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If we think in terms of developing a business marketing strategy, we’re going to be far more effective in building our business rather than thinking of building a social media strategy. Only after you have answered each of these questions can you then begin to determine what internet platforms you should be using. In this insightful article, Andy PrestonA from Manchester highlights the pitfalls of trying to run an account management strategy. The key point for me is the understanding that it takes different types of people to run these different roles.
In other words, ita€™s like having a a€?New Businessa€™ focus within your existing accounts, and therefore requires a different skillset to the a€?new businessa€™ role, and most definitely a different skill-set to the old a€?Account Managementa€™ role!
3) The third role is what he refers to as a€?Account Servicinga€™ or a€?Customer Servicea€™ a€“ in effect the focus of this role is to keep the customer spending with you, deal with any complains, problems or queries, and a€?servicea€™ their account. This is part 3 of a dialogue between a senior sales prevention officer and a junior seeking to learn the ropes. Do not help the client by writing about the benefits they may receive from working with you. Given that you have a specific problem, here is my take on the differences between these terms. As a coach I would help you to define the problem, work with you to develop possible solutions that work for you, help you to decide which solution you want to take and then work with you to make it happen.
As a consultant I would work with you to determine the problem, define a solution and then implement all or part of the solution. As a mentor I would help you to define the problem, then using my experience in managing complex sales teams, I would suggest ways ahead, obstacles that would be faced and how to get around them. As a sales advisor, I would offer advice as to how to go about solving the dilemma but would not get involved with the implementation.
It is important to keep what the customer wants in mind as a business ownerA builds loyalty. It is easy to think about customers are object you are trying to attract them and forget they are people. One of the worst things a business can do when building brand loyalty is focusing on the next sale. Engagement can simply mean a conversation or acknowledgement that the business heard their words and will take the appropriate action. No matter how well you do everything else, how those behind the counter treat the customer is still one of the best ways to build customer loyalty. Once you have emptied your brain, take a break and enjoy a hot beverage or glass of wine because now comes the hard bit. Add up the time per task as you go down the list until you reach 80% of the time you want to work. Strategic sales management is the management task of designing, implementing and measuring the organisations sales capability. What I have found is that many organisations, large or small,do well in many areas of sales such as developing a customer pathway, managing the clients expectations and doing what they think needs to be done to generate customer loyalty.
But where most seem to fall down is in not having the deep understanding of their clients needs and wants. But if it is done well, then these deeper and stronger relationship bonds will add real value in developing increased sales opportunities and in times of need when things go pop. Get to know your customers, record the information and use it and see the benefits flow over time. A few months back I was doing some strategic sales management consulting with a firm in London.
We can lower the numbers who opt out at each stage by looking closely at what the customer is being asked to do and ensuring it is as complex as necessary and as simple as possible. Social media is any on line promotional platform whereby firms seek to engage with other firms via platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn etc. The goal in social media is to engage more with the personality than with products or services. Only the very smallest firms might buy through social media connections, and one could argue that is more a B2C transaction as they are in essence buying for themselves and not as an officer of the company. So my view is that if you want to sell to established businesses, focus more promoting what you do in terms that your audience understands.
There are plenty of tales out there of sales pitches which for one reason or another, completely bombed. The consultant felt that he had a good grasp on the situation and could appropriately treat the problem. At Business CoPilot, we live by the mantra a€?treatment without diagnosis is malpracticea€?. I may be misrepresenting you, (and if so, Ia€™m sorry!) but the fact is that many businesses of all sizes underestimate the value of a marketing and dona€™t include it in their plans. Failing to include a detailed, achievable marketing plan from the beginning can mean that marketing becomes a reactionary (and therefore inconsistent) process rather than a clear strategy (which is what really works). GrowthAccelerator suggested these five tips for creating a solid marketing foundation which will weather the changes inevitable in a fast-growing business. Marketing isna€™t separate to business, it’s a valuable part of it and should be treated accordingly.
It can be easy to talk about grand plans for marketing, and find that they are more difficult than you expected. Make sure those responsible for the marketing strategy know what is expected from them, and review regularly to ensure accountability.
Looking back to step 3, the value of making a target measurable is using those measurements to improve what youa€™re doing. A good Instagram post is not as simple as just snapping a photo, applying a filter and posting it to your news feed.
In this article you’ll discover how to create Instagram posts that increase engagement and drive sales. If you’re posting a photo of a product on Instagram, be creative with the shot and make sure it reflects well on the product. Think about whether you should show the entire product, frame the shot a certain way or include another item to accompany the product.

Warby Parker posts creative photos of their eyewear on Instagram, often garnering more than 2,000 likes per post. Once you find the most effective angle for your products, stick with that approach and be consistent. Think about whether your photo should be shown in color or in black and white, and how to portray it best. Instagram realized early on that much of the app’s value and appeal was in its filters. The novelty of the #nofilter hashtag excites some users, but artistically edited photos contribute to the purpose of your posts. It’s important to identify what type of description resonates best with your audience. Add relevant hashtags to make your posts discoverable, but generally stick with three to five hashtags at a time. Regramming user-generated content is one of the best ways to promote your community and products.
Consider adding a call to action to your post, which prompts customers or shoppers to do something. Influencers already have built-in distribution lists with large groups of followers and are trusted for their opinions on what products to purchase.
In addition to creating impactful posts, you need to have a defined content strategy so your Instagram account can continuously attract followers and generate sales.
As Instagram shifts from a visual platform to a visual marketplace, it can be a powerful sales driver for your business.
In this article you’ll discover how SAP North America created a process that shows them exactly how social media is touching millions of dollars in potential business. Before customers buy your product or service, they go through a process of discovery, learning and understanding.
In this article you’ll discover tactics that engage customers at each buying stage and move them toward the final sale. Find out how to different marketing tactics at each stage of the buying lifecycle to get more leads. To learn how to use Google Analytics to help make smart marketing decisions, I interview Andy Crestodina for this episode of the Social Media Marketing podcast. It’s designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing.
In this episode, I interview Andy Crestodina, author of Content Chemistry and co-founder of Orbit Media (a Chicago-based web design agency).
You’ll discover why analytics are so important to your business success and step-by-step instructions on how to get started. Share your feedback, read the show notes and get the links mentioned in this episode below! Are you looking for creative ways to use your blog content to improve your conversion process? In this article, you’ll discover how to identify and patch the weaker part of your funnel by writing the right type of content.
What are the areas in my business that may complement the execution of a business marketing plan? Does my business marketing strategy have a return on investment?  What is it and how will it be measured?
This is where the individual brings in new, fresh business from prospects that dona€™t currently spend money with you. The main function of this role is about bringing in more business from existing accounts a€“ i.e people who are ALREADY spending money with you.
When clients become aware that they have a problem, they start to search for possible solutions.
It doesna€™t really matter that I have sales experience (which I have), it is more important that I have coaching experience.
It is, however, easy to make mistakes when building brand loyalty that may haunt a business the rest of its days. Working hard on ensuring that the client or customer has a smooth path through the purchase is probably the best way to build brand loyalty. Put all the notes in a long vertical line, the most important things you spend your time on at the top and the lesser items at the bottom.
That’s right at least 20% or one day per week of quality time to ensure the business vision, goals and objectives are being met.
It covers a myriad of aspects of business including customer acquisition, customer satisfaction, customer retention and managing the interlock with the marketing process.
They don’t have in place the relationships with their customers with their equivalent senior management team, their peers or subordinates that generates that deep understanding of what makes them tick. By doing so we will increase the conversion rates that in turn enhances the margins downstream. It’s all about personal branding, ego and demonstrating who you are and not what you do or the benefit that you offer. Make it clear what you are selling, the benefit the users get from using you and the process that you will use to make it happen. However, the consultant didn’t win the work, and the potential client was not impressed. The potential client was not looking for an approximation of possible treatment, but to be listened to and understood, fully.
Ita€™s a saying which, had the consultant known it, might have prevented him from failing in the meeting.
Ita€™s putting it into practice which takes time, dedication and effort, but it is also this which makes it work and brings you the benefits (basically, more customers). Make sure ita€™s integrated with the business plan, using the same concepts and key drivers as you do for processes, finance and business strategy.
If something doesna€™t seem to be working, dona€™t always discount it, as some tasks need time to build and gather momentum. To have a real impact, your posts need to be carefully crafted and shared with purpose and intent.

Does the X-Pro II filter or Valencia filter present your product in a refreshing or edgy way?
Nike’s caption here is evocative and tells a story instead of merely describing the product. In Nike’s case, this photo represents the culmination of training for the Chicago Marathon.
You don’t want to overload your photo with too many hashtags because that can be viewed as desperation. This hashtag not only fosters a sense of community, but also reaffirms who your audience is. Follow and pay attention to your followers, and like the posts that are strategically and aesthetically aligned with your brand. This is a great way to gain new followers, but make sure the action is relevant to your post.
Top brands like Birchbox and Madewell partner with influencers to create compelling content to promote their products. By working with influencers, you harness their digital popularity to expand your follower count and boost direct sales. Determine how many photos you’ll post weekly and set internal key performance indicators and goals to measure success. Track which photos perform best so you can discover what content resonates with your audience and begin expanding your reach and driving sales.
Thinking strategically about your brand and how it’s portrayed on Instagram has the potential to generate leads and sales better than any other social network. In other words, content can be useful at strengthening different parts of the conversion funnel.
Using a variety of prospecting methods, the a€?warmesta€™ this role gets is trying to win back a lost (or lapsed) customer.
This role is about getting those clients to spend more a€“ whether thata€™s increasing order value or order frequency, taking business off your competition that may be active in those accounts, or finding new a€?buying pointsa€™ in those accounts (and getting them to spend with you), thata€™s the focus of the Account Development role. As a Junior Sales Prevention Officer did you not realise that prospective clients would be looking for your company using the internet? That way Google will rank your page as not relevant to your prospective customers and you will wallow on page 15 or 16.
If the problem was about the impact on the balance sheet of a certain course of action, or about the best way of implementing a tax efficient benefits package, I could coach but not act in any other capacity. Would you reflect longingly at what life would look like if you could increase the time at work?
All too frequently we find as business coaches that senior business leaders spend too long on non essential tasks to the detriment of their business.
Perhaps it is understandable as it takes time and a level of skill to generate the information and an efficient CRM process to store it. His was a botched diagnosis, coloured by what he wanted to gain from the meeting, and how he wanted to be perceived. Measuring your outcomes is key to finding out what works best, and calculating your marketing ROI. Most important is identifying what has worked, then sustaining and improving on those factors.
While there is some evidence that photos with no filters perform best, filters may be necessary to achieve a coherent look for your brand. There is an array of filters at your disposal to communicate a particular mood for your brand and products.
Your excuse that a€?Only those under 18 years of age would use the internet.a€? is way out of date. Imagine a site that allowed the customer to enter the site and then be unable to find what they are looking for.
Start by using search terms that have absolutely nothing to do whatsoever with what your customer might type into a search engine. Or when the customer goes on line to check the stock availability or to determine delivery costs, these are touch points.
He made no attempts to listen and react to the potential client, or to see things from his point of view. Include marketing in all review meetings, to ensure it is discussed alongside and as part of the key business drivers. We ensured we remained hidden by not subscribing to any form of advertising, avoiding any relationship with the press and refusing to subscribe to directories. I could hear the frustrations of the callers trying to explain what their issues were so they could place the order.
They seek solutions by looking for the closest thing they can to a solution and then fine tune it when they have a few options. The potential client complimented the consultant on a recent book, boosting his confidence and encouraging him to cut to the chase. I did this by informing the Board that our investment funds would be better spent on making further enhancements to the product. The consultant explained what his approach would be and presented his view of the situation. Jumble the text around and pack the words in tightly by assuming that the last thing clients want to see is any white space on the site.
Start with a really slow download speed by using the cheapest server and low tech or free website package.
We had so many product enhancement projects underway that the Board do not have the time to look at the languishing sales figures.
And most importantly do not seek to craft any form of narrative that might suggest passion or emotional engagement with what you do.
Just words, no images to brighten up the site or videos to ensure they have something to engage with.

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