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As we all know, small business is still dependent on waifs and strays of economic recession.
This blog is supported by AtomPark Software, a company which has been developing and selling software and services for Internet marketing since 2001, and now they have decided to share their success in online promotion.
Every web design, pr and advertising agency today will tell you that you must have the Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (now also Google Buzz) accounts to expand your brand online. Each type of business’ utilization of social media networking is different, especially the integration of social networking and search engine optimization is existing marketing and advertising plans. The University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business looked at the relationship between social media and small businesses and found that the technology adoption rates in the U.S. The data comes straight from the university’s third installment to its Small Business Success Index report and is based on a December 2009 telephone survey of 500 small business owners. The study concludes that one nearly one in five small business owners are integrating social media into their business processes — Facebook and LinkedIn were the most popular sites. As the graphic below details, the small business owners who are using social media are primarily engaging in social media through company pages (75%) and status updates (69%) on Facebook or LinkedIn. Another interesting notion is that small business owners now believe social media can help them on the lead generation front, and that is the primary motivating factor for engaging in these new customer service channels. Clearly social media has become a valuable tool for small businesses, but we’re especially curious to see how Twitter adoption rates fluctuate over the time. DIF Design located in Springfield, MA offers a broad spectrum of affordable graphic and website Design services, as well as one-on-one marketing consulting. According to Statista, this year over 180 million Americans will own a smartphone, and that number will grow by 10% to almost 200 million in 2016. In a recent online poll we took of our audience, slightly more than half either had a mobile site or were acquiring one. Tough love alert: If your business isn’t ready for mobile primetime, it’s a dinosaur waiting to become extinct.
Write this on a rock … Mobile computing wasn’t any part of your past, but it will dominate your future. Age of the Customer author and Small Business Advocate Jim Blasingame discusses the importance of introducing your customers to your business or company’s authentic side and offers three suggestions to help you convey your vision and values to your customers. Strictly speaking, “social media” is the technology that makes online community building possible, not the community itself. In defining community, Webster uses words like association, fellowship, like-mindedness and shared interests.

Merely having a website isn’t practicing community building any more than owning a piano makes you a musician. There is one critically important thing for a founding company to understand about both of the online customer community types: the company cannot control community behavior. The goals of these two groups are very different: Individuals use social media primarily to connect and share.
For professional services providers, like consultants, trainers, writers or any venture that sells information and ideas, social media is pretty intuitive, completely logical and often highly effective.
Even so, social media, with all the attendant sites and applications, may be a craze, but it isn’t a fad. Here’s a Social media and small businesses statistics infographic I stumbled across on the plane yesterday, thought it might be useful for you. Results are based on an online survey of 402 businesses (93 percent with 100 or less employees). Adoption rate calculations are compared against a baseline report conducted in December 2008. In fact, 45% of surveyed respondents even believe their social media initiatives will pay off financially in 12 months or less. What’s especially intriguing is that a much smaller percentage of respondents — just 16% — are using Twitter as a customer service channel. So while half of surveyed respondents found the time it takes to use social media sites more daunting than expected, 61% are still putting in the hours and making active efforts to identify new customers. While we expect more small businesses to use Twitter as a customer service channel in the year ahead, as it stands, Facebook and LinkedIn have become the predominant platforms for small business owners. With a staff of trained website and graphic design professionals, DIF Design provides exceptional quality and unique creative approach to every project. When your URL is requested from a smartphone, the mobile site presents automatically with your regular website offerings netted out and with fewer graphics for the smaller screen – form follows function. Content is King — and we’re consumers of many different types of online content — but most content lacks the necessary engagement customers are craving. It allows for the creation of and service to online communities, where dialogue and interaction among community founders and members are possible. Communities founded and hosted by your company, oriented around relationships with customers and prospects. For example, real simple syndication (RSS), a blog, an email newsletter (ezine), a text blast and Twitter are channel tool examples, through which businesses and their communities exchange information.

Businesses participate in social media communities to pursue a marketing strategy in these target-rich environments. But many classicMain Street small businesses, like a restaurant, dry cleaners, contractor, etc., often struggle to create an effective social media strategy. This is where the danger lies because social media activity can become a thief that steals time from effective marketing practices.  Effective means those strategies that are known to result in sales. Continue to execute your traditional marketing strategy, while simultaneously getting involved in and learning about the 21st century social media universe. On the other hand, expectations among social media users (I mean small business owners and managers) are changed.
Mobile sites cost less than mobile apps to create, update and maintain, and a mobile site icon looks just like a mobile app. An online community is established when customers subscribe to one or more of your channel offerings in order to receive your information.
A founding company can only create the community and influence it by establishing community values, then serving it via the channels and information it offers, which are requested by members.
And just like the evolution of websites, in time businesses will figure our how to use social media as an effective tool. AtomPark Software is great example of revolution in this area, as we started running AtomPark’s social media channels and groups (such as Facebook group) just after the recession.
With clients in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York, you will always be satisfied with superior results and great customer care. And the question is not whether this craze will last, but rather, what will it look like over time and why should a small business care? But for the time being, some businesses have figured it out, while many are still uncertain about how to produce a social media return on investment. Please find small business and social media statistics 2009-2010 below – sources, usage, achievements and accomplishments included.
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