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The larger IT corporations in America (which we refer them as the “Prestigious Ones” ) in their efforts to engage in “Tax Evasion” by outsourcing offshore the development work of software (The offshore developers are not subject to USA taxes and the US corporation avoid paying matching Social Security, Medicare and Unemployment Insurance), fail to secure the Software Rights and Confidentiality, agreements that would be protected if celebrated under USA laws. The offshore developers are not bound by USA laws, therefore, there might be some surprises to those using American Firms that have engaged offshore resources and the foreign developer may want one day to claim royalties over the software that you the “end client” have paid in full.
In addition, and for the same reasons stated for the Software Rights, confidentiality of the “end client” information, including that of its Customers may be compromised, as the foreign elements offshore will be free to sale such information to other organizations in the USA or world wide.
Peningo’s solution to this problem is to bypass these “Prestigious Ones”, and with the support of Peningo Systems Inc., contract directly between the consultant (a USA person) and the “end client”, thus, eliminating these “Prestigious Ones” who are failing to secure the “end client’s” Software Rights and Confidentiality and will leave the “end client” and their customers exposed to the abuses of foreign nationals who are beyond the reach of USA law. This entry was posted in H1B, Intellectual Property, IT Outsourcing, Offshoring, Offshoring Intellectual Property, OffShoring Jobs is Tax Evasion, Outsource the Outsourcers, outsourcing, Outsourcing Intellectual Property, Software Copyright, Software Intellectual Property, Software Rights. As you can see, this section of the FRE is short, but there are some questions as to what exactly it means.
In software audit cases, as your copyright counsel, we seek to get a private agreement to protect confidential communication so that in the event your company gets sued, or the individual officers and directors of the company get sued for copyright infringement, that you have at least a shot at keeping certain elements of the settlement discussions, license shortage amounts, offers of amounts to settle, and other exchange of information confidential. Again, it is worth taking the steps to formally try to protect as much as possible from disclosure, in the event the case gets filed in federal court.
In most cases this is something you can get the software lawyers for the auditing company to agree to. TIP:  Keep in mind there is a distinct difference between confidentiality DURING THE AUDITING PROCESS, and confidentiality FOLLOWING THE SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT. The World Privacy Forum, a non-profit public interest research group focused on consumer education in the area of privacy, published A Patient’s Guide to HIPAA. If you mistakenly authorize a disclosure you have to put that fact in writing to all parties, but the best way is to simply tell your healthcare provider that you made a mistake, and you’d like to keep your records private.
When seeking a new case management system for HR, many HR organizations opt for the easy decision of using the company’s existing IT Help Desk solution. Then comes the painful reality of critical differences between IT focused systems and HR-centric systems. Much has been written (including by yours truly) about the benefits of an HR specific help desk solution for the HR department, versus repurposed IT or generic CRM systems.
In the end, however, isn’t it really more about the vendor’s expertise working with HR than it is about the application features?
Guests at our HR Tech booth had fun playing Plinko for a guaranteed prize (vibration speakers, ear buds, USBs, water bottles…) and a chance at four Chromebooks and four Kindles. The hottest prize at the booth was the vibration speaker — a cool gadget that magnifies the sound of your smartphone via vibration (no bluetooth); we had a lot of fun giving those demonstrations.
LBi Software is pleased to announce that it has completed an expansion of its headquarters to over 10,000 square feet at 7600 Jericho Turnpike in Woodbury, NY.
The office expansion included new offices, new workstations to support 3 monitors per developer, meeting rooms, video games and a Ping Pong table.
Before starting down the path of developing an RFP, it’s crucial to understand the ultimate goal of the journey. It’s true that an HR case management solution is only one piece of a comprehensive HRIS solution. Yet all of the pieces within an HRIS share two overarching goals: to help HR professionals manage their workforce more efficiently and to empower employees. Help Desk systems have become mainstream solutions in virtually every aspect of business operations, including Customer Support, Salesforce Automation, IT Support, HR Support, and more. Never has this been truer than in selection and deployment of a new HR system, particularly HR Help Desk. A well designed HR system, built explicitly for HR, will plug all of the security holes that may exist in some non-HR centric applications. Recent research from British law firm EMW paints a distressing picture of employee data theft. When an employee leaves, he carries with him knowledge of your products, services and workflow. This past summer three of my favorite TV shows ended: Breaking Bad, Dexter, and Burn Notice.
As far as the reasons behind the failures of Dexter and Burn Notice, they are a matter of personal opinion. Without the right technology for the right job, it’s highly unlikely any mission will achieve its optimal outcome. Hi my name is Rohit Sood, I love solution architecture and have spent 15 years doing large scale enterprise, systems, solution, application architecture and their evaluations. The ability to guarantee the integrity of a document and the authentication of the sender has been highly desirable since the beginning of human civilization.
While digital signatures and encryption are old technologies, their importance is renewed with the rapid growth of the Internet. Dynamic signature verification (DSV) is the process by which an individual’s signature is authenticated against a known signature pattern. I was unpleasantly surprised to see longer than usual lines at the international port of entry at O’Hare this February. To understand electronic non-repudiation, we must understand traditional non-repudiation from a legal perspective. There seems to be a lot of incomplete tutorials out there relative to installation and configuration of Ant on Ubuntu. In the 70s scientists noted that people who had hookworms did not have allergies and asthma.

The court may admit this evidence for another purpose, such as proving a witness’s bias or prejudice, negating a contention of undue delay, or proving an effort to obstruct a criminal investigation or prosecution.
Whether or not it is OUR confidentiality agreement, Rule 408 agreement, or theirs, is a point of negotiation in every case.
This is why the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was passed by Congress in 1996.  HIPAA gives you the right to inspect and obtain a copy of your medical records. The online guide, which is divided into 65 questions and answers, explains HIPAA in terms that are easy to understand.  The guide has four sections, which include an introduction to medical privacy and the seven basic patient rights in HIPAA.
There’s a nominal fee if you need the records more than once in a calendar year.  You should be able to get them within 30 days, or 60 days at the most. Cheryl Smith, medical director at Mount Morris Medical Center in New York, agrees that HIPAA is “somewhat helpful,” despite the shortcomings. And as many people know, once a system is in place it will be very difficult to replace later. Features such as enhanced security and confidentiality, HR specific workflow processes, and HIPAA compliance are well documented and are core requirements of most HR organizations. What is confidential about a PC error or someone’s telephone not working – common tickets in an IT help desk system.  Can the vendor (and product) handle that requirement appropriately?
Not all RFPs are released with the objective of finding the best and most robust HR case management solution for a company’s needs. HR case management lives under the big umbrella of software solutions that help streamline the whole spectrum of HR management system functions, from benefits administration, to time and attendance, to performance reviews and succession planning. Just as with a full-platform HR management system (HRMS), you also want an HR case management solution that will increase HR productivity by automating administrative processes and supporting HR on a strategic level.
Though there are many similarities in these applications, it is a keen understanding of the inherent differences that can make or break a successful deployment.
For instance, a lack of privacy features in the help desk system can breach confidentiality agreements, potentially risking expensive and time consuming legal actions.
We invite you to take this simple test below and score your current system against the best solutions, such as LBi HR Help Desk 5.0. EMW found that cloud computing makes it easier for employees to take enterprise data when they leave, and that court cases over theft of business information increased 56 percent from 2011 to 2012. Employee laptops and phones will have enterprise and client emails, strategic information, work documents and other data.
Dexter clearly had jumped the shark and, given the series plot, it got less real with each additional microscope slide. The catchphrase is just as true today as it was then, and not only when it comes to forks and hoes.
The first correct puzzle guess won a Microsoft Surface and each correct guess after that was put in a drawing for a second Microsoft Surface.
Even today, we are constantly challenged for authentication in the form of picture identification, personal hand signature and finger prints. Dynamics of the process of creating a signature is initially enrolled into the authenticating system, which is then used to compare the future signature patterns. My flight connected me to O’Hare International at Chicago from Schiphol Airport at Amsterdam, Netherlands. However, the document is dense and sometimes difficult to understand.  Luckily, there’s a solution. In the last 18 months LBi has grown by over 30%!  This expansion is to support the upcoming new offering of our flagship solution LBi HR HelpDesk.
Selecting a product that falls short of expectations in just one or two key areas can lead to time delays, as well as wasted (and potentially very costly) financial and personnel investment.
Since employees may leave for a variety of reasons, every policy should take this into account. As for Burn Notice, in my opinion, it tried to be like the competition and turned from a fun campy A-Team-like show to a lame spy thriller. Participants would also win a prize for just playing: Kindles, iPod Nanos, ear buds, Amazon gift cards, 8GB flash drives and water bottles. Organizations need to ensure authentication of the individual and other corporations before they conduct business transactions with them. Several factors including speed, pressure, acceleration, velocity and size ratios are taken into account. It was a long flight and it wasn’t apparent to me the reason for the delay in processing passengers.
I was implementing a leading edge solution for a policy administration system using an ACORD XML interface and hosting Internet B2B services for independent agencies.
Employees who transfer to another office or take a medical leave may need to keep business information, while those who resign, are laid off, or are fired should not keep data. A huge line of people with hand luggage zigzagged what appeared to be a large hall, the end of the line fading in the distance.
It’s feature rich, lower cost, and possibly even no cost to expand the system into the HR department. How much better could the job have been done with the right tools – with the benefit of software and a system, for example, uniquely designed to accomplish that particular job?
Signatures have long been used to authenticate documents in the real world, before the technology wave, signatures, seals and tamper-proof envelopes were used for secure and valid message exchange. I was tired and wanted to get to my apartment and I did not believe I would ever get there at this rate.

I also wrote this unpublished paper: Introduction This is the most important decade for distributed computing. Encryption technologies, especially public-key cryptography provide a reliable way to digitally sign documents. Encryption ensures that information sent for the intended party can only be read, unaltered by that party.
With the onset of technology and digital document interchange, a growing need for authenticating digital documents has emerged. They worked at the guidelines until consumers could read and “have a prayer of understanding it,” Dixon says.
In today’s digital economies and global networks digital signatures play a vital role in information security. Over the years, several types of reuse methodologies have been proposed and implemented with little success: procedure reuse, object reuse, component reuse, design reuse etc. It is said that heat, rain nor storms get in the way of ticket seekers to paradise itself – the United States of America.
A recent article (Rosencrance, 2004) reports on the speech recognition technology in Honda automobiles. Knight (2004) cites Bruce Schneier, founder of the US security consultancy firm Counterpane, who believes that gathering more information through this method is only collecting more data while the problem with security lays in a lack of intelligence not the amount of data . Software can now be reused via web services and applications can be built leveraging Service Oriented Architectures. Schneier believes that there is enough data already available but not enough intelligence to process it.
This paper relates Service Oriented Architectures and highlights its significance and relationship to web-services. With new business channels open on the Internet, web applications deployed on the intranet for employees, and business-to-business (B2B) commerce channels created on the extranet, millions of dollars worth of transactions occur. He goes on to explain that the terrorists who crashed airplanes into buildings on September 11,2001 had valid passports and were not on previous terrorist watch-lists. Distributed Software Applications Software applications deployed across several servers and connected via a network are called distributed applications. Web-services promise to connect such applications even when they may be deployed across disparate platforms in a heterogeneous application landscape.
The computer system looked up my fingerprint compared it with their databases in what seemed like an eternity.
I still had to go to baggage collection and customs; I feared more divulgence of impressions from body parts. I am running late by ten minutes – the class has probably begun and the exam papers probably handed out to the cohort.
Vaughan-Nichols (2002) states that web-services enables interoperability via a set of open standards, which distinguishes it from previous network services such as CORBA’s Internet Inter-ORB Protocol (IIOP). One damaging assumption for service is that it is another term for component(Perrey & Lycett, 2004). Component-orientation, object-orientation and integration based architectures are in the same space and are often a source of confusion.
They argue that the contrasting perceptions of services are really not an issue as long as there is commonality in the underlying perception. The goal is for service-oriented architectures to be decoupled for the very services it invokes. Service-oriented architecture leverages the interoperability of web-services to make distributed software reusable.
Web-services makes the process more abstract than object request brokers by delivering an entire external service without users having to worry about moving between internal code blocks(Vaughan-Nichols, 2002). A recent Yankee Group survey results showed that three out of four enterprise buyers plan on investing in SOA (Service-oriented Architecture) technology within one year(Systinet, 2004). A service operates under a contract or agreement which will set expectations, and a particular ontological standpoint that influences its semantics (Perrey & Lycett, 2003). Applications that expose business processes with web-services are simpler to invoke and reuse by other applications because of pre-defined contracts that the service publishes. Web-services are interoperable and service-oriented architecture enables reuse, as a result SOA and web-service have formed a natural alliance(Systinet, 2004).
The collection of web-service specifications enables a consortium of vendors with their own underlying implementations of these standards to compete viably in the reuse and interoperability market. This is good because the competition is limited to the implementation level as opposed to the standards-level.
Vendors will enable a compliant-based marketplace for distributed applications which expose web-services. This would enable SOA-based web-services to consistently search and leverage services in a business domain, via well-known public, private or protected registries, that are compliant with these standards. Service-oriented architecture and web-services are a paradigm shift in the interoperability space because they are based on industry accepted standards and are simpler to implement across disparate software deployments.

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