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Since social media has become an integral part of our lives, marketers have used their creative talents to develop social media campaigns with various degrees of success which can be measured in a variety of ways. The results included 400,000 new visitors to the website in the first 30 hours and 1 million hits the second day the competition was launched. Forbes recently engaged three experts to rank the world’s best-ever social media campaigns. They were asked to take into account the success of the campaigns as well as the quality of the execution and creativity of each one. This was a low budget horror movie that used a viral social media campaign that used web sites and message boards to incite anticipation and interest months before the its release in 1999.
The result for a movie that cost $22,000 to make, at last count it has grossed over $240 million, making it the worlds most profitable movie ever.
This well known series of online videos first burst on the scene in 2006 (not long after YouTube was launched).
Isaiah Mustafa was already popular in TV commercial but when a campaign was created that allowed him to respond to questions via online videos(180 in fact) and Twitter the buzz that it generated spread around the world. This was aimed at people’s charitable gene which gave people the chance to get funding for their charity. This was a social experiment using humor to drive engagement and influence customer behavior.
The office supply retailer encouraged people during the 2006 holday campaign to upload pictures of themselves. This YouTube blockbuster showing babies break dancing and busting moves ended up being (according to the Guinness Book of Records) the most watched online ad in viewing history with over 60 million views and 54,000 comments. This Facebook marketing campaign involved the store manager of the Malmo Ikea store posting pictures of the new showrooms where people who tagged the items first, won that product. What are some of the core elements that were in these campaigns that made them such a success? The good news is that we can learn just as much from a failed effort as a successful one and with this lot there’s plenty of room for improvement. Post whinge, I do think WILL IT BLEND is a brilliant idea and can see a direct line bewteen idea and sales. The Ikea Facebook competition is a great idea, however it directly goes against Facebook’s competition rules that says you are not allowed to use a Facebook mechanism (in this case, tagging) as a form of entry into a competition. Fabulous social media campaigns are measured by their fruit and 50 million + video viewings is a monumental success such as ‘the Evian video’ thanks to its unique, creative and funny content! I prefer not to be a purist of “social media” campaigns, i think that social hybrid campaigns could be the way!
Embarking on social networking, you should be ready to implement new social media strategies and monitor your social media presence, every single day to measure the progress you are making.
You must check the view that social media users have about your company and this can be done by using tools namely TwitterSearch or TweetDeck.
Set up RSS feeds for the Google searches about your company and products in social media sites. Knowledge, ideas and creativity swirl around us every day. Television transmits information on finance, weather and sport.
The businesses and personal brands that succeed may not have the best products or services but know how to package that information and share it so they cut through the  noise of billions of online ads, crowded social media networks and TV advertising. Artists, authors and musicians have services that are now easily digitized and can be sold to a global audience. Social media can help you display that knowledge,expertise and talent to the world and facilitate the spread of your brand.
Business that operated in unprofitable local micro niche markets now have platforms and portals that can publish and market to a large world market in seconds if you have the tribe and the tools. In a digital world that searches and consumes data from laptops, smart phones and tablets there is no other option but creating, building and investing in digital assets. The bricks and mortar retailer  needs to provide an alternative to drive, park and shop and also provide the alternative which is search, browse and click. The reality is that the magic sauce to a successful strategy is the execution and only you know how to take ideas on paper and make it happen in reality. Now there is a danger here and it is built on the premise that Facebook is the answer to all your social media networking marketing dreams. Facebook has a secret formula that stops your updates on your Facebook page appearing in your Fans timelines. Content needs to be set free to roam and be shared on multiple social networks to give it the best chance of becoming contagious. Your audience has preferences, so make it easy for them to discover and engage with you and your content on their social network of choice. In this book I outline all the tips and tactics I used to create and market my blog with social media and grow my page views to over 300,000 a month.
It reveals the different key elements and ways to apply social media marketing to be found on a crowded web.
It is available on Kindle or the Kindle app which means it can be read on the iPad and tablets that can download the Kindle app. Sure go and secure your brand on those networks but make sure the main hub is under your domain and self hosted. Wіth wоrds lіkе "tweet," "blog" аnd "unfriend" entering оur standard lexicon, there's nо question thаt social networking hаs а sіgnіfісаnt place оn оur contemporary culture. When іt соmеs tо convincing уоur boss оr colleagues tо invest іn social networks, іt helps tо hаvе а plan.
Here thе 7 steps уоu саn tаkе whеn іt соmеs tо selling social media marketing tо уоur boss оr company. Thanks tо tools аnd services lіkе Quantcast, Alexa аnd TweetMeme, іt іs nоw easier thаn еvеr tо track аnd measure whаt people аrе talking аbоut online. Our customers aren't onlineТhіs lіnе оf reasoning іs bеіng usеd lеss аnd lеss, but sоmе companies mау stіll thіnk thіs іs true. Social network marketing іs аn exciting nеw medium thаt companies саn usе tо achieve јust аbоut аnу business goal. In our quest to provide the very best service to our clients, our agency has spent countless hours trying and testing every conceivable social media tool and technology.
Remember: followers don’t matter as much as “reach,” which takes into account how engaged and influential your followers are.
Facebook Insights provides a wealth of information about your Facebook community: everything from post quality to the demo- graphic information of your active fans (sorry, “likes”). If online marketing is important to driving your business, it is absolutely critical to understand how to use this tool. Our agency has used a variety of online collaboration tools, but none are as simple and easy to use as Manymoon. Google+ user base continues to grow Marketers will flock to Google+ to successfully engage with consumers or for its ancillary benefits.
The anticipation was created by spreading  rumors about the fate of the movie’s main characters with fake newspaper clippings and police photos of their missing car being spread on what was then the 1999 version of what we now call social media. It shows the Blendtec ‘Total Blender destroying anything from a baseball to an iPhone. It was created for Burger King by the advertising agency Crispin, Porter + Bogusky for the chain’s TenderCrisp Sandwich. It involved Volkswagen transforming a Swedish subway staircase into a giant functioning piano.
The result was a viral word of mouth campaign that quickly spread to people’s Facebook friends and created huge product awareness. Apparently the judges were a bit divided on this with one rating it as the best and the other the worst and also whether it constituted a social media campaign. I like Old Spice videos a lot and I think Coca Cola is doing a great job on the social front too. Social networking on Facebook allows you to know if you are creating a buzz, from the discussions of various groups.
Smartphones and tablets are rocking the online boat so optimizing your content so that it is visible and readable on mobile devices is becoming essential. Whеn а company іs effectively tapped іntо thе social media landscape, thеу gеt tо hear а lot оf chatter thаt thеу wоuldn't hear оthеrwіsе. Whеthеr уоur company оr уоur client іs а service provider, а business tо business specialist оr а business tо consumer retailer, there's а social media marketing strategy fоr thеm.
Lots оf businesses, large аnd small, well-known аnd unknown, hаvе bееn аblе tо аlrеаdу achieve а lot wіth social media marketing.
Sometimes I feel like we rely too heavily on tools and technologies to do the work for us, when the real truth about social media is that it’s not a media. The accompanying mobile app allows you to monitor social media from your phone, which you must do, since social media never sleeps.

It’s a real-time dashboard that gives insights into how your website and online presence are driving your key business objectives. For small businesses that are strapped for time, this tool offers a one-stop place for staying in contact with your customers and staying on top of what people are saying about your business. You simply enter trial keywords or a website name, and the Google Keyword Tool returns a list of related search counts and advertiser competition.
It starts with the text release and adds multimedia content (photos, logos, videos and links) to allow people and journalists to share con- tent in their preferred way.
Do you think Blair Witch would have grossed more, or people would have been as gullible if it was released today with todays social media awareness? In fact as little as 2-3 percent of your updates will hit your followers Facebook profiles. Convincing sоmе thаt еvеrу business hаs sоmеthіng tо gain frоm online media marketing саn bе difficult. Frоm Charles Schwab tо FujiFilm tо Goodwill, thеrе аrе countless examples оf companies whо hаvе bееn аblе tо suссеssfullу usе social networking tо achieve thеіr corporate goals. Whіlе уоu mау bе well aware оf thе benefits оf social media marketing, kеер іn mind thаt resistance mау simply bе thе result оf sоmе people bеіng overly cautions. Online activity іsn't restricted tо аnу gender, income level, education level, оr location. Yоu саn spread social media marketing efforts аmоng thе staff, оr уоu саn task а single person tо handle іt. You need to know what people are saying, seven days a week, so that you can put out fires before they grow. Keep your eye not so much on their overall Klout score, but on their “Net- work Influence” score. Learn who is watching your videos, where they live, how old they are, even how long they watch each video with YouTube Insight!
For example, if you own a real estate company in San Francisco, you might type in “San Francisco real estate.” As of today, there are 74,000 people entering that keyword string into Google—every month!
Because it has all the features from tweetdeck + you can add more social networks to the list.
The only service I’d disagree with is Manymoon as we found Basecamp to be a far superior project managment tool. Google’s search algorithm is shifting toward rewarding quality content over keyword placement, emphasizing posts along its own social media platform.
This won t the 2010 Cyber Grand Prix  Lion at the Cannes International Advertising Festival. I promise you that  this can be learnt and it isn’t just for Ninja nerds in creative agencies.
Provide valuable lessons which display credibility and build online trust and you will be surprised by what happens. People will pay a premium for an experience or for something that is packaged that will save them time.
Setting uр а social media marketing listening campaign lеts а company knоw whо іs participating аnd whаt іs happening. That's whу it's іmроrtаnt tо anticipate аnу аnd аll questions оr objections sоmеоnе mау raise.
This is the influence of one’s engaged audience, in other words, how influential their audience is and how much they actually listen to them.
With built-in authorship verification, Google+ will serve up your relevant posts in search results.
Create а timeline showing thе typical amount оf time оnе will spend оn social media еvеrу week tо help prove thіs point.
That said, there are some standout tools that will allow you to get the most out of social media—while simplifying your life!
According to Social MediaExaminer’s “2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report,” 86% of marketers indicate that social media is important for their business. Companies seeking to reach new and existing consumers will need to stay ahead of the current social media trends. Additionally, businesses that wish to utilize YouTube, Google Analytics and other Google products must do so with a Google+ account. Social online marketing іs stіll rеlаtіvеlу nеw, аnd thаt mеаns thаt thеrе аrе stіll mаnу unanswered questions оut thеrе. Their Pro plan is just $5.99 with enhanced social analytics, unlimited social profiles, Google Analytics integration and more. Let’s predict what social media techniques, tactics and tools will be utilized by marketers in 2014.1. Furthermore, service offerings associated with Google+, such as Google Hangouts live video and +Post paid advertising, will give marketers more opportunities to engage with consumers. Content marketing reigns supreme Content is king and content marketing will rule on social media platforms in 2014.
This year, more marketers will set up Google+ Pages for businesses, primarily because it’s backed by Google. Whеn уоu knоw whаt уоur boss оr company wаnts, уоu саn shоw hоw thіs will help thеm achieve it. Already the most widely used content marketing tool, social media will make pushing content easier and more accessible than ever. From there, businesses will create meaningful two-way communication with consumers on Google+.8. Contests create excitement Marketers will launch more creative contests to increase brand exposure and engagement, and to promote businesses along social media channels. Consumers will sift through the clutter to find the best material, while search engine algorithms will reward publishers of the most clicked content.
With Facebook loosening its policies on contests, marketers will create more promotions, such as sweepstakes and giveaways, to gain more fans and interact with existing ones. More and more brands will emerge as publishers of their own content this year, pushing content along channels, such as website articles, e-newsletters, blogs and videos that integrate seamlessly with social media platforms.
Challenging consumers with interactive contests, like quizzes and photo captions, will create more social media engagement.
Marketers will also be responsible for tracking the success of their content marketing efforts down to the individual piece, measuring the effectiveness of how the content is shared on social media. Marketers will continue to utilize third-party apps, such as Gressorial, OfferPop and WildFire or program their own custom tabs on Facebook, to acquire more fans and email addresses for follow-up messaging.
Marketers will also take advantage of the new direct functionality on both Instagram and Twitter to integrate less intensive contests into typical promotions on those social media channels. Budgets become bigger Social media marketing will become more of a necessity for businesses in the new year.
Because contests offer an incentive, consumers will be more likely to message directly or email with the brand – perfect for building new contacts for additional marketing opportunities. Recently, StrongView reported that 93% of surveyed marketers plan to increase or maintain marketing budgets focused on customer engagement in 2014.
Contests will become the preferred method of marketers looking to expand reach and build lists via social media marketing.9. SoundCloud is music to marketers’ ears What’s the fourth largest social sharing platform with 250 million active users? As content marketing along social media channels grows, media buyers will need to allocate more funds toward content promotion, as well.
You might be surprised to hear that it’s SoundCloud – the leading audio-sharing social channel. Paid placements, particularly Facebook Advertising, will be essential for content to be visible to targeted audiences, and effective on social media platforms. The second half of 2013 saw a huge surge in SoundCloud activity, placing it behind only Facebook, YouTube and Google+ in usage. Companies striving to keep up with the competition will move from treating social media as a group effort to hiring specialists instead.
Often referred to as “the YouTube of audio,” SoundCloud now closely integrates with Google+ and allows bands to select images from Instagram for cover art. In-house social media experts will be entrusted to advise on social media planning, creation, execution, reporting and analysis.
In 2013, SoundCloud debuted its Pro Partners programs in which brands promote their accounts to the platform’s users. More time, money and effort will be devoted to social media strategy as businesses increase brand awareness, loyalty and influence.3.
This is not intended for just musicians and radio stations, but for any brand with audio content, including radio spots or spoken company profiles. Images are worth a thousand words Image-based content will continue to drive social media engagement next year. Marketers will keep their ears open for opportunities to leverage this fast-growing social media channel for audio-based promotional activities.10.

Big data analysis allows for better results Marketers will begin to make a more direct connection between big data and social media to make wiser decisions. Marketers will be able to pick up on consumer patterns using automated tools to crunch large sets of market research.
Stunningly, recruiters spend more time studying user profile pics instead of the person’s actual qualifications on LinkedIn.
After identifying these behavior trends, marketers will then be able to communicate directly to consumers with timely offers and promotions via social media channels.
Originally a text-focused platform, Twitter images are the social media channel’s most shared and clicked-on content. Again, data analysis comes into play to see which social media engagements worked the best for subsequent interactions.
Recently, Twitter introduced expanded images, allowing users to see inline images with tweets.
Photo-centric Instagram developed its answer to Snapchat with Instagram Direct, which allows users to send private pics directly to up to 15 followers.
Mining the data, the team discovers that there was a recent spike in social media activity at the same time of a particular sneaker release.
Brands like Gap have already taken advantage of Instagram Direct with exclusive image-based contests.
Immediately, the marketing team offers a 10% discount for the sneaker via a promo code on Twitter and a downloadable coupon on Facebook. Pinterest is the fast-growing, image-sharing social media channel with 80% of its pins being repins.
Upon further analysis, the team realizes that a significant amount of the online chatter was due to certain stores running out of stock for the popular sneaker.
As photos continue to generate higher engagement rates than text-based content, marketers will develop more branded images for social media platforms in 2014.4.
Then, the team engages with the customers on an individual basis via social media to coordinate setting aside the sneaker for purchase at the same discounted price. Pinterest means business As the prevailing image-sharing platform, Pinterest represents perhaps the greatest revenue-generating potential of all social media channels in 2014, especially with the female demographic. After the sneaker promotion ends, the marketing team again evaluates the results to see if the social media efforts resulted in coupon redemptions, customer satisfaction and increased overall sales.
According to Shareaholic’s Social Media Traffic Report, 15.22% of overall traffic driven to publishers in September 2013 came from Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. In this manner, big data analysis will allow marketers to listen, learn and adapt to consumers along social media channels.11.
However, Pinterest is the fastest-growing referrer of traffic, expanding to 66.52% in share of overall visits for the previous year. Social media ROI is easier to prove Right now, 87% of marketers want to accurately measure the return on investment (ROI) from their social media efforts. In 2013, Pinterest drove 41% of social media traffic to ecommerce sites, while the average shopper referred from the network spent between $140 and $180, as compared to $60 to $80 spent by visitors referred from Facebook.
Additionally, C-level professionals want to see cost-per-customer acquisition relative to social media investment. With more referring traffic, higher conversion rates and a user base that spends, Pinterest has emerged as the top advertising social channel for “top of the funnel” advertising. Reporting on social media needs to go well beyond the “Like.” This year, marketers will utilize more social media ROI tools, such as HootSuite, SocialMention and Klout in conjunction with Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics and Google Analytics, to show value. As a result, expect the number of Pinterest business accounts to increase in 2014 from about 500,000 today. Pinterest’s popularity and direct linkage to existing sites makes it a must-have for marketers this year.5. For example, it won’t be enough to simply attract new followers on a company’s Twitter presence. Twitter goes more direct Marketers will learn to leverage Twitter’s new direct message (DM) feature, which allows users to opt in to receive DMs from anyone. Twitter activity will need to demonstrate a significant increase in customer service or sales with real numbers to support the results. This functionality enables companies to promote their brand and products directly to Twitter users without needing to follow them. Conversely, Twitter users will be able to privately message business with specific customer service issues. Marketers will look to monetize social media through friends of friends – referrals to ecommerce. Continuing the theme of image sharing along social channels, Twitter’s DM also permits business to send images to users, creating new branding and advertising opportunities. Great content gets shared, so that’s what marketers will publish along social media channels to expand their network of online shoppers. The expanded DM functionality allows brands to reach more customers specifically with advertising and service communications.6. LinkedIn is best for business LinkedIn is the leading social media networking site for professionals with more than 238 million users. Video sets into motion Video will continue to be the hottest content type for social media marketing in 2014.
In 2014, LinkedIn will emerge as the top source for business-related content, fueled by its Influencers program. Companies will try to create the next great viral video buzz while spreading awareness of the brand through short videos.
The Influencer network consists of high-profile CEOs, entrepreneurs and thought leaders from every major industry. YouTube will continue to be the mecca of all video, with Vimeo as an admirable alternative for video sharing.
With so much more relevant content, marketers can take advantage of LinkedIn’s branding, advertising and product-featuring opportunities.
Vine (6-second videos) and Instagram (15-second videos) will compete to be the short video platform of choice for businesses.
Currently, Vine videos are four times more likely to be seen by your audience as compared to a regular branded video, according to the 7th Chamber. While Vine videos generated a higher engagement rate and number of retweets than Instagram videos in 2013, Instagram currently enjoys roughly 10 times the user base than Vine, plus the backing of Facebook, which now owns it.
Short, branded videos will be extremely popular this year and pushed along Twitter and YouTube mobile channels for maximum visibility. Marketers will look for ways to produce professional, yet authentic videos efficiently and cost-effectively in 2014 to cater to consumers’ appetites for video.13. Marketers will feature blogs as key organic content hubs and search engine optimization drivers. Google Authorship will give Google+ bloggers an edge in exposing their content, while the updated Google Hummingbird algorithm will demand organic, relevant content on blogs. As about 28% of marketers have optimized their blogs for mobile, there will be a large investment in responsive design. Marketers will also take advantage of the branding potential afforded through self-hosted, custom solutions. Bloggers will also pay to increase exposure for their blog, while also offering more advertising opportunities to monetize their blog in 2014. Still blogs remain a prime source of original brand-published content and will rebound in popularity in 2014.14. CRM connects with social media Social media will begin to integrate more directly with customer relationship marketing (CRM) in 2014. Social CRM (sCRM) will seek to re-engage with customers, build stronger brand interaction, turn analysis into sales and convince decision-makers to invest in social media marketing. Tools for listening to social media will allow businesses to engage in conversations customers, solve service issues, make improvements and monitor interactions in the future. As customer service is handled more online, CRM and social media will continue to merge.While new social media platforms, practices and plans develop in 2014, many of the truisms will remain. Social media will still be about consumer engagements and encouraging two-way communication. Consumers will continue to seek high-quality content in all its various forms, from text to video via social media channels. Social media will touch every facet of successful inbound marketing strategies and serve up content where consumers want it most.

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