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For regular estate agent brain food direct to your inbox, please enter your email address into the box and subscribe. Now and again, we'll be speaking to a prospective customer and, at the last second, they'll drop into the conversation that they use Macs rather than PCs.Outside of the design and media industries, Apple use has always been in the minority. There may have been some basis for that argument in the past, but for the past several years there is little difference between the two. Again, there is some truth in the argument that Macs do, in fact, cost more initially than PCs. For years, hackers targeted PCs simply because they were more plentiful and easier to attack.
Bill Gordon has been writing on tech and malware subjects for 6 years and has been working in the internet and tech industry for over 15 years.
For example, you may have noticed that most of our titles are available for iPhone and iPad, the development for which we of course did on our Macs. Unfortunately, however, we do not yet have a native Mac (OSX) version of the title you are interested in for your desktop or laptop Mac, though we might, at some point in the future.
By installing such an "intermediary" on your Mac, you'll most likely be able to run our Windows software happily on your Mac without any difficulties. 1 - Numerous studies have shown that students are more creative and more productive with Macs than with PCs. 2 - Essentially every independent survey ever done has shown that teachers prefer working with Macs over PCs. 3 - Countrywide experience in all levels of educational institutions and businesses has conclusively demonstrated that Macs are easier to maintain than PCs. 9 - All current Macs can natively run Windows (all versions, including Vista) and its software, for FREE.
18-Apple is very motivated to expand on its business with schools, and as such is willing to negotiate any issue. Now Google has produced a new tool, called Arc Welder, which converts Android apps into versions that can be used with the Chrome browser, not just the OS.
Leicester City boss Claudio Ranieri says it is an "amazing feeling" to have steered the club to their first top-flight title and praises the players' "heart and soul".
It’s easier than you might think to run Windows on a Mac; all you need is virtualization (also know as virtual machine) software. Boot CampApple Boot Camp has two important features that Parallels and Fusion can’t even touch.

Boot Camp is also the fastest of the three contenders, running at the native speed of the underlying hardware. Its main advantage is its ability to run Windows (or other OSes, such as Linux) simultaneously with OS X.
Macs are cool and more agents are looking to reap the image benefits that come from using the brand. However, the reality is that many opinions are based more on rumors or misconceptions rather than real differences between the two platforms.
In fact, when the ability of Macs to run software developed for PCs is considered, Macs gain the edge. The good news is that because Macs are so versatile, one of the really neat things that you can do with them is that you can run PC software on them.
The OS is used on many netbooks and other small machines made by Google and some of its hardware partners. The top four applications for running Windows on an Intel-based Mac are Boot Camp, Parallels, Fusion and VirtualBox.
This makes Boot Camp a good choice when performance is important; performance is particularly important when it comes to graphics.
You must restart your computer to switch between the two OSes.Apple Boot CampParallelsParallels was the first commercial virtualization software to allow Intel-based Macs to run Windows. This lets you share data between OS X and Windows, and work productively in both environments without stopping to reboot.In a match against Boot Camp, Parallels will always lag behind. In the last year, just 50 people have visited the PropertyADD website after searching for Mac-based software. In addition, top software developers like Microsoft and Adobe now offer programs to run on both operating systems.
First, PCs typically require more repairs over their lives than Macs, which makes the total cost of ownership more equal over the life the devices. Recently that’s changed, as Macs have experienced some pretty sophisticated hacks in the past couple of years.
Boot Camp can make use of the native graphics system of your Mac, including using the graphics card as a computational engine. For most general use, such as using Microsoft Office, the performance penalty is negligible. A small enough number that we can't yet justify offering an alternative to using Microsoft Office integration for the mail merged letters, etc.

As a rule, PCs are still more prone to malicious attacks, but no Mac owner can take for granted that Macs are immune from viruses and other malware. Before making any buying decisions, users should carefully examine the good and bad points of both platforms. Determining which one performs best, provides the best value, and best meets your needs can be difficult. If you're running any version of OS X newer than Leopard, then you already have Boot Camp installed.
If you’re using graphics-intensive applications, such as Photoshop or 3D games, you will see the difference.The graphics performance issue is shared, at least so far, by all virtualization apps.
The difference here is that PCs offer some features, even on entry level models, that Macs do not. Instead it's a set of drivers and a partitioning utility that, when used together, lets you install Windows on your Mac, and then allows you to boot directly into a Windows environment.
The problem is caused by the virtualized operating system not having direct access to the Mac's underlying graphics system. The one thing that Apple had over the other computer systems is that they created the hardware and software, which gave less problems than purchasing a computer from Dell, Hp, etc… and waiting for Microsoft to fix an issue with their operating system. To get around this issue, virtualization apps, including Parallels, create a virtualized graphics system that Windows and other virtualized OSes can make use of. Early on Microsoft missed the boat by not producing their own systems to compete with apple, which they do now. The virtualized graphics system translates the graphics calls into calls to Apple's core graphics services.
The ability to use multiple cores lets Fusion perform better than other virtualization apps, although nowhere near as fast as Boot Camp. And of course, being free is an advantage, especially if you only need VirtualBox for general use, and not hard-core processor and graphics intensive applications.The other minor issue with VirtualBox is that its user interface is the least Mac-like. Setting up VirtualBox can also be slightly more difficult than the other virtualization apps available.

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