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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Recent 2015 Social Media Platform & Mobile Social Applications users statistics in Digital Marketing. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Did you know that Twitter is grabbing more new registrations than Facebook, with more than half of its entire userbase compromised of people who have signed up in the last year, compared to just 19 percent for Mark Zuckerberg’s baby?
These, and several other amazing social media statistics, can be found in the infographic below. In case you missed it, on Tuesday Greg Miernicki released his findings and live graph of Google+ users. Not only does it show just how rapidly Google+ is growing (as you can track the progress via the live graph) but it proves that Google+ is beginning to close in on Facebook fast. The following numbers show how many registered users each of the top 5 social networks has on the books.
While active users is where the real test of how successful a social network is, the number of registered users is not to be ignored. The team over at Google continues to innovate and create tools that help make social media better for everyone, especially bloggers or anyone who owns a website. Still one of the hottest social networks around, the 140 character social network continues to grow rapidly.
Now there are still those who will see these stats and want to think up all sorts of wild nonsense about why Google+ is still a ghost town and that these numbers don’t mean anything, blah blah blah. Enter your email below and get instant access to a growing library of exclusive downloads and a max of 4 emails a month with exclusive content. The real test of Google+’s uptake in the market is how many are active users, compare that with the other social networks.
I’ve heard many people make that objection about gmail users having a Google+ profile automatically. And maybe you missed this post, but Google+ passed Twitter in active users back in January. Google is one of the first to move in the direction of a single login across all products to make life easier and less complicated. Google is intentionally inflation their user base through the forced conversion of non-Google+ users from their other services, Gmail, YouTube comments, Blogger etc. I like very much Google+, I hate Facebook because there is no use, sharing liking what is this so many users are bored now so they left face book, and joined Google+, if you see on face book they show you send friend requests to people at right side top, if you send 1 request is sufficient but your send another request then you blocked and banned from face book, so this is main problem in face book, so many users are hate this. If a Google+ account is required to post a comment on YouTube ( and hence my Google+ feed) or leave a review on the Google Play store (which feeds into my Google+ feed) are those counted toward the number of “active users”? Already many NGOs and political parties like BJP and AAP are conducting vote for India campaigns to bring awareness among people to realize the importance of vote. 60% of the Indian population is youth but most of the youngsters are hesitating to vote after seeing corrupt politics.
Anil Anvesh, just a normal guy, part-time blogger and an internet addict who wants to share some tech tips and tricks that will make computing easier. You’ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing.
In this post, I round-up some of the significant stats from 2013 which show the big trends in consumer behaviour across different digital platforms and channels that will help you question your priorities in 2014. With limited time you need to focus your participation on the social networks which are growing fastest and have the most participation amongst your audience.
Our post asking which social network drives the most visits used social sharing data from Gigya to help answer this question.
Of course, sharing will vary by market, so check your sharing against your direct competitors. The same data source also shows the relative popularity of the social networks for social sign-in. With the increase in consumer adoption of mobile, you should focus more on visits from mobile SEO.

Despite the growth in popularity of social media many of us still turn first to a search engine, although this new data from Google’s new Mobile Path to Purchase guide shows us that mobile apps and brand sites are important sources too according to consumers. We have alerted readers to how Google has progessively removed referring keywords in its reports during 2013, so making reporting on SEO more challenging, although we have shown there are decent alternatives.
Although overall conversion rates for Ecommerce can help us benchmark, as Dan Barker said in this post average conversion rates are near-meaningless. We've regularly written on the importance of channel attribution to understand which media influence sales over the increasingly complex customer journey. Within email opened on mobile devices, checking your iPhone and iPad rendering is most important, although Android is rising fast. From a small online retailers perspective, after three years to present, our Google Analytics suggest search is still our biggest success factor in actual sales.
So what you’re seeing will be similar to most retailers I think, but with social more important if you look earlier in the customer journey. This is likely because the sample is mainly US businesses, so conversion will be lower with the cost of international delivery or it may not permitted.
In light of a recent milestone for Google+ surpassing more than 1 billion registered users, now is a perfect time to take a look at the top social networks and what their user numbers are. The result of an algorithm put together by himself and Francois Beaufort that revealed the current number of registered users on Google+. When I first predicted that Google+ would be the dominant social network within 5 years, even I didn’t expect this level of growth. Give it a look and be sure to click on the Explanation in the top right corner of the screen to see exactly how they created this study. This is not to be mistaken for how many active users the network has– that is a completely different metric altogether and can generate a good amount of debate (especially for the Google+ Ghost Story tellers). Although many might debate me (and have tried) the data thus far has proved my theories right.
Still the best platform for quick updates and live chats, Twitter is definitely not to be ignored. Though I still have yet to completely dive in, it’s has been well documented that this social space has a ton of potential to drive traffic and revenue!
It’s more important than ever to stay on the cutting edge and take charge of your online presence. On top of that, when an app acts on your behalf (as many apps have been known to do without you knowing about it) is that considered “active”?
Rumor has it, Google is going to release those numbers and they’re going to be mind-blowing!
My guess would be that it would come in distant 3rd place behind Twitter or maybe even 4th behind Instgram. I can compare two companies on Twitter and Facebook and they can be vastly different as far as activity and engagement. It’s not true of people who were gmail users before Google+, and even new users have the option to opt out.
Nobody seems to want to talk about the fact that automated and spam-bot accounts are rampant and extremely easy to create.
On the other hand I like G+ plus but it has a long way to go before it has anywhere near the social awareness of Facebook or Twitter. But these days, companies with multiple service offerings have to do things this way in order to make seamless integration happen in a way that’s easy for the user. Internet has spread across the globe and social media vanished the boundaries between countries. So it is clearly evident that the percentage of literate people voting should be increased. As 2014 general elections are approaching very fast as an individual I will use social mobile apps to motivate my friends to vote in general elections 2014.
Occasionally I will broadcast images and videos in WeChat to motivate my friends to vote in 2014 general elections.
Already Narendra Modi and Arvind Kejriwal  are occasionally connecting to people via hangouts. If I found any interesting news in paper or hoarding on the roadside I’ll take a snap of it and share it via Facebook and Twitter mobile apps.

Using the right insights can also make an impact when presenting to colleagues or clients about improvements to marketing.
If you’re looking for specific insights about a particular channel or network, perhaps in a region or country, we compile these together to make them easier for our members to find when creating presentations - see our Online marketing usage statistics and our online marketing benchmarks compilation. This data from Global WebIndex shows the growth in the main networks across different age groups.
Here we can see that Ecommerce sharing is quite different - with Pinterest very popular, particularly in the US. See how the proportion of mobile visits vary in importance compared to other traffic sources to see whether you potentially have a problem. This will vary by device, country, referrer and of course product category on the site as suggested by this benchmark from Monetate. This new data from Adobe shows, for example that social media and search can be more valuable when assists are taken into account. The behaviour it’s a bit different on mobile than on desktop, such as the length of the sessions, and various steps until purchase. Social media has given us hardly anything to be honest, however, we still use Google Plus for its ranking weighting & SERPS display plus Pinterest as this seems to generate traffic. The blog post you sent me to has some great discussions (yourself and Andrew) and it reminded me why I must view social NOT as a sales channel – something I forgot when I posted this. No matter how much people complain about it, Facebook still remains the most used social network on the planet.
It was only 9 months ago now that Google+ grabbed the number two spot in the social network race and just look at the growth since then. Not to mention that they have already announced that they’ll be implementing advertising within Instagram next year. I like being able to share something with a circle with confidence that the entire circle can see it. I think that would be a more realistic number, though passing 1 billion registered is nothing to sneeze at. Most of those people have a G+ account (something I can see) and most I talk to have never once clicked on it.
The fact that you can’t automate Google+ keeps the spamming down significantly more than the other networks.
Every provider that offers multiple services with their account should give you the option to opt in these services when creating an account, not just opt them in anyway.
The fragmentation that currently plagues our online profiles is annoying, cumbersome and a complete time-suck.
Most of this responsibility is on top companies, but i am sure that everyone can play his part! As an individual I will Hangout with my friends in a video chat to discuss the current politics. As today’s youth are connected to digital world especially to the Smartphones, it is easy to motivate them using social mobile apps. I could even find you several examples of brands thriving on Google+ who have a fraction of the engagement on Facebook.
Dozens of user names and passwords to remember, and just as many different urls to log in to. Keeping this in mind mobile app development companies came forward with some unique apps to attract the youth of India.
Numbers suggest that Facebook is twice as engaging on almost the same registered user base. By doing so that would add almost a billion more users to the platform, Which is what Google has done with G+, and it’s kind of a lie.
Recent Delhi elections is a good example how social media can drive youth towards voting, a record 66% of voters cast their ballot in the assembly elections. G+ doesn’t have the add problem, but because it shows others posts in communities, it has the spam factor.

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