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While many craft and hobby enthusiasts absolutely love their Cricut die cutting system, the major complaint of the digital die cutting units is that they are too restrictive, only letting you cut a limited number of fonts that you have to purchase separately (at around $70 apiece). Still, there are existing Cricut die cutting machine users (or cost-conscious consumers) who may still be interested in software that opens up their Cricut to more creativity and customization. Pro: Cricut DesignStudio is made by Provo Craft, and it lets you connect your Cricut to a computer to do more with Cricut fonts and shapes. Con: You still have to actually purchase the Cricut cartridges to use them in your designs. Cricut DesignStudio is made by the same manufacturer as Cricut die cutting systems, Provo Craft, and lets you connect your Cricut to a computer.
Pro: Sure Cuts A Lot lets you take complete control of your design without the limitations of cartridges.
Con: The only potential holdup is that you have to install a firmware update to your Cricut die cutting machine, but you can do this for free by downloading the trial version of DesignStudio. Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) is third-party design software specifically created to open up the Cricut’s cutting potential (though it also works with Craft ROBO, Silhouette and Wishblade die cutting machines). Pro: Make The Cut can convert raster images to vectors for cutting, and it includes quick lattice tools. Make The Cut (MTC) is another third-party Cricut design software that gives you several simple but powerful design tools.

To make the most of your Cricut or alternative die cutting units, consider these great design software applications. Obsessed with Scrapbooking: [Video]Cricut Explore Design Space Software - 8 Reasons I love it! Close to My Heart has come out with five different 5"x7" embossing folders and has a great promotion for you to get one for FREE! Subscribe to Obsessed with Scrapbooking to learn more about ways to use the Cricut in your scrapbooking! Of course there are alternative digital die cutting units available that are much more flexible than the Cricut. Luckily, Cricut has come out with a design software suite that brings more flexibility and more inclusive artistic control. Sure Cuts A Lot lets you use TrueType and OpenType fonts, but it also lets you create your own designs with simple drawing and editing tools.
Cricut software lets you take control of your creativity without the constraints and confinement of cartridges.
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For complete creative control and computer connectivity, consider cartridge-free die cutting systems.

Still, there are limitations, so it’s worth considering the alternative, third-party software available to use with Cricut die cutting systems. You can use advanced features like grouping, layers and the weld tool to make the most of your design. Unfortunately, you are still limited to the fonts and shapes from cartridges you actually own.
More than just Cricut die cutting machines, Make The Cut also works with Gazelle, Silhouette, Roland, Wishblade and Craft ROBO die cutting machines. While you can preview and even create designs with any image in the Cricut library, you still have to purchase the cartridge to actually do the due cutting. Make the Cut’s pixel trace tool lets you take raster graphics and turn them into vector paths for cutting.
The design software brings quite a bit of customization to the existing Cricut library, but it isn’t a solution for original from-scratch, hand-drawn designs. Overall, Make The Cut is flexible and user-friendly Cricut design software that adds a great deal of utility to the otherwise limited digital die cutting machine.

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