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Throughout school there’s continual assessment and evaluation of your progression in the education system to push you to the next level – But how much of that continues for us when we start our own business? Alex McCann is owner of Altrincham HQ – a social media company based in Altrincham, Cheshire, but is known nationally, has 120+ linkedin testimonials and is ranked number 1 for Social Media Marketing in the UK via independent customer reviews on Freeindex.
We are sure that the rain may stop but the slick lines on the court will not allow the game to be played as competitive as it should. For example,  I was driving down the street the other day behind a bright, VW bug, which was, to be more specific, the Sunology bug.
Many of us already have marketing vehicles in place that we may or may not have thought to include our social media icons. This entry was posted in Marketing Communication, Social Media and tagged social media, social media icons, social media icons for business on July 29, 2014 by Karen. No nos cansamos de oir que los social media estan predestinados a ser los canales de atencion al cliente del futuro.
Cuando echa mano de las redes sociales como plataformas de atencion al cliente, las expectativas del consumidor son muy elevadas. El canal de atencion al cliente con mas pegada entre los consumidores sigue siendo el telefono (33,5%), seguido a escasa distancia del email (32,5%). En cuanto a las tacticas empleadas por el consumidor para lidiar con los a menudo problematicos servicios de atencion al cliente de las empresas, la mayoria, el 72,6%, reconoce haberles amenazado en alguna ocasion con cancelar su contrato o irse a la competencia para conseguir el resultado esperado en su interaccion con este tipo de servicios.

That’s not surprising since using social media is an efficient, affordable way to build a following and disseminate information to the masses with the click of the mouse. There on the back of the vehicle, prominently displayed on the hood, was a string of social media icons. To avoid any legal complications, be sure you adhere to the branding guidelines set forth by Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
Y puede que esta prediccion sea absolutamente acertada, pero por el momento no termina de cumplirse. Que la rotundidad de esta cifra no es atribuible a la escasa familiaridad del consumidor con las redes sociales como canales de atencion al cliente. El 53,7% de los consumidores espera una respuesta en menos de hora, el 19,8% en ene menos de 30 minutos y el 16,9% en menos de 5 minutos. La medalla de bronce es para los chats online (21,3%), mientras que la cuarta plaza es para la clasica atencion al cliente cara a cara.
However, if you’ve got a corporate social media account, like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.
Segun un reciente estudio llevado a cabo en Estados Unidos por la empresa especializada en servicios de atencion al cliente M2Talk, solo el 2% de los consumidores asegura con rotundidad preferir las plataformas 2.0 como canales de atencion al cliente.
El 67% de los consumidores dice haber utilizado en alguna ocasion los social media como plataformas de atencion al cliente.

If I was interested in what they were selling,  I had absolutely no excuse not to connect with the company.
PhotoBig Ideas Writing 13 hours ago It's time for the Monday Mind Tease, and here's one for a story line. Unicamente el 25% de los consumidores confiesa no haber utilizado nunca las redes sociales como canales de atencion al cliente. Displaying your social media icons prominently on your marketing materials is the way to do it best.
All the information I needed to do so was right there, with my smart phone just a reach away.
Some places are obvious, such as your website and your printed collateral pieces, but others are more obscure, yet just as effective if we remember to take advantage of them.
I could even just snap a picture, like I did,  and all the information that the company wanted me to know would be captured,  Since then, I’ve been noticing more and more businesses including social media icons on their corporate transportation vehicles as well as other unusual places.

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