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Some friends and I are thinking of an Indiana Jones marathon before the fourth flick comes out next week. I decided to bring it home and see which player would be the best option when people came over.
The Oppo is completely out of the question, being clearly the weakest in the video and audio department. The Xbox 360 holds up pretty well in both audio and video, but is the loudest player of the four. I have the old boxset, i need to re-watch em on my HD-A20 which IMO is a tad better then my DMP-BD10A.
Digital Jitter can still occur regardless, depending on packet compression and all it could vary enough (with good equipment) that a difference is discernible.
Less astonishing but more technically difficult is 2D to 3D photo conversion, for which an additional Cyberlink application was on display.
First of all, I must apologise for being negative, but PowerDVD REALLY annoys the living crap out of me, what with it's constant nagging pop-ups to upgrade, stopping Blu-ray playback from a folder, increased faffing when trying to play a backed up dvd etc. These players that people actually pay for are just as pointless as the "Security Suites" that are still carrying a price-tag. Just a small correction but the only thing the free players cannot do currently is decode DTS-HD and TrueHD tracks (just the core) otherwise i agree with everything else (unless they can bit-stream to a decoder but my current 4850 cannot do this so i am unsure).
Yup, VLC is for me, but I do use PDVD for my Music files, that seems to be the only player that's actually giving me audio out in a 5.1 setting. Image resizer is a free software designed for resizing image especially for upscaling low res pixel art image multiple times.
The limitation of these pixel art algorithm are they only capable for magnifying picture in predefined size, such as 2x, 3x, or 4x and cannot be used to shrink images. If there is any questions related the usage of this software and pixel art scaling algorithm, feel free to ask.
Resizing pixelated images is absolutely not a problem at least for a GIMP - it does that perfectly from tiny to huge brick.ERIC MEGAZORDA But the 'Hq4x filter' sounds interesting though.
PSP minis are now available to download and play on both the original target platform and PlayStation 3, an impressive feat achieved through the use of a software emulator added with the recent 3.15 version of the PS3 system software. Getting a fully-featured PSP emulator working on the PS3 is no mean feat but it is perhaps not surprising that Sony targeted the minis first: many of them are 2D and few of them really push the three-dimensional capabilities of the hardware. Scaling up 480x272 to 720p high definition will never look wonderful, but you can't help but feel that the upscaling technique used in the PSP software emulator is somewhat on the poor side. Out of the available games possessing compatibility for European PS3 owners, only Let's Golf and Heracles Chariot Racing give us a fair chance of checking this out. Let's Golf isn't exactly a smooth performer on PSP, but the subject matter ensures it doesn't really need to be.

Interestingly, the game runs at a locked 20FPS, with none of the variation of the PSP title: there's a unique frame, then two dupes with virtually no exception. Heracles Chariot Racing is the most stressful workout for the emulator we could get our hands on, and it's fair to say that performance on PS3 is disappointing. This game is by far the most intensive workout for the emulator that we have to date, and it's fair to say that performance comes up short. Writing emulators is never easy, especially for relatively recent platforms and in many senses it's a miracle that Sony is able to run native code at anything approaching real-time speeds. For now, targeting the PSP emulation at the minis exclusively is a very smart move: it serves to put the range back into the spotlight, it'll drive some more sales based on the novelty factor, and it's a good proving ground for Sony to test its emulation code. Longer term, once performance is more solid, you can bet that Sony will be offering full-fat PSP back catalogue games for download - perhaps when PSP2 is available, perhaps sooner. Rich has been a games journalist since the days of 16-bit and specialises in technical analysis. When you start the movie from the Indiana Jones DVD, there's a THX sequence that plays (it's the one with the metallic and organic plants). First, the colors seem slightly saturated--I normally wouldn't have noticed if not for playing the same DVD on three other devices.
Or put another way, are the results I mentioned in line or out of whack with what experts would expect? This was the most visually-impressive part of a display that included its latest optimizations for new CPU architecture discussed earlier this week in our Sandy Bridge coverage. This software contains many pixel art scaling algorithm that only can be found in video game emulators as image filter.
The solution when you want to resize you picture with custom size is to magnify the picture with the pixel art scaling algorithms first, then shrink it with lanczos or another filter to the desired size.
Resizing VXA tilesets using this and the options suggested by the OP seemed to yield the best results for tilesets.
Right now, Sony is working on full compatibility for all available minis, but a selection of them are currently available to try out now.
Based on our tests, it does very much suggest that the emulator is a work-in-progress with performance levels up against the same game running on PSP changing quite drastically according to the title you're playing.
While many of the open-source emulators out there like to offer the ability to run games natively in whatever resolution the user chooses, Sony's emulator stays with the original 480x272 and upscales accordingly, leaving small black border on all sides. Scaling issues aside, it's fair to say that there are no real issues running any of the 2D minis whatsoever. You don't really need slick frame-rates for a golfing game, and running on PSP Let's Golf is a fairly jerky affair with a variable update rate (mostly around 20FPS). What is a consistent 30FPS title on PSP often dips below 20FPS running on the PS3 emulator (sometimes drastically so, depending on the level), and it's fair to say that the overall sensation of playing the game is nowhere near as satisfying as on the original target platform.

However, it's clear that there is plenty of work to be done in getting the code up to scratch and ready for "show time" with the average, non-mini release. The PSone emulator built into the PSP firmware is a good indicator: just like the PSP code on show here, it's entirely software-based, and it has gradually evolved over time (though it has to be said, it was excellent from day one). Having PSP software compatible with 30 million more devices potentially means big bucks for both platform holder, developer and publisher alike. Follow our team for updates featuring event coverage, new product unveilings, watch industry news & more! It sounds like the horns are extra weak compared to the output that the HD-A35 and Xbox 360 gives.
If it is about upscaling pixel art, this software is currently the best as nothing can beat it even it was the proprietary Photoshop or Perfect Resizer. For example, a pixel art image with dimension 2x2 pixel want to be scaled until 7x7 pixel (almost 4 times of its original size).
I tried several other combinations, but none were as error free or as clean.Add your VXA (or whatever) tilesetA (drag and drop supported). Digital Foundry delved into its pockets and bought Heracles Chariot Racing, Echoes, Let's Golf, Stand o' Food and Breakquest for analysis. Presumably this is the perceived "safe area" Sony has allocated to make sure that no precious game resolution slips into the overscan area of many displays. All very strange and you can't help think that even the most basic resizing algorithms available could have done a much better job than this.
The real test of whether the emulator is up to the task is in how it handles the 3D side of the equation. Heracles on the other hand is a full-on 30FPS racing game that is hell-bent on maintaining its frame-rate to the point of disengaging v-sync to do so, resulting in occasional screen-tear.
Interestingly, the PSP version can tear pretty badly, but the same code running on PS3 is v-synced.
So fingers crossed that these technical issues will be resolved and that the process of easily syncing game progress and high scores between console and handheld will be addressed.
I thought I might have set something incorrectly, but there isn't really much to mess up in the audio settings of a PS3.
So the solution is by using - let's say - Hq4x filter to magnify it until 8x8 pixel, then shrink it with lanczos filter to 7x7 pixel. This in itself will potentially impact frame-rate, but certainly not to the degree that is often seen here.

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