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With 9 hours of videos saved, we might have just enough to keep Chloe busy all the way to Paris. I found a couple sites that allow you to download YouTube videos in MP4, for easy uploading on the iPad.
People have been watching videos on YouTube since a very long time, some even use it as a platform to make themselves more known to the world and even make a quick buck. There are dozens of tools that let you download YouTube videos, but these two are web based and don’t require any software download or any signup. Normally, if someone likes a video on YouTube, they’d want to download it on to their hard drive. Downloading a video from YouTube or any other video sharing website is pretty much like learning how to sit and watch TV. You can easily download any video on the internet with ther help of certain extensions or addons.
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A simple interface makes it quick, as you only have to provide the link and hit the download button.
Then, it searches for all the available qualities and sizes and then you can either Right-click and Save Target or you just click on Download. They also offer a desktop version which is paid, but if you are looking for free solution web based Keepvid is enough to take care of video download needs.
You can do almost all that you want with YouTube downloader, including on the fly video conversion. HD movies and videos make a lot of difference when viewing on a big screen, they’re just better to watch. Thus, if you’re someone who wants to download HD videos from YouTube, then this is the tool for you. It has similar features to the YouTube downloader and can convert videos on the fly or convert them in to Mp3.

The one that we’ll talk about here is called Download YouTube videos to MP4 and it adds a Download button to the YouTube page. It’s also available for Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer 7 and above.So, there you go! Tech Stuff To Read Next: How to Use TeamViewer Remote Support & Online Meeting Software 5 Easy Ways to Create GIF Image How To Secure Facebook Account From Hackers ?
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