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Photron, Inc., a global high speed imaging systems and image analysis software manufacturer announces the newly updated Photron Fastcam Viewer (PFV) Software, for advanced functionality in high speed camera control and slow motion video replay. Videos saved using Photron's PFV software will automatically replay at the user-selected replay speed from 1 to 1,000 frames per second; when the video is opened with Windows Media Player or Apple QuickTime, it auto-plays at the desired slow motion rate. New features available with Photron's PFV Version 3 and higher include binning options (to increase light gathering sensitivity), video trigger (to detect motion within the image displayed), bit shift (to select which 8 of the 12-bits are displayed for increased light sensitivity), enhanced navigation mode (divides the display area into nine squares, each controlling a different and selectable camera function), and MATLAB drivers for easy camera integration into your existing workflow. Slow Down Or Speed Up WAV File Software is a reliable program that enables you to easily change the rendering speed of a particular type of audio files. With Slow Down Or Speed Up WAV File Software, you can easily change the tempo of a song, by speeding it up or down.
The application is designed to save the results as new files, to the indicated destination on your computer. Slow Down Or Speed Up WAV File Software features an adjustment slider which allows you to fine touch the change you wish to bring to the file tempo.
The range consist of 20 levels, which you can select, corresponding to the speed of the file: from 0% up to 200% of the original settings. While the process of modifying a song’s tempo is quick, Slow Down Or Speed Up WAV File Software does not offer a preview function.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. To record slow-mo videos using Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge, you do not need any extra camera or video shooting apps, as the default Camera app on your Galaxy S6 has the slow motion video capture mode built in. Now you should see different modes on your Samsung Galaxy S6 device, such as selective focus, panorama, slow motion, fast motion, virtual shot and so on. Samsung Galaxy S6 will firstly record the video on full speed and you can select any part of the video to turn into slow motion later. To make your slow motion video section more precise, tap and hold the up arrow, and then drag your finger to the left or right to move through the section frame by frame.
Once you are satisfied with the result of your video editing, touch Export button at the top right corner to save the video to your Gallery.
You know now how to take videos in slow motion with the camera app and edit them to your preference on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Except slow motion video recording, you can also record fast motion videos on Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. How to restore contacts from computer to Samsung through Kies?How to Record Slow Motion Video on Samsung Mobile Phone? The application is easy to use, can handle several WAV files at the same time and save them in the same format to your computer, as new files.
While the software can easily modify the tempo, it does not allow you to change the pitch of the melody. Thus, you cannot assess if the speed is too high or too slow before you save the new files. The Galaxy S6 edge powers your selfies with a 5MP front-facing camera and a wide-angle lens. You will learn where to find the slow motion function, how to quickly enable slow motion video recording mode on Samsung S6, plus extra tips to take slow-mo videos on your smart phone.With slow motion mode activated, you will be able to record fast moving objects such as water drops, spitting water, playing pets, sports, or just any ideas come to your mind. On the Galaxy S5 however you have to choose video speed before you record videos in slow motion.
With Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, you can also specify sections of your videos to be played in slow motion. If you accidentally deleted or lost videos on the phone, you can refer to this guide to recover deleted videos from Samsung Galaxy S6. You can even refer to following article to download extra camera shooting modes to Samsung Galaxy S6.
It specializes in processing a particular type of audio file, namely WAV, which highly speeds up the editing process. This is why, speeding it up or slowing it down to the extremes might result in a weird sounding file. The application can save the modified songs in corresponding files in the destination folder. The CMOS 16MP rear camera supports Optical Image Stabilization, Auto HDR and various advanced video shooting modes, such as selective focus, panorama, slow motion, fast motion, virtual shot, etc. Note that if you are using an Samsung phone model that does not come with slow motion video shooting support, you need to download extra slow-mo Camera app instead.

Tap the Record button from the bottom to start recording a new videos using your Galaxy S6.
Go to run the Gallery app and open the video recorded in slow motion mode.You can tap the slow motion icon (three dots) on the middle of the video to play it. The split an delete is easy to understand, the former option will split the video section into two parts, the latter will delete the video section from the whole video. You can find more details in this guide: how to record slow motion videos on Samsung mobile phones? Once you finished recording the video in slow motion mode, you should see the video preview thumbnail at the right bottom corner. If you are using an earlier Samsung mobile phone model, such as Galaxy S5, S4, Note 4, Note 3, you can refer to this linked tutorial for the details.
If you like to get rid of unwanted part of the source video, drag the start bracket and the end bracket to the desired point, the unselected segments will be trimmed from the video. If you like only part of the video to be played in slow motion, simply drag the white circle to select the section of the video to be played in slow motion while the rest to be played in normal speed. If you change the value to a smaller one, it means your slow motion video will become even slower.
That’s to say you can mix slow motion video parts and normal video section in the whole footage.
Thus the play time of the video will become longer and the file size of the output video will become bigger.
If you tap on this icon, the video will start playing with a randomly set slow motion section. Last but not least, your voice or any other sound recorded in slow motion on Galaxy S6 is another important factor you should take into consideration.

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