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According to eBizMBA the top 5 social networking sites are ranked by Alexa Global Traffic Rank, and U.S.
Twitter – Twitter is a social networking site that you can use for personal or business use. Myspace – Myspace is similar to Facebook, and it was actually more popular than Facebook at one point.
Google Plus+ – Although not as popular as the rest, it is definitely growing in the social networking world. Social networking started off as a service to help get to know those in your community, to help business grow and open different horizons for personal use. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new projects by email. There are many Social Networking Websites in the market that are developed for different purposes, for instance, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Client side programming refers to techniques and programs that can be used in a web application to be viewed by users’ web browsers. Server side programming refers to actions that are performed by a server who is called from client side programs. There are many security considerations when designing web applications because it is critical to protect the organizational data by controlling the information into the company databases and out from the databases. The number of users on social networking sites is growing by the day, In unawareness, users often tends to disclose private and personal talks and ignore small privacy things on social sites. After seeing a huge growth in account hacking issue on social sites Google has now started giving suggestion and tips on privacy maintenance to youngsters through there gmail service, It tells you how can you avoid hacking of your social networking account from hackers. If you use social networking sites often and use your pet name or your family member’s name or common words you speak in daily life as your password than change it asap.
Do not mention correct date of birth on social sites, in case your password contain your date of birth or your recovery password question contains your correct date of birth than your account can be hacked easily. Avoid unnecessary GPS tracking,  GPS has revolutionized our life and but it also has some side-effects, if your GPS settings are enable anyone can easily track your movements, either it’s Con man, unwanted people or anyone who is keeping an eye on your movements.
Keep your account’s Privacy settings on High Order to avoid misuse of any private account information, because sometimes hackers capture your complete information and use it to answer the security questions for hacking your account. Networking For Professionals is another online community that combines social and business networking on the Internet with special events in the real world. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of IDG Communications is prohibited.
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Seems to me that when trying to replicate faceto face conversation in social software, we forget the power of the spaces in between - those spaces that exist naturally on face to face communication . Yesterday I participated in the Problogger Social Media Love-in as did, to date 600+ others. The thing to say before I move into the list is that the 10 I have chosen to highlight are not the only social media tools I use and, from time to time, the list changes (depending on my mood, or what I am doing I suppose). Using 30+ years of experience Kathy Ennis works small or micro businesses owners, freelancers or a self-employed individual to develop their business foundations and processes, as well as all the aspects of creating a strong company and personal brand that will reach their target audience and underpin highly effective, profit boosting marketing strategies.
Through a whole series of highly effective business growth activities that can include developing an initial business idea, creating a truly achievable Business Plan, business branding, personal branding, engagement marketing, pitching, public speaking, social media management and website development – and much, much more. All this is delivered in ways that are easy to accomplish, cost effective and accessible to smaller businesses. Social networking sites are useful and help people keep in touch with loved ones and friends who no longer live near by. It allows you to create circles, making it simple to keep personal and professional posts separate.

The social networking world has become one of the biggest ways to communicate in your line of business or personal life.
Some of the codes here is not my original work that I found over the Internet and Books while I'm learning how to program. In such platforms, people can join, write to each other, create different groups of people.
Web development uses different techniques like PHP and Smarty to create interactive web pages and consists of many areas and some of them are listed below.
These techniques and programs are an important part of an interactive HTML, for instance Javascript and Ajax. Client requests are performed by the server because they require access to information from databases that is not available by clients directly. For instance, data entry error checking through forms applied by a user, ?ltering output to protect critical data, and encryption of data.
One important thing, when designing such systems are to consider that, all functionalities have to be easy to use by users. When people visit a social network site, they have to know all about the purpose of the site within seconds because most people don’t have time to ?nd out what a site is about, if they can’t see that from the beginning. That is important to have clear and updated information for users of the site to make the trust between the site and users stronger and make them more interested in the site. A social network site should give both visitors and the site’s users something professional to do. It is important that users can see what their friends are doing or what is new within their groups from the moment they log in to the system. A social network system needs security considerations but on the other hand, the site should let users at least do some ability to make their site re?ect their personality. The characteristic of a social network design is that, the user’s information can change constantly. A successful social network lets users to create different groups to organize their friends, such as business contacts, friends, and family. Many users keep their passwords on their personal names this and it’s really easy to identify these type of passwords.
It covers news and articles topics on Technology, Travel, Business, Lifestyle, Sports, Entertainment and more. Post photos, videos, resumes and clips on your online profile while you meet new business contacts. Our messages started short (140 characters) and grew rapidly shorter until they were one word long. How a conversation underpinned by shared context and a pre- existing relationship could use Twitter to efficiently plan complex events. So often on the web we try to fill the spaces with words when we'd be better off trusting ourselves to fill in those spaces.
Also, I am a huge believer in you get what you pay for so free is not always the best route. Website: yes I know, very general, but a good, usable website can be set up for free via sites such as Moonfruit. Facebook: well, Facebook is quite a way down my list because I can see its value, but I am not that keen.
It gives them a way to stay connected and chat with each other and find out how they are doing without having to call them everyday to find out. For instance if something HUGE happens in the world, like maybe a huge tornado took out three towns in North Carolina, or an earthquake on the coast of California, would be trending worldwide on Twitter in under 3 minutes, which is way faster than the news in tv or on news apps. Most social networks are now web based, and provide a means for people to interact over the internet, with emails, instant messaging services, community service and group-centered activities and more.

In a typical scenario, you register on a web page and send invitations to your friends to become part of your network or community.
It is important to test web applications before the applications are public released in a production environment. There are many aspects to think about when designing social networks and some of the most important aspects are listed below. The site’s title, graphics, logotype and other elements of the site have to be obvious and self-speaker for visitors. The site should let users to search by different search options like an email, school, company, name, age and other options.
For example, through color schema, backgrounds, adding information about themselves, comment on their activities.
Updating individual contents are important because this keeps users coming back, because there is always something more and new to do.
We don't know where it's going, so how can we possibly know that this next bit is wrong? The great thing is the choice of free options you have from WordPress (my favourite) to Blogger and Livejournal to Bravenet. OK they do have a premium package that’s really helpful for recruiters but the free option is the great for most of us. I quite like the new page format for business; I very rarely use my profile as I am not into knowing the micro movements of my nearest and dearest. Discovering Hootsuite and subsequently discovering the joy of the Scheduled Tweet really opened up social media for me.
The wonder of having content you are interested in delivered to you without having to go and find it. Social networking sites help users share events, activities, ideas and interests within their individual networks. Please share my work to other people also who interested to learn the basics of web development and programming.
Hypertext Preprocessor is a server side programming language that is designed to develop dynamic web pages.
The site should give visitors other options too, for instance, gives them the opportunity to know what the site is about quickly or describes the requirements before they sign up, let them search for people they already know on the site and give them the opportunity to see why they should sign up in the site before they sign up, because it leads to trust between the site and visitors.
Yes I understand that it is a way to connect us to others who live far away but it keeps us from the people who are right here. Many technologies exist to keep the information on the internet safe when it is transmitted from one location to another, for instance, Secure Socket Layer Encryption (SSL) or Certi?cates that are issued by certi?cate authorities to help prevent internet fraud. Surely we wanted this - we wanted people to get it - we've spent columns of text, video, print trying to convince the world that this was the way of communication in the future. If you want to know something about something you can be sure someone has presented on it somewhere in the world and there is a presentation siting there waiting to be viewed (or downloaded!). Social media is great and all but how long has it been since you've had an actual good conversation with someone in person? And it seems the more time we've spent on Twitter and Facebook the more illiterate we've become.
Nobody can tell your from you're, they're from there, and nobody understands all of our slang and abbreviations.

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