others. This year was our second year in attendance, and it was such an interesting time to reflect on all of the changes that have occurred in the year since our first summit.
Riffle Riffle is a free Chrome extension that’s compatible with 16 other Twitter platforms like Hootsuite or TweetDeck.
Users can enter their handles, and My Top Tweet shows which tweets have been tweeted the most out of the past 3,200 on the account. There’s also a premium version of SocialRank that comes with more features, like additional filters. The free account comes with 12 platform metrics, and the Pro account comes with 36, including some of the more desirable and commonly-used platforms like Facebook and Pinterest. Users can also see which other users they reply to most often, who is or is not following back, and a breakdown of the most commonly used hashtags.
The premium version lets users export Excel and PDF documents of analytics reports, set custom date ranges for analyses, and obtain advanced search analytics.
Simply Measured Simply Measured offers several free, platform-specific tools for social media analytics. For example, if you use the Twitter tool, you’d get a report back with an audience summary, follower distribution, top keywords in audience profiles, Klout scores, and other location-based information.
Social Mention Social Mention is good for a quick glimpse of how people are talking about your brand online. You can type in your brand name and get information about the last time it was mentioned and where.
The service provides percentages detailing reach, passion, sentiment, and strength, as well as top keywords used.
The free version’s features mainly just include follower management, but higher tiers offer more in-depth analytics and information on engagement, as well as the ability to monitor competitors, hashtags, URLs, and other items. TweetReach The free version of TweetReach shows a limited number of the most recent tweets, but that information will give you a quick snapshot of how many Twitter accounts you’ve reached, your number of impressions (when a tweet is delivered to the newsfeed of an account, but not necessarily read), and who your top contributors are. SumAll SumAll pulls together multiple social media accounts, such as Twitter and Facebook, along with other things like Facebook ads, Google and Bing ads, and email clients so you can manage them from one spot. This content will be shown after all post Related Posts7 QUICK AND FREE WAYS TO BOOST YOUR ENGAGEMENT.

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