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Download article as PDF A Facebook friend recently asked about accepting friend requests on social networking sites, and I promised to discuss the matter.
Should you unwittingly accept a con artist as a friend on Facebook, you’ll give that person greater access to your personal information and the personal information of your friends.
Facebook tells me that it’s their birthday, and when I visit their profile pages, I have no idea who they are.
In this manner, I fine tune my friend list, so that when I do reach 5,000 Facebook friends, most of those connections will have real social networking or business networking value to me. Closed Networking Approach - You connect on LinkedIn only with people you know or whom your respected contacts introduce to you. Open Networking Approach - You connect on LinkedIn with as many people as possible, since your objective is maximize your reach and visibility on the business networking site.
Facebook, LinkedIn and Ning call themselves social networking sites, while Twitter does not. These social networking platforms are extremely popular, but in my opinion, there’s little real social or business networking taking place on these online networking sites. Sure, people are connecting and communicating on these sites, but few so-called social networkers are developing the important relationships that lead to the introductions, recommendations and opportunities they desire. Social networking sites are used quite a lot to substitute for email, to share content, and to market products and services. Download article as PDF Ning seems to be gaining popularity since restructuring in 2010, and since smoothing some of its rough edges. Many Ning social networking sites are easier to navigate and operate than those of Facebook or LinkedIn. I’ve been developing my network on Ning, writing about Ning and watching Ning go through changes for several years. In 10 Tips for LinkedIn Social Networking, I stated that “your LinkedIn profile is your resume. Save your Ning profile is a text file on your computer desktop, so that you don’t have to recreate it from scratch each time you join a Ning site. Ning groups tend to have a narrower focus than the overall site, and browsing group membership is a good way to locate the people you most want to meet.

Before inviting a member to connect, greet them and ask a friendly question in a comment on their profile wall to determine if they’re active. The friends you make on one Ning site will be friends on all the Ning sites you have in common.
You can broadcast messages to up to 200 Ning friends at one time, but I myself very rarely use this feature. Before sharing content with your Ning friends, ask yourself whether the content is truly valuable or whether it just another form of spam.
Invite your friends to connect with you on other social networking sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. One you’ve formed a relationship with another Ning member, use private messages rather than profile comments to communicate with each other, unless of course, you want your conversation to be displayed to the public.
Invite outside contacts to join your favorite Ning sites, but don’t use Ning invites.
We offer services which will help you setup, maintain and utilize social media tools to benefit your business. Regarding accepting friends on Facebook, whether using Facebook for business networking or social networking, the best approach is clearly to be selective,¬† because of both privacy concerns and the 5,000 Facebook friend limit. If somebody who invites you to become a friend appears suspicious, reject the offer and indicate to Facebook that you don’t know the person. Regarding accepting friends on LinkedIn, there are two contrastingly different approaches that have gained acceptance within the LinkedIn community. LinkedIn recommends and approves of this approach, as it allows you to build a trusted business network. However, Twitter has features like messaging and re-tweeting that can facilitate social networking. Social networking sites are only infrequently used to build their users meaningful business or social networks. Be careful to bookmark the Ning sites you join, so that you can easily find your way back to them.
Creating your own Ning group is a great idea for networking and branding yourself, but follow-through is essential.

Most members of Ning sites are inactive, so don’t waste one of you limited invitations on them. I like to write a blog post or start a discussion and then¬† share it with all my friends on a site. Your friendship will survive even if the Ning site disappears or one of you become inactive on the site.
However, by contrasting Facebook and LinkedIn, I hope to present and clarify a few of the issues. You are free to choose either approach, but, once you do, you need to follow your chosen approach consistently. Visit my About, Services, Media Buzz and Connect pages to learn about Building Your Audience and Brand on the Web.
Asking questions also helps establish relationships, and profile commenting also helps create internal links back to your profile, improving your profile’s standing with search engines. I personalize the notification with a few additional words using the optional message area.
Part of the business page will be the creation of your profile and timeline images to make sure the page looks professional and attractive.When using Facebook and social media it is vital you have a strategy to ensure you get the most out of your page.
Blog posts and discussions also link internally back to your profile and help with search engines.
When people come to view the content, they’ll be presented with the option of joining. We will work with you to plan who will post, how often to post and what to talk to your fans about, and create rules for Facebook conduct on the business page.

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