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You've heard the timeworn advice: Leverage LinkedIn, post code to GitHub, bone up on the latest buzzy tech. That's right, demand for tech talent is so hot, it's gone Hollywood, with firms cropping up to hype your skills and represent you in negotiations to ensure you get what you're worth. Herea€™s an inside look at this trend to help you assess whether hiring a rep is the best move for your career.
With many tech firms starving for developers, here's where the growing area of "agents" for tech talent come in.
If you want to focus on doing the job at hand instead of searching for work, an agent or traditional recruiter may be able to present opportunities you wouldn't see otherwise. When Solomon and his partner co-founded 10x, he saw similarities between engineers and the artists he'd been representing as an agent. Often outside recruiters -- as opposed to recruiters who work for the firm doing the hiring -- will find both contract and permanent work.

But with such high demand for developer talent, enabling many to write their own ticket, why cut anybody else into the profit? But a little-known career trick is giving some of today's top developers an edge: Hire an agent to find work for you.
But before you roll your eyes at the idea of someone pimping someone elsea€™s programming chops as a pretentious fad, consider this: Software work is becoming increasingly more project-based, and the days of settling into long-term employment without the need to keep an eye out for new work may be waning.
Even if you're not actively looking to leave your current employer, it's smart to keep an eye on the market.
These outside recruiters represent programmers with top-notch skills and who, like Hollywood talent, let a professional negotiator sweat the details. His firm deals exclusively with freelancers, who -- like musicians and actors -- sign one contract after another.
Solomon says 10x appeals to coders who prefer contract jobs and want to solve a new problem every two to six months -- then get a new gig to work on.

After all, beyond the hassle of negotiation, agents and recruiters need to be able to provide you, even after their fee, a better bottom line than you would on your own. He was a perfect example of somebody who was highly capable, highly skilled: a neuroscience degree from Harvard, professional musician, record deals, toured, taught himself how to code, and had more coding work than he knew what to do with. Jessica Neal, VP of talent and human resources at education tech firm Coursera, argues that the traditional hiring process, with top job candidates representing themselves, needs disruption. If youa€™re in this boat -- or if you find searching painful -- it may help to have someone working those angles for you.
If you're already overwhelmed at work, it's hard to take a long view of the career path ahead.

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